[LYRICS] JYJ – In Heaven

From JYJ3: Those with the elementary knowledge of Korean know that Korean is quite difficult to translate into English. The method of constructing sentences is completely different. Korean-to-English translation inevitably loses something in translation. That is heartbreaking to us, because we wish that the English-speaking fans can also experience these lyrics fully-preserved.

The difficulties of translating are compounded when the composition is sophisticated, nuanced, poetic. That is the case with JYJ’s In Heaven. It is beautiful, nuanced, different every time you read. Since it is also a song with special significance to Jaejoong (http://wp.me/p1gQsC-2A1), we did our best to do it justice. We hope you enjoy.


(The Korean fans produced a careful Korean transcription by analyzing multiple HD files from the Thailand Concert. They are reproduced in gray)

In Heaven

노래 :JYJ(재중, 유천, 준수)



In Heaven

Song: JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)

Composed by: Kim Jaejoong

Lyrics by: Kim Jaejoong


女      YC

가지마            내 곁에 있어줄 수는 없겠니

다 거짓말        전혀 들리지가 않아

아니야 사랑해  한 마디 들려줄 수 있겠니

사랑해            또 다시 사랑해 주겠니


Woman: Don’t go                    YC: Can’t you stay by my side?

Woman: Everything, a lie.      YC: Everything, I can’t hear.

Woman: No, I love you.          YC: Can you let me hear (just) one word?

Woman: I love you                  YC: Will you love me once more?

JJ 지금 와서 말할 수도 없어 ・ 너의 기적 그 모든 게 허상 같아

마지막 그 모습도 서서히 기억 속에만 잠겨져 가는 것만 같아

JJ: I can’t say them now, now that we’re here (T/N: temporal)

Your miracle, those everything seem a phantom

Even the last images of you, they seem to sink slowly into memories.

YC 어딘가에서 날 보고있을까 ・ 후회해도 늦어버려 볼 수 없어

YCJS 추억의 그림자에 촉촉한 내 눈물만 그 자릴 지켜보고 있어

JJ 난 못해 정말 못해   ・ 니가 내 곁에 있을 때 만큼

미안한데 그게 안돼 ・ 이젠 모든 게 떨려와

YC: Would you be looking at me from somewhere,

Even if there is regret, you can’t see… it’s too late.

YC/JS: The wet tears of mine of the shadows of the past are the only ones gazing at that place.

JJ: I can’t, I really can’t. As much as when you were by my side.

I’m sorry, but that, I can’t. Now, everything comes, trembling.

JS 조금 더 기다리다 ・ 꿈 속을 헤매이다 (~헤매이다~)

결국 니 안에서  눈을 감을까봐

JS: While waiting a bit more, while searching blindly in the dream (~while searching)

(I am afraid) that I may end up, in the end, closing my eyes inside you.

JJJS 가지마 떠나지마     (YC) 내 곁에 있어줄 수는 없니

JJJS 거짓말 다 거짓말    (JJ) 전혀 들리지 않아

JSYC 사랑해 널 사랑해      (JJ) 한 마디 보여줄 수는 없니

JSYC 사랑해 널 사랑해      (JS) 또 다시 사랑해 주겠니

JJ/JS: Don’t go, Don’t leave me; YC: Can’t you stay by my side

JJ/JS: Lies, all lies; JJ: Everything, I can’t hear

JS/YC: I love you, You, I love; JJ: Can’t you show me (just) one word

JS/YC: I love you, You, I love; JS: Will you love me once more

YC 벌써 이런 계절 지나왔어 ・ 너의 흔적 찾아봐도 지워졌어

YCJJ  마지막 니 기억도 눈물에 터널 속으로 잠겨져가는 것만 같아

JS 나는 몰래 꿈을 꿀래  ・ 네가 내 옆에 있지를 않아

이젠 갈게 이만 갈게  ・ 이젠 너의 길을 따라

YC: Already, we’ve passed a season as this one. Although I search for your traces, they are erased.

YC/JJ: Even your last memories, they seem to sink into the tunnel in tears.

JS: I will dream in secret. You are not by my side.

I am going to go, I will now go. Now, following your path.

JJ 끝없는 길을 따라 널 찾아 헤메이다 (~헤메이다~)

그녀를 잃고서 슬퍼만할까봐

JJ: While lost in searching for you, following the path without an end (~While lost in searching)

(I am afraid) that I may only be feeling sad after losing her

JJJS 가지마 떠나지마     (JJ) 내 곁에 있어줄 수는 없니

JJJS 거짓말 다 거짓말    (YC) 전혀 들리지 않아

JSYC 사랑해 널 사랑해      (JJ) 한 마디 보여줄 수는 없니

JSYC 사랑해 널 사랑해      (JS) 또 다시 사랑해 주겠니

JJ/JS: Don’t go, Don’t leave me; JJ: Can’t you stay by my side

JJ/JS: Lies, all lies; YC: Everything, I can’t hear.

JS/YC: I love you, You, I love; JJ: Can’t you show me (just) one word

JS/YC: I love you, You, I love; JS: Won’t you love me once more


가지마 가지마 있어줄 수 있니

거짓말 거짓말 들리지가 않아

사랑해 사랑해 보여줄 수 있니

사랑해 사랑해 사랑해주겠니

가지마 가지마 있어줄 수 있니

거짓말 거짓말 들리지가 않아

사랑해 사랑해 보여줄 수 있니

제발 돌아와줘….


Don’t go, Don’t go, Can’t you stay

Lies, Lies, I can’t hear

I love you, I love you, Can’t you show me

I love you, I love you, Won’t you love me

Don’t go, Don’t go, Can’t you stay

Lies, Lies, I can’t hear

I love you, I love you, Can’t you show me

Please, Come back to me

JJJS 가지마 떠나지마     (YC) 내 곁에 있어줄 수는 없니

JJJS 거짓말 다 거짓말    (JJ) 전혀 들리지 않아

JSYC 사랑해 널 사랑해      (JJ) 한 마디 보여줄 수는 없니

JSYC 사랑해 널 사랑해      (JS) 또 다시 사랑해 주겠니

JJ/JS: Don’t go, Don’t leave me; YC: Can’t you stay by my side

JJ/JS: Lies, all lies; JJ: Everything, I can’t hear

JS/YC: I love you, You I love; JJ: Can’t you show me (just) one word

JS/YC: I love you, You I love; JS: Won’t you love me once more

Transcription : DC TVXQ Gallery, 믹브라운 님, aided by 꽁D, 스크래치, ㅎㅌㄹ, 유동00, 인헤븐악개 님

Video Sources : As linked/tagged

Translation : JYJ3

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JYJ World Tour in Busan [11-12 june 2011]

JYJ World Tour in Busan
[11-12 june 2011]

So finally, I was there.. I was in Busan for JYJ concert.. after so many weeks of doubt, frustration, anger, despair and tears, I could get those so precious tickets for the most wonderful event of 2011.. Thank you so much Monica and Reina for getting me those tickets.. without you, I would have never attended the first tour directed by Kim Jaejoong, and it would have been one of my biggest regret as a fan.. something I wouldnt have forgiven myself.. This concert, I knew I couldnt miss it.. so I’ll never thank you enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity.. Continue reading

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JYJ Worldwide Concert The Beginning in Seoul [27 – 28 november 2010]

JYJ Worldwide Concert The Beginning in Seoul
[27 – 28 november 2010]

As i said before, when i first read about this concert couple months ago, i was upset it was that early (I planned to go in Seoul.. but in 2011 only).. my reason was telling me i couldnt go and i had to accept i wouldnt go, because it was very unreasonable for me who is living in Europe to travel again in Asia 5 months only after Tokyo Dome.. but then Daily Tofu convinced me that i should (yes yes, you did it.. lolz).. she tempted me even after i accepted the fact i couldnt go.. lolz.. and the most difficult was to tell my family about this trip.. i am not sure if they understand my love for the boys, but at least they dont question it..
Now, no matter how badly i am still suffering the withdrawal syndrom, i am glad i was part of the red ocean at Jamsil Stadium during those two wonderful nights.. nothing compares to this overwhelming feeling to make one with the boys.. i want more.. i never can get enough of it.. they’re addictive and i am already fully intoxicated with their talent and charm.. i am already dreaming and anticipating for the next time.. the next meeting.. the next concert..
And honestly, once i had set my mind, nothing could have ever stopped me to attend the event.. not even the threat of war after North Korea’s attack.. my only fears then was my country ambassy may ask us to leave South Korea.. but there was no way i would have left before i could attend the boys concerts.. and being there already, i couldnt feel any threat or danger in Seoul.. it was totally safe..
Also, i was very very surprised when i read what the boys had in store for us.. the flashmob.. lolz.. i am hopeless when it comes to dance and exploring Seoul by day, i was totally exhausted by the time i was back at the hotel.. but still, the boys were so serious and enthousiastic about the flashmob, i had to make the effort.. and so every night, i trained for it (dragging my sis into this) and memorized the steps for the great day.. we had a lot of fun doing it in front of the mirror.. often we were bursting into laughers, making fun of our own clumsiness..
Anyway, during the week prior to the concert, i often went to Jamsil stadium to witness the progress in the preparation.. hoping that maybe i could see the boys’ rehearsal.. but I guess I was never there at the right moment..

The night before the first concert, i went to Jamsil stadium again, so i could see if the stands for the goods and the tickets were ready already.. and actually, they were still working on it.. we could also see a group of people led by a guide around the venue.. at first i thought it was tourists.. lolz.. but indeed they were the staffs for the venue, and the guide was probably explaining them how to help the fans the day after..

Continue reading

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My journey in Seoul [November 2010]

My journey in Seoul [November 2010]

Flying back home.. flying away from Seoul, from the boys, from my Jae .. so I decided to write my fanaccount while i am in the plane.. write about my beautiful journey in our boys’ cherished and lovely country and most importantely my two days and nights living, feeling and enjoying the concert.. and to be honest, right at the moment, i am extremely depressed to leave Seoul.. to fly far away from the boys.. to fly far away from this wonderful dream.. i wish there was another concert night.. plus one more.. and more and more.. and.. some dreams are so beautiful that you never want to wake up.. but sadly i have to go back home, work hard and save money for the next concert.. if the boys come to Europe for a concert, there is no way i can miss it.. i wont miss it.. right now i am suffering badly the withdrawal syndrom.. its sad to feel this way, but i have no doubt that all of you who ever saw our boys performing live knows perfectly this feeling.. their performances are so amazing and mindblowing, there is absolutely nothing that can compare to the overwhelming and heavenly emotions fulfilling and running through your body, heart, mind and soul.. a unique and incredible experience.. once you have tasted it, you know you’re intoxicated forever.. you know there will be another time, because the feeling they give you is just too fullfilling and addictive.. once a fan, forever a fan..
anyway.. i will start my experience talking about my journey in Seoul.. talking about the anecdotes and moments related to the boys..

Arrival at Incheon Airport
I arrived at Incheon Airport on november 20th (just one day before our boys return in Seoul).. what a wonderful feeling to finally breathe the same air as them.. my very first time in Seoul.. finally i was there to attend the greatest event.. when i first read about the concert few weeks before, i was really not supposed to go, it was very unreasonable (as it was way too close from the “Thanksgiving Live” in Tokyo).. but there is a long time i lost my reason for the boys.. and i decided i couldnt miss the chance to see them again in concert, even if i am broke after this.. Daily Tofu convinced and tempted me.. thank you for this *hug*
anyway, so back to the airport.. how i wish the boys could have arrived the same day as me though, so for the very first time i could have met them at the airport and see Jae’s fashion show.. but they arrived the day after, very early in the morning.. making impossible for me to go and wait for them (Incheon airport is 2 hours away from Seoul.. they arrived before 6am..)
so when i finally arrived at Incheon airport around noon, the first thing i asked for was a map of Seoul.. and while i was in the bus driving us to the city, my sis saw right away there was a little picture (Lotte advertisement) of the boys on this map.. such a nice way to explore the city – soul of Asia – “accompanied” by the boys as guides.. somehow.. i felt very much welcomed.. lolz.. what a beautiful surprise already.. lolz.. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Live in Tokyo Dome – [20100612] ~

i travelled all the way from Lyon (France) to Tokyo (Japan) with my sister just to see them… and when we arrived to the hotel on june 11th, we didnt know at all what to expect…my ticket for the concert was supposed to be waiting there for me, but in my mind, i was full of insecurities, i was thinking “what will i do if they didnt receive it?”…and to my surprise, not only they received it, but in the enveloppe, there was actually two tickets…without knowing it, the auction was actually for two tickets, so my sister could go to the concert with me…she was sooooo happy about it…

after leaving our luggages to the hotel, we walked right away to the Tokyo Dome…it was the very first time for us, so we needed to know if it was easy to find…and indeed, our hotel was really close, closer than expected…once there, we just couldnt leave the place, we kept hanging around, walking around the dome, checking the map to see where would be our gate…even having lunch and dinner there…if we could have slept there, we would have done it…lolz… Continue reading

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