[FANACCOUNT] 25-26 January 2014 – Kim Jaejoong’s ‘WWW’ Concert and J-Party In Seoul

Ah my Dear Kim Jaejoong.. I am just one of your fan amongst others, and you will probably never realize because many of your fans do so much more.. but when I seriously think of it, I feel like I am crazy somehow (In my small world, I certainly am.. family thinks I am.. colleagues don’t need to know where I go lolz).. oh God, the things I do for you.. lolz.. I wasnt ready, my wallet was far from being ready BUT no matter what it would take, I couldnt miss your concert and birthday party in Seoul.. after my trip in Yokohama last june (for you), I was pretty broke and didn’t have any days off left for 2013, so I couldn’t attend any of your “WWW” concerts, so I waited patientely for 2014.. many people were saying that Seoul would probably be one of the last chance (if not the last one) to see you performing live before your enlistement.. how I could have missed it? how could I convince myself it was ok if I missed it? It would have never been ok.. better have remorses for doing something crazy than regrets for not doing it.. so just one last time (before the next time probably), I had to be there, I needed to be part of it.. it’s like a drug, it’s addictive, it’s dangerous.. my mysery started in Tokyo Dome 2010.. then no one told me, once you tasted it, there is no turn back.. would it have stopped me? certainly not.. I wouldn’t change a thing.. no matter how stressful, upsetting, frustrating and angering things surrounding you can get, I am here for you.. so I will close my eyes and just enjoy the ride.. such a rollercoaster.. whirlpool of emotions.. but you’re such an amazing artist.. I can stay away from many things, but not from you.. so once again, I decided to take a ticket for another ride with you.. and God knows those tickets are hard to get.. But finally I managed to get them and make sure I could start another journey leading me to you..

20140125_090233 (2)Tickets to Jaejoong’s Heaven.. as I use to call them..

Getting those tickets.. even after years, it’s always the same excitement in my heart, but less stressful than the very first times though.. experience taught me that no matter what, there is always a way to get a ticket (if you’re willing to accept any seats of course.. I got R tickets for both days, which is not bad at all).. I still remember the very first time in 2010 for Tokyo Dome, I went through auction to get a ticket.. I was at work when I just realized I won the auction.. I was all sweating and my body shaking when my colleague entered my office.. it was embarassing as hell.. hahaha.. I dont even dare to think what he imagined then.. ah well.. it’s long time ago now.. another time, another experience, another fanaccount lolz..

I couldn’t go for many days, but it didn’t matter, as long as I could be there for the wonderful weekend.. something strange in the plane London-Seoul.. some girl left the same day as me, and I saw her coming back the same day as me too.. lolz.. so I wondered for which concerts she went to Seoul.. Jaejoong’s or Big Bang’s..

20140122_114452Before embarking for a new journey with Jaejoong~

And so, after about 12 hours flying, I finally reached Seoul again, for the 6th time.. feeling very familiar with the place now.. once there, I just put my luggage down at the hotel, and rushed to the closest CD store (which happened to be hottracks Gwanghwamun) to finally get Kim Jaejoong’s “WWW” Repackaged album (this time, I didn’t order online, as I knew I wouldn’t receive it before leaving for Seoul.. so it was better to save up money on the shipping and buy more copies instead)..

20140123_181954Huge poster in Hottracks

20140123_183723 (2)Only two copies left then.. they had to add more very often (I saw many fans buying it there)

It was nice being there, observing what people were buying.. and recognizing right away Jaejoong’s fans.. walking along with their “WWW” Repackage album copy in the hand.. taking pictures next to the huge banner.. I dont doubt the offline stores sold many many albums that weekend (many ifans waited to be in Seoul to buy)..

20140128_121819 (2)Worldwide Class Music + Beautiful Packaging.. I love it..

The same day, I even went to Café J-Holic.. such a beautiful place to hang out with friends.. very well situated in the heart of Myeongdong.. and so not difficult to find (unlike Coffee Cojjee..). Though it feels strange to enter another store (without buying or even checking the jewelry) to go upstairs.. lolz.. I wondered how the salesgirls felt to see so many people passing by their store to go somewhere else.. but anyway, I guess it brings them new customers as well..

20140124_113140 (2)Beautiful place, Mister Businessman Kim~

Anyway, the concert days came very quickly as I couldn’t stay long in Korea.. I wasn’t sure exactly where the venue was, as I had never been in this area before.. it wasn’t that far away from my hotel, and I just had to transfer subway lines once.. my biggest worry was to not find the venue after I exited the underground.. it was silly.. before going into the train, I heard Japanese girls speaking (3.. then 3 others).. without asking anything, I knew for sure what was their destination.. so I decided to follow them wherever they would lead me.. lolz.. and at the very first turn, they took the wrong way.. I and some others behind me, followed them the wrong way until our “leaders” realized their mistake and turned back, laughing to see us all following them.. lolz.. it was funny.. but then along the way, we saw banners showing us the way, which made it so much easier (though it wasn’t an easy walk.. the venue is at the top of a hill and not that close from the subway station..).

20140125_164408Banners on the way to the venue~

20140125_165300The venue: Hwajeong Gymnasium

And when I arrived at the venue, I saw many fans waiting.. and though you know the reason why everyone is waiting, you go in front of the “official goods” booths.. thinking everyone is waiting for something else, and maybe you can go in now without queueing *in a perfect world*.. but they show you quickly the end of the queue and where you’re supposed to be and it’s super discouraging.. lolz.. but anyway, I queued and waited..

20140125_165441 (2)Official Concert Goods (For the J-Party set, I got a red balloon.. I had no preference anyway.. lolz.. and it was random, so better not expect too much from luck… Also, they should sell case for galaxy phones too.. not everyone has iphone, so it’s useless to buy the case for nothing..)

20140125_170243Approaching the official goods~

20140125_170922It’s J-Party inside the booth

Once you’re done queueing for the goods, it’s time to queue to enter the venue.. there are more than just one line.. so just in case, you think it’s better to ask the security where you’re supposed to queue, making sure you won’t wait in the wrong line for nothing.. bad move.. really bad move.. you show your ticket and you have those bodyguard staffs not even looking at it, but yelling at you in korean -whether you understand or not- asking you to go at the end of the queue (I guessed…) and line in pairs (easy when you came alone…….) lolz.. they’re mean and arrogant, and that’s the reason why I never and will never swoon over those “bodyguard oppas”..  such guys are definitely not my cup of tea.. learn some good manners and respect, some fans are older than you *sigh*..

And so, I picked a random line and queued.. I must say we entered fast enough.. at the entry, they gave us a small “souvenir” card for the concert..

20140128_153046 (2)Souvenir card given at the entry (both day.. for some reasons, I missed it the second day.. well, it was the same one both days, so I guess it’s ok..)

20140125_174011 20140125_174058Flowers and rice wreaths inside the venue
(many fans were taking pictures.. so I tried to capture this quickly, and my pictures are blurry.. oh well..)

20140125_174041Big banner standing in the middle of the flowers and rice wreaths.. many fans were taking pictures next to the banner..

Finally reached the destination!!! but don’t think you’re done queueing, because you’re not.. it’s a 3 hours long show.. so many of us think it’s better to visit the restrooms before the beginning of the concert (the second day, I even saw fans queueing at the restrooms of Anam subway station.. and the queue there was long enough already *crazyness*).. at the venue, the queue was long and discouraging.. as women, they didnt allow us to go in the gentlemen restrooms (less busy of course).. while waiting, I was in pairs with a very nice Korean lady.. she explained me she studied at this university when she was a student, but Hwajeong Gymnasium wasn’t built yet.. she is a new fan of Jaejoong (since last year Ilsan concert), but since then, she attended all his concerts, even in Japan and other countries.. she asked me how I knew Jaejoong, surprised I got to know him from so far away, so I tried to explain my Jaejoong’s adventure.. she also said Jaejoong is very humble and a worldwide artist.. and she wants to learn Japanese because of Jaejoong.. ah really, it’s amazing to interact with other fans.. while waiting, we saw many fans who followed the dress code (I didn’t do it.. lolz.. no time to look for a disguise and not bold enough to face Jaejoong and the camera at the concert, with a MC asking you in korean to explain the theme of your disguise.. I cant understand korean, and lets be honest, my english accent sucks.. so I better live without winning some clothes from Jaejoong’s dressing room lolz). So we kept waiting and checking the time.. the time of the concert was approaching, but we were not that close from the restrooms entry.. so at 5.50pm, I gave up, knowing there was no chances to reach the restrooms before the start of the concert, and I joined my seat.. unlike last year, this year there was warnings in english, that if we were caught taking pictures during the show, we would be kicked out of the venue.. they don’t joke with that rule, the punishment is heartbreaking.. on the first day, during the J-Party part, I heard someone arguing with a female staff, screaming and refusing to leave.. the second day, someone was asked to leave by one of the male bodyguard staff (when it’s those guys, you cant argued, you just leave.. I bet they wouldn’t hesitate throwing you on their shoulder and carrying you outside if you try to resist……..). So I personally didn’t take any pictures during the show, I also made sure not to take out my phone, too scared for this..

At the concert, I met new adorable fans too.. first day, I was seating besides a fan from Malaysia.. we exchanged our twitter usernames to follow each other.. the second day, my seat neighbor was from Japan, and she was wearing that really beautiful Moldir hoodie.. she explained me that her friend was seating besides Jaejoong on the plane from Nagoya to Seoul.. how lucky (though honestly, I don’t know what I would have done if it happened to me.. I probably wouldnt dare to move… lolz).
Anyway, on our seats, we could find green lightsticks for the first and second day + “Jaejoong-a Saranghae” banner for the second day.. in Korea, fanclubs always prepare those projects perfectly, that’s why it’s always a great success.. you have no excuse for not using green lightsticks or the banner, as they’re given to you..

20140130_184828Green lightsticks (who are not that glowing green anymore now after few days lolz) + instructions note for both days..

Fanproject“Jaejoong-a Saranghae” banner + instructions on the back of the banner

So I read the instructions while waiting for the start of the concert.. the first day, as I came in earlier, I could observe the fans filling the venue little by little.. first day was almost full house.. on the second day, there was no empty seats left.. though I couldnt get VIP seats, I still liked my seats a lot.. from there I could perfectly see the stage, with no one blocking the view.. before the beginning, I tried my luck while the staffs were busy helping fans to find their seats and I took a picture of the stage..

20140125_17512920140125_174825 (2)The venue and the stage before the start of the concert~ can you imagine how scary it was to capture those blurry pictures.. lolz.. but I like to have a “souvenir” picture to remember those days.. the venue.. the stage.. it doesn’t hurt anyone’s business to keep such pictures after all..

So I took those two pictures and put my phone in my pocket for the rest of the nights.. no more risks taken while waiting anxiously for the beginning of the show.. then the lights went off and we started hearing music, with spotlights flashing everywhere in the venue.. it was the intro music of Maze.. my heart was in a franzy.. and though I know he can’t and won’t sing it, for a little while (the first night), I thought he was about to perform Maze onstage.. oh my heart.. lolz..  then they showed the VCR intro on the big screen and though I was there both days, now I am writing my fanaccount, I am unable to remember what it was about.. but I remember this feeling the first night at the concert when after few songs, I asked myself “where are you?”, “where is your mind?”, “ok, tomorrow I’ll concentrate more on what’s happening onstage”.. I think it’s how it feels to be on cloud 9.. I don’t know if it was cloud n°9, but I was definitely floating on some cloud that night.. this whole moment felt like a dream.. Jaejoong’s singing voice took me close to Heaven, just as he put a spell on me.. from the very first song, we all stood up, danced and sang together with him.. the atmosphere was super hot inside the venue, and his striptease onstage just before Kiss B didn’t help to cool it down.. lolz.. he was such a tease then, and I must say I was giggling and smiling like an idiot -though I couldnt understand a word- while he was taking off his clothes.. but I was not the only one haha.. we accompanied him when he started singing the song, waving our towels in the air as if we were doing a striptease too lolz.. then after another ment, was “Now Is Good” time.. the first night, the song was choosen for the fan project.. so at the end of the ment, we snapped our green lightstick and got ready for the song.. it was almost a perfect green ocean during “Now Is Good”.. After it, Jaejoong sang the two new songs from the repackage album, “Keshou”, then “Heaven” (in the course of which, Gummy joined him onstage).. while they were singing, images were showing on the screen.. it was like scenes from a movie, so then I wondered if the song was an OST maybe.. in the end of the song, he teased Gummy and the fans, trying to hug her, but she pushed him away lolz.. After “Gummy time”, they showed Junsu’s, then Yoochun’s message for Jaejoong’s birthday.. fans screamed like crazy when they saw them onscreen.. I wish I understood what they said then, but Jaejoong was very touched.. then a fanmade video was shown onscreen, it was the starting point for J-Party, and -on the second day- the signal for the “Jaejoong-a Saranghae” fanproject.. so in the end of the video, we showed our banner and screamed “Jaejoong-a Saranghae!!!” as loudly as possible, dismissing the MC who started talking lolz.. Jaejoong was so touched that he took a picture together with all of us..

jaejoong-finale-91024x505The picture Jaejoong took with all of us (Cr: CJeS Entertainment)
If it was a super bigger and clearer picture, I am sure we could all recognize ourselves there..

20140130_185026The J-Party Set.. I admit I wore the party hat on the second day during the J-Party lolz

J-Party time is certainly a fun time.. sadly, I cant understand Korean.. I couldnt understand what was said, the questions, answers, jokes or anything.. I was still happy to be there, and was laughing at Jaejoong’s expressions, or when everyone else was laughing.. I could also sang “Happy Birthday” with everyone.. this I can.. lolz.. and the dresscode part was really funny.. the first night, a girl wearing a Joseon king dress won King Jaejoong’s tee-shirt.. on the second day, this part was even funnier.. in the end, Jaejoong hesitated between 3 fans.. one of them, the one wearing the golden outfit (like WWW album) and the mask, was in my section of the venue (seating one row before me lolz), so we were all pointing at her to make sure Jaejoong and the MC would notice her.. they did.. but she didnt win though.. Jaejoong picked “Miss Policewoman” (was it the name?!) and she won a shirt.. lucky fans!!!

After this, they brought a sort of folding screen onstage, behind which Jaejoong’s friends would be hidden (and their voices were covered).. the first night, Noel’s Lee Sang Gon, Jung Sukwon, Gummy and BEAST’s Yong Junhyung were there.. the second night, Sang Gon, Jang Geun Suk and 3 members of C-Clown were present.. It was so nice that despite their certainly busy schedules, they came there to celebrate Jaejoong’s birthday.. I think fans were more surprised about Geun Suk’s presence there.. they screamed a lot when he came to the light (well, the Korean fan seating besides me also screamed a lot when she saw the MC.. not sure how famous he was?).. and everyone screamed even more when Jaejoong introduced himself as if he was one of the guests too.. lolz.. anyway, so I cant say much about the first part when the MC asked questions to the guests, as I didn’t understand anything.. I just observed and laughed when Jaejoong threw his hat at the folding screen because he didnt like their answer.. lolz..

When the guests came to the light, everyone screamed and applaused.. then it was the hilarious part, when they played some games: dribbling with a pom pom (Jaejoong had like 3 tries the first day.. lolz.. but hey, he must have done some training, he was still the best at this), inflating balloons till they blow, blowing on a book to turn as many pages as possible.. it was hilarious.. we all laughed a lot.. the winners could pick what ingredient to put in the “cocktail” they were preparing for the loser of the arcade game.. The first day, Jaejoong played the arcade game against Sukwon.. they did only 2 games, and Jaejoong won.. so Sukwon had to drink the disgusting cocktail.. Jaejoong tasted it too.. on the second day, it seems like Sang Gon was supposed to play, but he sent Geun Suk at his place.. and Geun Suk was a strong contender.. he played 4 games against Jaejoong.. but Jaejoong won in the end, so Sang Gon had to drink the cocktail.. with a straw.. lolz

In the end of the games part, everyone left the stage, and they showed another VCR.. with a letter written by Jaejoong to the fans.. in those moments, you regret you cant understand a word.. many times I regretted..

Finally, it was time for the second part of the concert, who started with “Luvholic”.. and surprisingly, Lee Sang Gon joined Jaejoong onstage to sing the song together.. it was an AMAZING duet!! I adored how they rocked the stage together.. from there, I was back to Heaven, mesmerized by the music, Jaejoong’s voice and the spotlights (it was funny during Glamorous Sky, there was some green&red spotlights.. so it reminds me those Christmas oceans lolz).. I must say Jaejoong’s voice was perfect those nights, he didnt seem to struggle at all, and many times he showed us all the extent of his talent.. he was impressing.. even after seeing him live many times before, I was truly impressed by his voice those nights.. so powerful, yet so emotional.. we can feel he handles perfectly the songs of his album now.. he should continue walking this path, making this style of music, because it suits him the best.. 

Oh I have to say I adore “Just another girl”.. I understand he picked it as title song of his first album.. it’s an amazing song that sounds even better live.. actually, Jaejoong is one of those artists who sound way better live than on recorded albums.. it’s a totally different feeling, an overwhelming feeling.. After “Just another girl”, he left the stage.. and so, the audience started chanting “Kim Jaejoong” louder and louder.. lolz, until he came back onstage to sing “Mine”.. wonderful Mine, setting the stage on fire once again.. after this song, he talked to us.. I didnt need to understand to know he was probably talking about enlistement, because everyone was crying around me.. we were all sobbing and crying.. it was such an emotional moment, just before he started singing “One Kiss”.. The last song of the concert.. so emotional that it took me time to turn on my green lightstick for the fanproject.. another beautiful and perfect green ocean.. in the end, he went up the stairs to leave the stage.. on the first day, I didn’t react.. for some reasons, I didn’t realize it was the last song.. I thought we would chant his name and he would come back again for more songs.. so I stayed on my seat, while some fans were starting to get up.. and after a while, I still asked “it’s over?” *shocked*.. I just couldnt believe it was already over.. because he didn’t sing all the songs of the album.. I felt he didn’t sing enough songs.. I wanted more songs and less party to be honest.. it was too short.. lolz.. thanks God, there was still tomorrow and the second day.. so it gave me time to be prepared.. the second day lasted longer, but still.. I think we can never be ready for the end of a concert.. it’s even more difficult when we don’t know when there will be a next time.. in the end of “One Kiss”, fans didnt leave the venue, and we chanted his name until Jaejoong came back onstage and talk to us without any mike.. it was such an emotional moment.. those moments you want them to last forever.. but everything comes to an end and we had to let him go, with a heavy heart, while the last video was playing on the screen..

20140126_212445Jaejoong coming back onstage at the end of the concert..
Because it was the end, so I took out my phone to take a pictures.. no risks anymore then

20140126_212804Video showing at the end of the concert.. fans stayed there to watch it till the end..

Even now while typing my fanaccount, I still feel the emotions of this concert.. of those wonderful moments spent together with Jaejoong.. I don’t know when I’ll be able to see him live again.. I don’t know if I’ll be able to see him live again.. so I am glad I could be there this time, and those other times before.. those moments will stay engraved in my heart, marking my life for ever, those were great times I can never forget.. Thank you Kim Jaejoong for giving me those unforgettable memories.. you are a gems, a rare artist.. I am proud to be your fan..

♥Jaejoong-a saranghae♥

When I left Seoul on monday.. there was a girl carrying a Moldir backpack at the airport.. hehe.. It’s amazing how in about one year, Moldir became so big.. Also, I wanted to take a picture on this Hello Kitty bench at the airport.. but the queue at the immigration was so long that I could reach my gate just in time to embark……………..



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