[FANACCOUNT] 25-26 June 2013 Kim Jaejoong’s Asia Tour Grand Finale In Yokohama

Japan, I have missed you.. it has been long, very long.. but finally, after 3 years, my time has come again.. I couldn’t attend JYJ’s Unforgettable Concert in Japan.. I couldn’t attend “The Return of The JYJ” in Tokyo Dome last april.. God knows I was depressed about it.. I even cried during the live updates because I couldnt be there.. but we can’t control everything in life, we need to accept it, even if it hurts.. From this moment, I was on the lookout for each and every rumor about JYJ or Jaejoong’s concerts in Japan.. I didn’t dare to plan any other holidays to make sure I wouldn’t miss the next time.. After few dashed hopes, finally came the (almost officially confirmed) rumor of Jaejoong’s concerts in Yokohama.. I can’t even express how happy and excited I was, but also relieved I stayed here waiting for the right moment.. Can you imagine? A concert in Japan for Jaejoong.. I mean, this is Jaejoong and Japan together!!! How many times did we dream for it? How long have we been waiting for it? but deep inside our heart, how many of us dared to believe it could possibly happen? Yet, quietly and with a lot of patience, he made this dream come true.. returning all the love that Japanese fans never stopped showing him, despite everything.. the last stop of his tour, the grand finale would be for his beloved Japanese fans..
As for me, I was so ready to go.. A concert in Japan is like no other..  I didn’t want to miss my chance again though I knew it would be difficult to get tickets.. those inestimable treasures, my one-way ticket to Jaejoong’s Heaven~~~ (Once you tasted Jaejoong’s Heaven, it’s like a drug, you can never get enough..) I’m sooo thankful to my friends Ning and Ayano who helped me to get the tickets and allowed me to take part of this amazing concert.. Thank you sooo much ❤ I’ll never forget.. without you, I couldn’t have been there.. it was wonderful to spend those beautiful hours together with you and your sweet friends~

20130628_1My tickets for 25th and 26th june’s concerts ❤

And so, on june 20, I left for Japan, ready for a new and exciting journey together with Jaejoong.. I stayed few days in Tokyo before “moving” to Shin-Yokohama.. I went to Odaiba.. Shibuya.. Harajuku, where I bought few accessories in order to follow the dress code of the concert.. without even knowing Jaejoong would have a butterfly tattoo, I bought a rosary/pendant with a butterfly *Jaejoong, you probably don’t know it yet, but we are fated… our jaelepathy is so good~~*.. Near Yoyogi station, on sunday, I saw a JYJ fan in the subway train, with her luggage and a “JYJ’s unforgettable concert” bag.. probably arriving in Japan for Jaejoong’s concerts hehe.. so who was there that day? you probably didn’t see me, but I saw you lolz..

2013-06-24-23-29-27_photoRock accessories for the concert

20130624_202623Joypolis in Odaiba (I didn’t go inside to see Jaejoong’s autograph though, because it was already late..)

I couldn’t attend the first night of the concert.. so I didn’t read anything about it, I didn’t spoil myself before taking the shinkansen for Shin-Yokohama on tuesday.. Once there, I checked in at the hotel (filled with JJ/JYJ fans) and I went to the venue to meet Ning and buy the official goods.. around the venue, we could listen JYJ’s music playing in a coffee shop.. and suddenly, this street felt just like home..

20130625_145918Yokohama Arena~ Heaven Arena for 3 days

20130625_150337Poster for Jaejoong’s Concert & Fanmeeting in Japan

20130625_150345Official Goods for Jaejoong’s Concert.. not many, but thankfully, I wasn’t too late to have them..

And when buying the goods, I could listen “One Kiss” playing.. I think Jaejoong was rehearsing then.. ah life.. how nice it felt to be there, melting into the concert atmosphere before entering the venue.. it was fun looking around and see the fans’ “fashion show”.. there were very young ones who came with their mother, or even their father (on 25, I saw a fanboy with a baby ^__^, and a little girl wearing a t-shirt with “Jejung” written on it), older ones too (I saw two women who were wearing 50’s rock outfits.. I think..).. I was totally amazed and felt I wasn’t bold enough with just my accessories.. lolz.. Anyway, then I saw fans starting to queue and enter the venue, so I went to the center (as my seat was situated in the center area on 25th), and started waiting behind a group of Japanese fans.. I waited behind them for few minutes, before realizing they were not queueing yet, but just chatting together (and probably wondering why I was spying on them, waiting behind their back…………… lolz).. so I went to ask my way to one of the guide, who told me to go upstairs and follow the line.. there, I discussed a bit with two fans, but it was short, as we entered the venue pretty quickly (thanks God, we didn’t have to wait too long in line.. particularly on 26th, when it was raining heavily..).. at the entry, we had to open our bag, and the security asked us if we had a camera.. but they didnt search inside our bag.. so without any hesitation, I replied “no”, though I had one.. a very inoffensive one, not good enough to harm CJeS’ business..

20130626_173352 20130626_173254 20130626_173148 20130625_173400Beautiful wreaths in the venue lobby

After taking few pictures of the wreath, I asked my way once again.. when I was finally inside, a staff led me to my seat.. as always, I was among the first ones inside (I’m the kind of person who is always worried to be late.. so I’m always very much in advance lolz).. and both days I attended, my seats were very good, not that far from the middle stage, I had a very nice view.. sooo thankful ❤

20130625_180346From my seat on 25th

20130626_173915My seat on 26th~ I was sooo bold to take this picture while the security guy (at the right side) was warning everyone ^^;;

I took those pictures, because fans were just entering the venue, and nothing had started yet.. but else, it was very risky to take pictures, so I didn’t dare to take my camera out (though I don’t think they kicked any fans out of venue, unlike what they did in Ilsan).. on 25th, I was on the aisle, where a security guard kept going back and forth, and another one was crouching at about 3 meters from me.. so trust me, you think twice before trying your luck lolz.. so for my fanaccount, I will illustrate it a bit with few photos souvenir I bought there.. and I will mostly talk about the last day (as it would be way too long to write about both nights lolz.. and between two perfect nights, the 26th one was still the best)..

So I sat there, waiting for the beginning of the FM/Concert, looking at fans filling slowly the venue, until there was no empty seat anymore, hearing the staffs repeating in many languages that cameras were strictly prohibited and requesting to turn off our cellphones when entering the venue.. strict.. too strict.. but anyway, I’m here to enjoy the concert and have the time of my life~!!! Wowowow lolz

After a while, when (almost) everyone had joined their seats, they turned of the lights and a video message from Jaejoong started playing on big screens.. fans laughed a lot.. then some catchy music started playing with those multicolored lightings flashing all over the venue.. THE so awaited moment was finally there.. and I started dancing to the music rythm.. super excited to be there.. floating on cloud 9~~~ smiling like an idiot.. haha.. even more when Jaejoong appeared onstage riding his segway, his new favorite game.. lolz.. and I must say he controls it perfectly (but he always had a great body balance, we could see it already when he was riding those ripsticks..). Then Jaejoong joined the MCs on the middle stage *oh the nice view* (on 25th, there was only one, but on 26th, we had two MCs… Japanese MCs were super hilarious, even if you are like me and you can’t understand much japanese, they make you laugh with their expressions and gestures lolz.. and I was super lucky, because Ning and Ayano translated some parts for me ❤ but even so, I’m sorry if I can’t describe and tell exactly Jaejoong’s words.. I enjoyed the FM with my heart and eyes.. I enjoyed the concert with my heart, soul, eyes and ears)..

IMG_20130628_0009_NEWBeautiful smile Jaejoong.. you were sooooo happy those days and it felt..

Then Jaejoong and the MCs started discussing, joking around, going crazy.. on 25th, they noticed this seventeen old fanboy, not that far from us, not that far from the stage, so Jaejoong and the MC kept talking to him and teasing him.. lolz.. Naoki was the fanboy star of the second day lolz (I remember well his name, because it reminded me of Itazura Na Kiss hahaha), he even went onstage with the MC while Jaejoong was backstage.. lucky Naoki, he really had the chance to interact many times with Jaejoong during the FM.. then they also showed pictures of Jaejoong’s home, of Jaejoong himself (they really need to release HD version of all the beautiful pictures shared from 26 january to 26 june!!!), they even showed a picture of one of the MC (when younger), and Jaejoong told him he wasn’t handsome lolz.. later we watched a video of “Jaejoong in Yokohama”.. the videos were different everyday.. on 25th, we saw Jaejoong at the games zone, where he won those naver LINE stickers stuffed toys.. he was super lucky, because the toys were big, and it’s a difficult game~!!! then they brought those stuffed toys onstage, Jaejoong put them inside his top (so they would smell his body odor loooolz), before giving them out to two fans, picked by a lucky draw.. one of the fan who won was seating far from the stage (on the last floor), but from her seat, we could hear her screaming “arigato”.. and then Jaejoong teased Naoki again.. lolz.. on 26th, “Jaejoong in Yokohama” was Jaejoong going to a fortune teller.. Jaejoong’s expressions were hilarious when she was telling him something surprising.. lolz.. Ayano explained me the fortune teller said Jaejoong will marry at 30, but she won’t be japanese *shock*.. I don’t know how right she is usually in her predictions (I personally don’t believe much in those fortune tellers), but he is almost 30 *faint* hahaha.. anyway, after this, it was time for questions (that the fans asked through the k-style website I think?! was it?).. at times during the FM, MCs were switching seats with Jaejoong, so they wouldnt block our view during the whole FM.. and when they were about to block our view for a little while, they were apologizing.. lolz.. On 25th, (for some reasons I didn’t get..) Jaejoong showed off his skin (raising up his t-shirt thrice.. twice in front of us.. life is beautiful ~~ *_* lolz).. but Jaejoong was even more naughty and excited on 26th.. the questions were naughty too.. for example, they asked him what color he likes the best for girls’ underwears.. at first, he replied “nothing”, and dropped his bottle of water.. LMAO.. so the MC kept repeating “nothing” to the audience.. it was hilarious (those MCs were the best!!!).. and then he said he likes white or purple underwears.. oh he was so hyper and happy that day.. also, he was asked to say “aishiteru” while kneeling.. and everytime he was about to say it, we were all holding our breath, waiting silently and.. he was bursting into laughers everytime.. it took him so much time.. he was so shy about it lolz.. After that, they brought a game machine onstage, not sure how we call it.. drum master maybe? on Super Mario music on 25th (I can’t remember on 26th… hmm) Jaejoong had to play against one of the MC.. it was totally crazy and you need to be super master to follow the rythm with the drums.. on 25th, the MC was sweating so much lolz.. on 26th, the MC gave up in the middle to give his place to the other MC.. Jaejoong is truly a master at this game.. he was far ahead the MCs team.. lolz

IMG_20130628_0003_NEWJaejoong with his tail near the drum master machine~

At a moment, I can’t remember if it was during the fanmeeting part, or at the end of it.. but when Jaejoong left the stage, the MCs kept entertaining the audience, asking fans from where they came (mentionning Japanese cities), then asking if there were international fans.. on 25th, there was many i-fanboys – fanboys are loved lolz- wow.. one from Sweden (who was towering the whole audience, you couldn’t not see him hehe.. he was also there on 26th, in the same area), one from Belgium, another one from Spain.. All from Europe.. Jaejoong, you’re loved here, please come back soon~~❤ And of course, there was also this fangirl from France (me~~ lolz).. but both days, MCs didn’t notice me, despite the girls around me who kept screaming “Furansu”.. but it’s ok, I would have been shy to see myself on the big screen lolz.. but hey Jaejoong, Europe truly loves you~~
Also, together with the MCs, we all repeated a message (written on the big screens) to tell Jaejoong.. sadly I couldn’t read it, as it was written in Japanese.. but basically, Japanese fans were asking Jaejoong to come again and they’ll always wait for him.. so touching and beautiful..

20130625_212804Taking a picture while Jaejoong wasn’t onstage.. so maybe security would be more clement if I am caught.. lolz

Concert Time

I must say, Jaejoong’s fanmeetings are always fun and hilarious.. I love them.. but above all else, I’m a fan of Jaejoong’s voice, so this is the moment I have been waiting for all along.. THE concert.. When the music started playing and the lightings flashing everywhere in the venue, my heart was beating sooo fast, full of excitement and anticipation.. I couldn’t help screaming then.. lolz.. so the concert started with Mine.. I think it was probably his best performance of this song (In Yokohama, there were new arrangements compared to previous concerts in other cities).. God, he set the stage and the venue on fire.. his voice was absolutely perfect, and when he played the invisible piano, my hand was following his gesture too.. so sexy~~ it’s a very difficult song to sing, and after singing it, he said few words to announce the next song, you could tell he was breathless (I was too.. because of his awesome performance lolz).. then he started singing Precious.. oh such a beautiful song sang by such a mesmerezing voice.. there was also an amazing use of lights then.. from my seats the spots on stage behind Jaejoong looked like gems.. wow.. then he continued with two other beautiful ballads Hitomi Wo Tojite and Last Rain… enough to melt the audience’s heart.. how I missed to listen him singing in Japanese.. so I enjoyed every second with all my heart.. those precious moments..

Then we “followed” Jaejoong backstage.. he is super happy and excited, playing around, spraying champagne on the staffs lolz.. kissing a staffs girl who was hidden behind a mask.. on 26th, he even huged one, talking to her soooo closely, she was feeling so shy and he was being such a tease with her.. this man.. lolz.. he also teased a security guy, hugging him and standing besides him (copying the way he was standing looolz), he also wrote “I love you”.. but changed for “I love you me” lolz.. then he entered his dressing room to change his clothes, closing the door behind him.. while he was changing, the live band onstage was playing some sexy music (the kind of music you would use for a strip tease loooolz).. Jaejoong teased us too, showing himself topless at the door *the temperature raised higher~~*.. then he came in front of a screen where he could see the audience, and he started playing with fans.. on 25th, it was short.. but on 26th, it was absolutely crazy.. the camera stopped on many of them, the most unique ones.. one who had guitare glasses, another one with that funny cleavage design tee-shirt, two mothers with their cute baby girls, etc.. fans who were seeing themselves onscreen, were going wild, jumping like crazy lolz.. there was this fan too, whose bra’s pink straps were showing, so Jaejoong was like “oohh pinku”… lolz.. he was sooo flirting all along.. so naughty lolz.. it was such a fun and wonderful moment where Jaejoong and the fans interacted and played together.. It was really special..

Then he came back onstage riding his segway.. on 26th, he even rode around the venue, passing in front of us.. he was so close for few seconds, so we screamed like crazy and waved to him (but it went so fast haha)..

IMG_20130628_0002_NEWJaejoong’s smile.. dimples~~ so precious..

Then he joined the stage where the emotions started flooding again when he performed Keshou with all his heart, putting all his feelings, his everything in the way he sang it.. ♫ baka da ne, baka da ne, baka no kuse ♫ oh my fragile heart.. it was so hard to hold back the tears.. Jaejoong is such an emotional performer, you are totally overwhelmed by the music and the lyrics.. after this, when Crescent Moon‘s music started playing, we all grabbed our green lightsticks (I also had green bracelets lightstick given by Ning’s friend ^__^).. everyone in Yokohama Arena was in harmony to give Jaejoong his green ocean.. Jaejoong was very touched, and surprised we managed to make it so harmonious (he talked about it in the end of the next song).. only Korea and Japan can make this happen.. bravo~ Japanese fans, you’re truly the best!!!  Drowned in this beautiful green ocean, we listened Jaejoong performing Crescent Moon.. OMG, how I love this song.. even now, while typing my fanaccount, I have it playing in my head.. And after many emotional ballads, he sang Ultra Soul.. Yokohama Arena was in fire, lightings flashing all over the venue and fans jumping and singing together with him.. it was absolutely crazy~!!! I love when he sings this kind of songs too.. it was amazing!!! During the song, he also introduced the wonderful live band.. they were the best!!! And in the end, he talked to the audience before leaving the stage..

IMG_20130628_0004_NEWJaejoong talking to the audience..

After Jaejoong left the stage, we started calling him again for a Encore.. we wanted more, we needed more.. and so after a while, he came back onstage, and walked till the middle stage to perform One Kiss.. then again, just like for Mine, I believe it was his very best performance for this song.. he controlled very well his voice, it was absolutely perfect.. and he was performing it on the stage just in front of us *_* .. the stage moved up, and kept rotating during the song.. wonderful performance~

The only fancam I recorded was for One Kiss (I was so nervous, I thought I forgot to click on record, but even at the end of the song, I was too scared to check if it worked.. I only checked once I reached my hotel room lolz)

IMG_20130628_0007_NEWJaejoong’s smile.. happiness is contagious ^__^

Then he sang another song of his album, All Alone.. he seems to love this song, and I adore it too.. I often listen to it before going to sleep, because this is such a soothing song.. and the soothing feeling is even stronger when you listen it live.. so this is how it feels to listen perfection.. how I love that blissful feeling, always so short that you need to renew it as soon as possible, to make sure it really existed once.. And if by God’s miracle, you managed to hold back your tears until now, it won’t last anymore.. Jaejoong is performing Gekkou.. then, everyone was focused on his wonderful voice, it felt like Yokohama Arena hold their breath while he was singing.. and in the end of the song, I could hear fans sobbing around me.. yes, it was that emotional.. Jaejoong is such a talented perfomer.. he has the gift to arouse your deepest emotions, to bring tears to your eyes just by the way he sings and feels the song.. he is such a rare and unique artist..

IMG_20130628_0008_NEWSimply Jaejoong.. simply the best~

Then he sang another beautiful song Boku No Soba Ni.. during the song, he walked to the middle stage, so I could see him right in front of me.. so close.. so perfect.. but so sad already, because on 26th, I knew it was almost the end of the concert.. I knew I needed to enjoy every second before it ends.. The last song was Glamorous Sky.. as I said before, I didnt follow the update on 24th, so when he started singing it on 25th, it was such a wonderful surprise.. I was so sad I couldn’t be in Tokyo Dome to see him performing this song, but he did it in Yokohama.. and even the very last day, this performance was like a celebration.. Yokohama Arena was dancing, jumping and singing with him.. simply going wild.. and in the end, there was giant balloons rolling on the audience, before we explode them to deliver a multitude of small balloons.. then you had to be very fast to make sure you get one.. lolz.. I am not a fast person.. On 25th, balloons were too far away from us, but on 26th, Ayano and her sweet friend could catch many, so they gave me one *thank you so much*.. after the balloons, those long confettis with the name of the event written on it (not just a simple one this time), rained on the venue.. on 25th, the very nice Japanese fans who was sitting behind me gave one to me *so thankful~~*.. on 26th, one fell straight in my bag *how lucky~~ lolz*.. And Jaejoong was still so full of energy while performing Glamorous Sky.. and we kept dancing and jumping like crazy.. it was party time at Yokohama Arena.. but it was almost the end of the party T__T

IMG_20130628_0005_NEWRocker Jaejoong~!!!

After the song, Jaejoong started saying goodbye from every sides of the stages.. bowing together with the live band, thanking the audience.. and we were chanting his name.. we couldn’t let him go already.. it was too early, we were not ready to let him go.. the heart was not ready.. he still left the stage, but we didn’t leave our seats, and we kept chanting “Jejung” until he came back onstage.. you can tell how touched he was when he came back.. hiding a bit his face because he had tears in his eyes (our eyes were no better.. so much emotions overflowing).. and from the stage, without a mic, he screamed “thank you very much” in Japanese.. and he left again.. then staffs asked us to leave the venue.. we had to leave, it was the end of this amazing concert.. of this wonderful tour too.. but Aya, let’s meet again next time in Japan.. I remember..

IMG_20130628_0006_NEWHe threw the towel to the audience.. lucky the fan who caught it~

DSC01520Back to my pictures.. and my oh so amazing photography skills lolz

I still don’t know how I left the venue.. how I found my way again.. those concerts in Yokohama were like a wonderful dream come true after hoping for so long.. now it’s hard to wake up and realize it’s over.. those beautiful moments are gone from the reality, but they’ll always live in my heart and memories.. when will we meet again like this? no matter what, remember we’re waiting for you, Jaejoong.. this is just the beginning~!!!

And I must say, this concert was gold.. on 26 june, it was perfection.. I attended the very first concert of the tour, in Ilsan, and the very last in Yokohama.. I’d like to compare Ilsan and Yokohama, as it’s the same tour, but both concerts are so different, it’s impossible to compare.. Actually, Yokohama’s concerts were like no other.. he mostly sang different songs compared to other cities.. most of them were japanese songs.. this language suits him and his voice so well.. also, I must say the venue, the stage, the lightings, the whole show was absolutely perfect in Yokohama.. even Jaejoong’s voice improved a lot from january to now.. he controlled it perfectly when he sang Mine and One Kiss.. And Japanese audience really knows how to enjoy a rock concert.. they jumped, danced, sang and rocked together with Jaejoong.. the atmosphere was super hot.. the spirit super high.. Japanese fans know Jaejoong’s worth, they know how to appreciate his talent.. no wonder he loves them so much.. Truly, this “Grand Finale” suited its title perfectly

When I left the venue, deep inside I thought “now I can die without any regrets”.. as a fan, I truly had the time of my life at this concert.. just saying and repeating it was amazing is certainly not enough to describe this feeling of fulfillment, because it was so much more than this.. Merci Jaejoong for those wonderful days, where it felt as if yours and fans’ hearts and souls were connected.. I left my heart in Yokohama~

And on the way to the hotel with Ning, Millie, Anita and Jaejoong fanboy, near Shin-Yokohama station, we heard “Be the one” playing in some store~ and I felt like dancing again.. lolz

Jaejoong, I don’t know when and where, but see you again next time~ you’re such a wonderful artist.. to me you’re the best.. I love you~

20130626_232125Official goods & Souvenirs of the concert: Balloons + confettis..

Credit: jaelena @ PrinceJJ (HD pictures of Jaejoong belong to concert photographers, I only scanned them)


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