[FANACCOUNT] 26-27 January 2013 – Kim Jaejoong’s Concert ‘Your, My and Mine’ In Ilsan

I’m Kim Jaejoong’s fan since 2006.. From the very moment I listened his voice singing “Insa”, he stole my heart to never give it back to me.. for every Jaejoong’s fan, the release of his solo album and his first solo concert is a long-awaited dream come true.. so for me, no matter how broke I was after attending 2 fanmeetings last october and flying to Seoul to watch Jackal last december, I couldnt miss Kim Jaejoong’s very first solo concerts in Ilsan.. I couldnt miss the moment I have been waiting on forever.. FINALLY this wonderful dream came true!!!

And so I left home one week before the so awaited event.. on sunday 20th.. to fly to Seoul.. only to be told, when I arrived at the airport, that my flight was cancelled…. ok.. sure.. It’s not the very first time I experience such a problem.. that’s why I never leave at the very last minute.. lolz.. anyway, we could catch another flight and arrived in Seoul after 8pm on monday.. I couldnt get my copies of Jaejoong’s album yet.. I had to wait one more day *sigh*.. So, on tuesday, first thing I did was going to Gangnam to find Synnara and Hottracks.. to be honest, I thought those stores would be easy to find.. but they’re not.. we looked for Synnara for hours.. sis was annoyed and annoying, becauses we were wasting our time… as we found Jaejoong’s album in that Youngpoong bookstore, she wanted me to buy it there.. but no thank you!! I didnt even know if it would count for Hanteo there!! *sis cant understand those things lolz*.. So I thought that maybe Hottracks would be easier to find.. but nope.. we even entered a bank (as we thought it was in that building), an employee there asked us what we were looking for, and he accompanied us outside to look with us for Kyobo building (it was so kind of him.. but we were so embarassed to disturb him while he was working..).. anyway, finally, we found Hottracks ~alleluia~ but they only had 3 copies of Jaejoong’s album left there (while there were two rows of albums for other artists..)..

HottracksHottracks in Gangnam – Only one left on the shelf.. before I bought it too..

So I bought the last 3 copies left.. but I didnt get any posters then.. when I asked for it, I didnt understand what they say.. so I didnt insist.. I guess there was not anymore… On a side note.. as much as I am happy to see Jaejoong’s album selling like hot cakes, it was not normal to find empty shelves in music stores knowing many foreign fans would be in Korea for Jaejoong’s concerts (and most probably those fans wished to buy their copies there in Korea..)..


20130125_151939Few days later in Hottracks Gwanghwamun~ only 2 copies left.. I bought one.. later that day it was sold out.. empty shelves again.. 

20130129_101833Finally, I could get my copies of Jaejoong’s album ‘I’~♥

Anyway, so after this, we decided to go to Coffee Cojjee.. we knew it would be crowded by the end of the week.. so we thought it would be better to enjoy it early.. on our way there, sis kept saying she hoped no one will come (meaning: no famous ppl.. lolz).. I didnt think anyone we know would come then, so I just laughed at her silliness.. but destiny played a funny game on me that day.. while we were sitting there, relaxing and drinking hot chocolate, we noticed employees (from Red Carpet) at the door, obviously waiting for someone.. and suddenly Jaejoong appeared.. I saw my sis grabbing her bag, panicked, ready to leave, so I turned back, but I hardly got time to see him.. it was quick.. lolz.. after this, everyone there was so excited.. there was this very cute Japanese fan who was prancing around, taping people’s backs and saying “Jaejoong!!!”.. as if she couldnt believe what just happened at Coffee Cojjee.. haha.. it was cute.. but OMG.. even now, I still can’t believe my luck.. I never imagined he would ever come here while I was there.. if we didnt look for Synnara and Hottracks for so long that day, we would have come earlier at Coffee Cojjee, and we would have missed him.. destiny is playing strange games, but I love those..

Anyway, few pictures taken at Coffee Cojjee that day~

20130122_173107Jaejoong was still at Red Carpet when we left.. we can see cars outside.. and fans waiting for him to leave..

20130123_110447Jaejoong’s album on Coffee Cojjee’s shelf

20130122_162609Close-up “Coffee Cojjee Forever”

20130123_112452Autographed Posters on Coffee Cojjee’s wall

20130122_172739Coffee Cojjee’s cushion.. I wanted the green one, but it was sold out…

20130122_172249Elephants and paper cups sets at Coffee Cojjee

20130122_165723Jaejoong’s autographed albums on Red Carpet’s shelf

20130125_213425I bought the dark blue one finally.. I would have loved to buy more.. but its really big, so not easy to bring back home..

Jaejoong’s “Your, My and Mine” everywhere In Seoul
I must say the greatest promotion was certainly in COEX malls.. there was LED advertisements everywhere.. a big one when you leave Samseong station.. 2 other big ones when you enter COEX malls.. and many others inside the malls, when you walk around!!

20130124_203631LED advertisement at COEX malls entry~ “Your, My and Mine” Promotional Clip is playing every 5 minutes

20130123_14240520130123_142410One of the LED Advertisement inside COEX malls, with “Your, My and Mine” Promotional clip playing every 5 minutes too..

Jaejoong’s advertisement in Myeondong
I knew there would be this advertisement bought by Japanese fans in Myeondong station.. so of course, I went there to look at it.. and saw it right when I arrived there, still in the subway train.. already many fans were taking pictures of it..


Also, we saw a promotional poster for Jaejoong’s album in a very unexpected place while strolling in Myeongdong at night.. we were looking for some coffee shop to drink something hot, and my sis suddenly told me “Jaejoong there”.. “eh? what?” I thought I heard wrong haha.. “Jaejoong? where?”… aaahh but it wasnt the real Jaejoong of course.. I couldnt be that lucky everyday.. instead it was a poster, placed in the most unexpected place, just in front of the cosmetic/drugstore “Olive Young”.. how strange.. lolz.. but still, it was there..

20130125_182051Kim Jaejoong’s “Mine” Poster in front of Olive Young store..

Jaejoong’s Hometown: Gongju
Before january 2013, I had the chance to visit Korea 4 times.. but until then, I never had the opportunity to visit Jaejoong’s hometown, Gongju.. So I decided that I wouldnt miss the chance this time.. who knows when I can come again.. And so we decided to take a bus and go there.. I wish we could have visited his middle school (as he did last december), but when you cant speak Korean, it’s not easy to explain to the taxi where you want to go exactly.. it’s even more difficult when those taxis dont speak english.. and Gongju isnt a small city.. but it’s a beautiful one..

20130124_194340Welcome to Gongju~^^ Maps..

20130201_145029Bus ticket for Gongju~ tickets to visit Tomb of King Muryeong, the museum and the fortress

So when we arrived in Gongju bus station, we took few maps and decided to go and eat something in Paris Baguette there.. and oh surprise, while we were there having our lunch, they started playing Kim Jaejoong’s “All Alone”.. such a beautiful surprise to welcome us in Jaejoong’s hometown, proud of its native son.. I couldnt resist recording this moment, even if the sound is bad, we can recognize the song..

And after eating something, we took a taxi to go and visit the tomb of King Muryeong (like Jaejoong did last december), the museum, as well as the fortress.. there is so much history in this city, it’s difficult to visit everything in just one day.. but anyway, at least I could go there and breathe the same air as Jaejoong breathed during his childhood *the thing a fangirl do*.. There was still snow there, and I must say it was a bit dangerous when visiting the tomb.. I slipped many times, but luckily I didnt fall down.. we laughed a lot.. lolz.. luckily, in this season, there is many people.. I think we were the only ones…………

Few pictures~

DSC01364 DSC01357Gongju from the fortress..

DSC01347Tomb of King Muryeong

DSC01375 DSC01376Sunset before leaving Gongju..

~Concert Days~

20130122_185449Just two small pieces of paper, but that’s gold ♥ The most inestimable treasure ~ My tickets for Jaejoong’s Heaven

Finally, the so awaited weekend was there.. As much as I enjoyed the week, everyday I never stopped thinking about the great event to come.. Jaejoong’s concert.. this concert that I have been waiting and dreaming for so long.. finally, this day was there.. I was so excited that I couldnt sleep the night before.. and I woke up very early to go to Ilsan as soon as possible.. I didnt know how to find the venue and I was worried that the goods would be sold out if I was going there too late (For JYJ concert in Seoul, I was late and there are few goods I couldnt get.. lesson learnt..). And so we took the subway for Daehwa.. at this time of the day, there was not so many people going there, but with my sister, we were checking people around and trying to guess if there were possible fans going to the concert.. lolz.. and we noticed 3 Chinese girls who were going for sure.. it takes about one hour in subway to reach the last station.. Once there, we followed two girls who seemed to be fans too.. they were walking very fast.. running at times.. so I started to worry, wondering if there would be many people in line for the goods already.. but without even knowing it, they led us to the right place.. we were finally to Kintex..

DSC01410 DSC01409Jaejoong’s posters are everywhere outside the Kintex.. You cant miss the venue..

DSC01379DSC01412He is everywhere too inside the venue~ Mine MV is even playing on the window of “Tous Les Jours”

We arrived there before 10am and we joined the waiting line for the goods.. it was till ok.. probably we were amongst the first 30 fans waiting.. and God knows we waited for long.. after few hours, they brought the standee where the goods pictures were displayed..

20130126_121638Kim Jaejoong’s very nice concert Goods!!

After the moment of excitement, we returned waiting.. lolz.. they said they’ll open at 1.30pm, but it opened after 2pm actually.. thankfully, I was amongst the first ones, so I didnt have to wait that long to buy my goods once inside the big hall.. I saw someone bringing two big luggages to put all the goods he bought inside……..

DSC01406Fans waiting in line to buy the goods.. there are still so many who didnt reach this hall yet..20130129_112209

Concert goods + Card they distribute in the beginning of the concert ♥ The goods are really really beautiful ♥

After buying the goods, I stayed in the hall to start feeling totally the concert atmosphere.. I really love those moments where the excitement is starting to grow slowly.. There was those boards where we could write messages to Jaejoong, so I wrote a short birthday message for him.. reminding him that my country loves him and is waiting for him (I do at least♥) and wishing him happy birthday in french.. I didnt take a picture of my message though *lets keep it secret.. in particular my very ugly handwriting*

DSC01387Message board where fans can write message to Jaejoong.. 

Few more pictures~

DSC01389 DSC01390Plan of the venue~

DSC01396 DSC01402Rice wreaths.. but also egg wreaths!!! many donations from Japanese fans..

After lurking around for a little while, I went to eat something at “Tous Les Jours”.. While I was there, they kept playing “Mine” in a continuous loop.. only after a while, they started playing other songs of Jaejoong’s album in a loop too.. lolz.. It was great.. I didnt want to leave the place.. but later, fans started to get in line to enter the venue.. the expectations and excitement were at their highest.. at first, I wasnt sure if it was the right line, so I gave a sneak peek to other fans tickets lolz.. The moment was soooo exciting.. after a while, they opened the doors, and we started entering the venue, and they gave us a special card (which is nothing really special.. just to remember we were there that day.. lolz)..

20130201_201343Card recto verso given at the beginning of the concert + two confettis I picked up in the end…………… it’s nothing, yet it means everything..

Anyway, then I joined my seat for a wonderful journey… In my fanaccount, I will mostly talk about one day concert.. because both days are pretty much the same, so it would be repetitive.. and well, because of some circumstances…… also, I didnt watch many fancams yet (only the concert ones), so I can tell my story with my memories.. even if there are mistakes and omissions…

Anyway, so I joined my seat.. placed on our seats, we could find items (and tutorials) prepared by fansites for the fan projects.. first day, there was a birthday banner that we showed when he arrived on stage.. and second day, there was a green lightstick to use when he would sing 사랑했지만 (Love Has Gone) to give him a beautiful green ocean..

20130127_235325Fan gifts + Items and explaination for fanprojects (lightstick looks yellow there, but it’s really green..)

And so I waited for the beginning of the event.. JYJ’s music was playing.. at times, it was Mine MV, playing on the stage screens.. so I was singing along, totally drowned into the atmosphere already.. the first day, I took few pictures.. very few pictures.. the staff was very very very strict.. I didnt take any pictures the second day.. I didnt want to take any risks.. I just enjoyed the show with my eyes~

20130126_180616Stage from my seat the very first day

20130127_214946Banners inside the venue~

So the venue filled up little by little.. so many people both days (full house), we were pretty much squeezzed, and at times, we had to leave our seats to let others join theirs placed in the middle of the row.. it was pretty epic when someone joined a seat by mistake, before realizing it wasnt there, and had to leave the row again.. lolz.. While we were waiting too, suddenly all the fans got up, looking at the left side of the stage.. I guess a famous artist arrived then.. I believe it was Jin Yihan.. this happened again during one of the “interlude”, but fans were looking behind this time.. lolz.. maybe for Infinite L?

Anyway, then they turned off the lights, and turned on the spots lighting the stage.. then messages written in Korean and Japanese were shown on the screens.. I’m not sure what was written there, but fans laughed a lot at times.. and after this, Jaejoong appeared in the venue crossing it from the end to the stage, riding a birthday cake hung in the air the first day.. the second day, there was no birthday cake anymore, but he still came “flying” in the air.. lolz.. such a great arrival!!!

CONVAR84Jaejoong arriving onstage in a birthday cake~ (bad and blurry picture.. but difficult to feel comfortable with the threatening staffs around…)

And when he arrived onstage the first day, we sang “Saengil chukha hamnida” to Jaejoong..  Celebrating his birthday together like this, this is something I never dared to dream of.. yet it happened that day.. such a wonderful feeling.. the second day, there was no birthday song, but there was still a big birthday cake as decor on the stage..

CONVAR87Sneak peek of the cake decor on the stage~

The event was indeed divided in 3 parts.. Your, My and Mine (in the second part, you could see “My” written in the middle of the cake, instead of Your.. but there was no cake decor for the Mine part though)..

Part 1: Your~
When Jaejoong finally landed on the stage, MC Boom joined him then.. they talked a bit, and they went to the message board (brought onstage).. OMG, when I wrote my message, I didnt imagine they would bring those onstage.. if so, I would have written a more catchy message (well, I need more imagination for this too).. and so they started reading few messages together, laughing at some fans boldness, and answering questions and requests too (in those moments, you’re clueless at what everyone is laughing at, and you wish you could understand too).. the funniest moment was when one fan requested him to do gwiyomi (a cute way of counting with his fingers.. I dont know how to explain this lolz).. the game includes some cute pose (that Jaejoong did.. aaww.. lolz), and at 6, licking his fingers.. he was so embarassed then, he kept laughing before he could finish, so he started again the “licking fingers” and went to hide behind the message boards.. it was absolutely hilarious.. hilarious, yet sexy (just imagine Jaejoong licking his fingers in front of you hahaha).. at times, he couldnt remember what to do exactly, so fans helped him.. it was really adorable..

Jaejoong1Adorable and sexy Jaejoong ♥

After the message board part, we started another game where all the fans had to participate.. I understand Japanese fans were provided with a translator, it’s the only way to participate the game if you cant understand Korean, as they were asking questions about Jaejoong, and we had to answer by yes (O shaped with the hands), no (X shaped) or 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.. and we had to sit back as soon as we lost.. As I couldnt understand much, I was following my fellow seat neighboors.. lolz.. but I got eliminated very early.. In the end of the first game, there was about 5 winners left.. They all went onstage.. amongst them, there was a young fanboy, but he lost early during the “sense game” (where they had to stand up as quick as possible).. lucky fanboy got a biiiiiiig hug from Jaejoong before returning to his seat~ fanboys are loved, and even more when they’re that young lolz.. he got a hug without asking, while fangirls had to beg to get one lolz.. then they continued the game until 2 fans were remaining.. Jaejoong kneeled in front of them, they had to compete to win a pendant offered by him.. for this, they were asked to dance to attract his attention (as well as the audience’s attention).. but OMG, this was epic and hilarious!! The two fans were not afraid of anything and danced like crazy, they gave their everything to win.. one of them even fell down, headfirst on the stage (I think she hurt herself, and nearly broke her glasses…………). And everyone was laughing hard, even Jaejoong and the MC, because she was just too amazing and hilarious.. after their show, the MC asked us to scream for the one we liked the most, and we screamed louder for the one who fell down.. she deserved to win!! lolz.. and so Jaejoong kinda gave her a biiiiig hug while hanging the pendant around her neck (this was worth all the pains she suffered before!!!), and so we were all jealous lolz.. as always when he was too close from a fan haha.. and when she was about to leave the stage, the MC asked her to dance again while leaving the stage.. so she wide-opened her eyes, probably thinking “eh? nooooo, not again!!!”.. lolz, but still she did..

Jaejoong3Just a pic~ no great quality, but for memories..

After this, we started another game.. same rules as before, we had to answer correctly the questions asked.. then again, I lost early (as I absolutely didnt understand the questions asked *sigh*).. just behind me, there was a Japanese fan who went pretty far in the game (they even showed her onscreen.. so I was worried to appear too, as I was sitting just in the row before her lol).. but she lost at the last question.. disappointing.. all our area were supporting her.. but some of the questions were impossible to guess.. like the color of his underwear?! how are we supposed to know this? I wish I do.. but no.. lolz.. anyway, in the end, few fans went near the stage, and had to play “rock, paper, scissors” with the MC (and win against him) in order to go onstage and play with Jaejoong.. but damn that MC was good and scary.. only two fans could go onstage lolz.. amongst them, there was a non asian fans (not sure from where she was though), so the MC spoke in english to her (the day before, there was a fan from Australia and another one from Hong Kong who came on stage.. MC Boom asked the fan from Australia to show everyone how to pronounce well “Always keep the faith” (as there was a question about his tattoos?!).. and so Jaejoong said “thank you” to her.. very sweet).. anyway.. so they had to compete against Jaejoong on the “Hammer game”.. two girls competing against a man, it wasnt easy.. Jaejoong hit first the stuff, and almost reached the highest score.. but the girls didnt do that bad actually (abt 700 over 1000).. I cant remember what they won in the end though..

After this, the MC said few last words.. it was the end of the first part..

Jaejoong2Last picture of Jaejoong..

While waiting for the next part, they were playing “Mine” MV on the stage screen.. and so I was singing along with it.. too excited and happy to hold back my joy.. lolz

Part 2 : My~
After the part for and about fans “Your”, now its time for the part about Jaejoong “My”.. many really nice things during this part (but I’m not that sure anymore if I remember well in which order they happened..).. Jaejoong came back after changing his clothes.. he was now wearing a white shirt, really sexy!!!)..  he went to sit with MC Boom in the center of the stage.. on the screens placed in the center stage, we could see pictures of Jaejoong.. Amongst those I remember, there was a pic with his mom (so everyone was like “aawww” when they showed it.. it was really a beautiful picture.. he looked like a kiddo in his mother’s arms), one with Jisung (at werewolf boy premiere), another one with a goat in India, a topless one, one where he was celebrating 1 million followers on twitter, etc.. I think the MC asked Jaejoong to talk about those pictures.. then again, I wish I could understand what he said *sigh* lolz.. I need intensive Korean lessons *lazy*..

Then it was time for Jaejoong to show his cooking skills.. so he put on a flowery apron, helped by MC Boom, who kept teasing us, showing us how lucky he was to “hug” Jaejoong like this, while helping him.. lolz.. while Jaejoong was cooking, he also helped him to roll up his sleeves time to time.. when Jaejoong finished cooking the dishes, it was time for the lucky draw, to pick 3 fans who would have the chance to come onstage and taste Jaejoong’s cooking.. and so it started, just like a lottery (you could see letters and numbers rolling onscreen).. everyone was holding their breath… A……….. everyone in the A section started screaming, me included.. haha.. but it didnt last long for me.. then 1 (I was in A5 section so no luck lolz).. and then 3 more numbers one by one (to get the number of the seat).. and we did that 3 times.. its always funny how we can even hear the *sigh* of disappointment.. Anyway, so 3 fans went onstage to taste Jaejoong’s cooking.. amongst them, there was a Japanese fans, really happy and excited to be there hehe.. Jaejoong served them a full bowl (I was wondering how they could eat that much!!!).. I think the first fan found it too spicy lolz.. but the japanese fans loved it.. MC Boom made them eat everything!!! honestly I would have died.. I cant take much spicy food lolz..

After this.. or before.. lolz.. Jaejoong and MC talked about acting.. they showed scenes of 3 different dramas onscreen (“What Happened In Bali”, “Lovers In Paris” and “I’m sorry I love you”).. the second day, Jaejoong picked the last one.. and they asked the audience who wanted to go onstage to enact, so of course, everyone was waving “me, me” (well, I didnt.. I didnt want to go onstage if I’m unable to enact the scenes.. lolz.. I dont want to look stupid).. then onscreen, we saw a guy standing up and going to the stage.. I thought “a fanboy was picked”.. but a really cool and hot fanboy *_*.. I didnt realize it was Jin Yihan, until my sis said “it’s the guy from Dr. Jin”.. OMG, with the hood and everything, I didnt recognize him, but sis did (sis has great qualities of observation).. lolz.. he was there!!!! So he came onstage and introduced himself “Jin Yihan Imnida”.. then he enacted the scene with Jaejoong, Jaejoong acting the male lead, and Jin Yihan the female lead.. hahaha.. it’s something to see him portraying a girl with his very low voice.. but it was truly amazing to see Takhwi together again.. we could feel the depth of their friendship when in the end, Jaejoong huged him tight and didnt want to let him go.. thank you so much Jin Yihan to have been there for Jaejoong that day.. After Yihan left the stage, Jaejoong got a video call.. and suddenly we saw Yoochun appearing onscreen (the day before, it was Junsu!!!! lolz).. so my sis held my arm and was like “Yochuuuun, it’s Yoochun”.. fans were screaming too lolz.. it was so funny to see him like this on the small screen.. at times, he couldnt hear well, so he was making some clueless faces… haha.. and he made us listening the piece of music he was composing.. wow.. I wonder if it’s for his very own solo album or for JYJ album.. but everyone around was very excited.. the music is really beautiful.. I cant wait to listen the whole song..

Later, while Jaejoong and MC Boom were talking.. there is a Japanese fanboy who screamed something… so Jaejoong said a very loud “yeah” and said something in Japanese.. he did it often during the FM, scolding us jokingly haha.. he also spoke many languages.. he started with Japanese, said few words and said “bye bye”.. then some Chinese “Ni Hao”…, then “bye bye”.. then english “hey guys” looooolz.. then “bye bye”.. it was hilarious!!!

After this, MC announced the end of the fanmeeting.. so Jaejoong kneeled down, his back facing us, and opened his arms (we could see his body through the shirt then *_* it was hot hot hot~~!!! lolz).. and he took a picture with the audience.. then MC Boom joined him, and they took a picture together with us, doing a heart shaped pose.

After they left the stage, they showed a hilarious video.. Yoochun was narrating the story of fanboy Jaejoong, trying desperately to get a ticket for KJJ concert!!! OMG, it was just too hilarious.. and Jaejoong knows us so well.. he knew exactly how fans reacted when they realized tickets were already sold out and they didnt get one….. holding his head in his hands, crying.. hoping again.. lolz.. then saying “Kim Jaejoong saranghae”.. and thinking of what to bring to the concert.. did I see some leopard underwear onscreen? haha~

Part 3 : Mine~ The concert
The night was getting more and more exciting, if it’s even possible.. it was now time for the concert.. THE so awaited concert~!!!!! There is no words to describe this blissful feeling.. When the curtain opened, the decor was different.. no big birthday cake anymore, but a simple stage, no fancy decor, just a live band behind the singer, absolutely perfect for a rock concert *Ô Happiness*

20130127_214843Blurry picture of the stage, taken in the end of the concert.. when there was no risks anymore to be kicked out…………… lolz

When the curtains opened, Jaejoong started singing One Kiss… soooo amazing to finally listen him singing this song live.. this is already a wonderful song, but the feeling is so different, so much more deeper when he sings it live.. it cant compare.. such a great beginning.. I love this.. oh how I love this.. after this one, he continued with 나만의 위로 (My only comfort).. this song is one of my favorite from the album ‘I’.. when I first listened it in Jackal, I loved it, but I prefered “Kiss be” then.. but now, I realize this one was the best.. he made amazing arrangements for this song, and it’s just perfect.. even more perfect when he sings it live.. OMG, his voice during the climax of the song.. simply amazing~!! Only two songs, and I was already on cloud nine, floating in the air.. Ô Heaven..

After those two songs, it was the first “talk” part of the concert.. actually, he did like this, 2 songs, one talk.. it was very well directed.. while he was talking, we were looking for our green lightsticks for the fan project.. sis asked me how to use it, but then I thought it wasnt that early, so I said “not yet”.. but I saw our seats neighboors getting theirs out.. so we did too.. and a Korean fan showed my sis how to light it.. so nice.. seems like we were all pretty noisy because Jaejoong asked us what we were doing haha.. probably he noticed we were not paying attention to his words, busy getting our lightstick lolz..

Anyway, then he started singing 사랑했지만 (Love Has Gone), the song choosen by the fans on facebook.. and when he started singing, we waved our green lightsticks, giving him a beautiful and pure green ocean.. we could see it on the screens.. there was no other color, just green.. I think only in Korea we can see something like this.. he was so happy about it, he smiled in the end of the song.. such a bright and beautiful smile.. and he sang this song so beautifully.. I’m thankful to the fans who proposed this song on facebook, the song fitted perfectly the atmosphere of the concert.. it was amazing.. only 3 songs, and I was about to tear up overwhelmed with so much happiness.. Then he started singing I’ll Protect You, I didn’t imagine he would sing it, but he did, and it was another wonderful moment.. a moment of total fusion with the fans, when he asked us to sing the song with him.. when he listened to us singing the song for him, smiling.. ah, even I sang it, as I know pretty well the chorus.. lolz.. and I must say, fans really sing well (me excluded………. lolz).

After this, another talk part.. a mix of singing and talking if I remember well.. he sang two songs I didnt know well, 아시나요 and 헤어진 후에… this was a fun moment.. he really played with the audience then.. fans laughed a lot (ah.. how I wish I understood.. looooolz).. then I think he asked fans what they wanted him to sing.. because I could listen Japanese fans around me who were screaming “Maju”.. I didnt hear perfectly, so I was wondering what they were asking for.. lolz.. even Jaejoong asked them to repeat, not that sure what the fans said.. and when he understood, he was like “oh Maze”.. and then he couldnt remember well the lyrics, so fans had to help him… lolz… and he started singing a bit of Maze.. aaahhh really it was too short.. but such a great feeling.. bringing back memories of that AWESOME performance in Tokyo Dome in 2010.. it was just too short this time.. lolz

Then he started singing For You…….. After Tokyo Dome in 2010, this is the second time I have the chance to listen him sing this song live.. I absolutely adored the very first time, and couldn’t imagine he could sing it even better.. but during this concert, he did.. he sang it even better than the first time.. with all his heart and soul.. in 2010, it was really a ballad version, this time it was more a rock version.. wonderful.. he really wanted to make me cry that night.. and the song that followed didn’t help to hold back the tears.. he sang 보낼 수 없는 너 (The you I cant let go) which is a very beautiful song.. it felt somehow familiar when he sang it.. but I couldn’t tell where I listened it before.. I just know I adored Jaejoong’s version of it.. really a great choice of songs.. I was there, looking at him, listening his voice.. and I couldnt say anything, I could only admire, adore and keep listening, hoping this night would last forever..

After this, he sang a bit of Confession acapella.. then again, I didnt know well this song, but it’s from the same singer as For You.. lolz.. ah Jaejoong singing rock acapella is really something that gives you goosebumps.. it was too short though *greedy fan*

Then he asked us to stand up and from this moment, we never sat back again.. he started singing his new song (the one he wrote with Flowsik, if I’m not wrong).. Only Love.. it’s a dance song, so Jaejoong danced onstage with the dancers.. it was like party time in Kintex.. lolz.. with the colored spotlights on the stage and over us, it felt as if we were in a club.. and so we danced with him somehow.. and I screamed with other fans too lolz.. like a crazy!!! this song is totally different from the rest of the album.. totally not rock.. but it allowed him to show his dance skills.. and if it means there can be a repackaged version of the album with more songs, then I’m all for!!! I think it’s after this song that he introduced the live band (or was it later.. hmm).. but I really loved how he did.. then again, it reminded me of Thanksgiving Live in 2010.. he introduced each musician one by one, they were showing their skills with their instrument and we were screaming to show them our admiration… Every instrument was soooo rock, and suddenly the keyboard started playing and it felt so soft and gentle.. haha.. I loved this!! After this, he sang All Alone.. OMG I so love this song too, and he sung it with all his heart.. and I sang with him too.. overwhelmed with emotions.. so many feelings.. such a beautiful song.. its impossible to describe the feelings then, but it felt so good.. confettis fell from everywhere, and of course, I tried to catch few to keep as memories of this wonderful concert..

I was on cloud nine, until he left the stage.. noooooo.. not yet.. it’s meant to last forever!!! so I joined everyone chanting for “Encore~!!”.. he still had two songs from his album that he didnt sing (but indeed in the end, he didnt sing “There is only you”).. and we waited for his return onstage.. and what a return!!! OMG!!! What a return!!!! he came back onstage with sunglasses, looking totally amazing and sexy.. and we all screamed, not only because he finally came back, but also because he looked too sexy~~~~ And he started singing 나 항상 그대를 (I always miss you).. it gives the feeling of a great oldies song, just like those songs sung by Elvis.. if you know what I mean.. lolz.. wowow.. just wow!!!.. then he started singing Mine.. OMG, the sound of the music and the sound of his voice when he sings this song.. he totally set the stage on fire, in every sense of the term.. indeed there were flames coming out from the stage.. and we could feel the heat (even from my seat!!) and we were screaming our joy.. I was screaming my head off.. lolz.. on the screen we could see his sexy fingers playing an invisible piano.. then he ended the song with his back facing the audience, arms wide opened.. it was just too amazing.. such a wonderful night.. why did it have to end so quickly, after a 3h30 show.. 3 hours, 4 hours or more.. It can never be enough.. I cant never get enough of his voice.. it was almost the end.. but then he took a bazooka.. at first, I was really wondering what he was doing with that big thing lolz.. but really, it looks totally great for a rock concert haha.. and so he used this bazooka to throw things to fans.. I imagined it couldnt be autographed balls (it would have been too dangerous lolz), but then I saw a fan, not far away from me who caught one of the item he sent.. it was something soft and black.. later, I was told he was throwing tee-shirt (from the concert goods).. then he thanked the audience and he left the stage.. the curtains fell.. and a video showing the credits played on the screens.. it was really the end.. such a heartbreaking word… I wanna run to you my love ♫ I am saving.. all my love for you ♫ yes, though I just spent almost 4 hours with him that night, this was my feelings.. I didnt want to leave yet.. fans started leaving the venue, but I stayed there few more minutes.. taking my time to put everything inside my bag, and take some pictures.. I just didnt want to leave when I dont even know when I can see you again.. I just wanted to make sure my eyes would photography everything before I leave, so I can never forget the smallest detail of that night..

20130127_214816The most difficult moment, when we have to say goodbye~

I was probably amongst the last ones to finally leave the venue.. when we left, there was people selling goods outside the venue.. they were even selling those big posters hung outside the venue during the week before the concert.. it costed me 30,000 KRW, but I couldnt resist buying it when someone waved one in front of my eyes.. how could I resist lolz..

20130127_225457My poster of the event.. I love it too much ♥

All I can say now is if you have the chance to attend one of Jaejoong’s concert, don’t let pass this opportunity~!!! It’s once in a lifetime.. It’s one of the best concert of my life.. Kim Jaejoong is such an amazing performer and singer.. he totally blew me away.. to me, nothing compares to him.. I’m so in love with his voice.. forever in love with his voice.. this voice who is able to convey and make you feel all the feelings and emotions of a story told in a song.. so thankful I could listen him singing for one hour and half.. now, while typing this fanaccount, one week after the event, I feel so empty.. missing those moments so much.. withdrawal syndrom, you didnt waste any seconds to come and hit me *cries*.. I wish I could attend another concert.. probably not too soon (not as long as I didnt find the secret of the money tree), but still, I want to attend another one..

Thank you Kim Jaejoong for giving us the most precious present we could ever dream as fans.. You understand our heart and feelings so well.. you knew our hopes and dreams.. you gave your everything and you made our dreams come true, and this, beyond our the greatest expectations.. Kim Jaejoong is certainly a magician~ Everyday, I’m thankful to be your fan.. The only way for me to repay you for all the happiness you give me is to support you wholeheartedly.. always.. I feel so lucky.. It’s such a blissful feeling that we were finally given the chance to see more of Jaejoong the singer.. Jaejoong, the rocker.. Jaejoong, this amazing artist.. Because as much as I love JYJ as a group, those 3 men are such talented individuals, it would be a crime to not let them grab opportunities to shine individually and show their very own musical colors..

Thank you Kim Jaejoong~ Saranghae Kim Jaejoong~See you soon Kim Jaejoong~!!

Credit: Jaelena @ PrinceJJ


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