[28 nov-6 dec] My Winter Journey in Korea – Jackal, Coffee Cojjee, Blue Dragon Awards…

Actually, I must say this trip was planned long ago.. even before I knew about Jaejoong’s Fanmeeting Tour.. Because I thought there would be no event to attend in the end of the year, so I promised my sister we could go again to Seoul when Jackal would release.. but in the meantime, CJeS announced Jaejoong’s fanmeetings.. and after missing so many before, I promised myself I wouldnt miss the next one.. and so, I travelled to Nanjing and Bangkok to meet again with him through fanmeetings.. but as I also promised my sister we would go to Seoul, I couldnt break my promise and I couldnt miss Jaejoong’s big screen debut in “Code Name: Jackal”… I am sooooo broke now.. lolz.. Oh Jaejoong, it’s what you do to me~ so please, just wait a bit bit for your next project.. I need to do some intensive saving or grow a money tree soon.. like real soon..

Anyway, few days before leaving, I was so stressed, worried the movie wouldnt be showing anymore once I’ll be there.. I stressed my sister too.. so we both kept checking the websites to find theaters where it was still playing, ready to go anywhere in Korea, just to watch it at least once.. but finally, we found it in a Lotte Cinema in Seoul, few subway stations away from our hotel, so it was just perfect.. and when we finally reached Seoul, we didnt waste time to rest, we only changed our clothes and left for the theater right away to make sure we would find it before the next screening..

20121128_204800Big Poster inside Lotte Cinema Gangdong

And we were right to leave early.. because despite I wrote down how to go there, we passed twice by this building (well on the opposite side of the street), and twice we didnt realize it was there.. I mean, there is no movie posters outside the theatre.. and Lotte was written in Korean.. lolz..


Lotte Cinema in Gangdong

But I finally decided to cross the road and check inside the building.. because according to my notes, it could only be there.. and I was right *phew*.. so once inside, we took few A4 “Jackal” posters and went right away to the ticket office to get our tickets.. we showed the poster to explain we wanted to watch this movie.. so then she asked us which seats we would like.. it was a totally new experience for us.. in my country, we sit wherever we want once in the theater.. lolz.. anyway, after we got our tickets, we just went to quickly eat something in the Caffe Bene not far away, and went back to the theater 30 minutes before the beginning of the movie..

20121128_172510“Code Name: Jackal” A4 Poster

Once there, we took the elevator till the 7th floor where the movie was playing.. we were the very first ones (lolz.. me and my forever fear to be late…), yet I asked the guy at the counter if we could go inside.. but it wasnt possible already.. so we sat on one of the bench and we waited, seeing people who started arriving.. many arrived bringing trays of pepsi.. still wondering what it was for, because there was really many.. but anyway, when the guy finally said “Jakalyi Onda”, we all stood up to go inside.. FINALLY the so awaited moment was here.. finally I could watch Jaejoong’s movie!!! I was surprised there was still many people in the theater to watch the movie, though it was a weekday.. girls and boys, young people as well as older ones.. it was a very pleasant surprise.. and it was such a wonderful moment when Jaejoong finally appeared onscreen, with one of his song playing ♫♪ so hot, so cool, so sweet~ yeah yeah ♪♫ (really love this one.. Jackal songs are really beautiful ♥).. I must say you don’t need to understand fully what they say to enjoy the movie.. all the actors are absolutely hilarious.. and Jaejoong.. our Jaejoong is wonderful and super hilarious too.. even if Jackal isnt a blockbuster movie, I’m really happy he choose to play this character.. it allowed him to show a new side of actor Kim Jaejoong.. All great actors use to say it’s harder to make people laugh than cry.. yet, Jaejoong took this challenge with success.. he is hilarious and so natural, using so many face expressions to show Choi Hyun’s misery, despair or even mischief and so much more.. when acting in a comedy, trying hard to be funny, some actors tend to overact, but Jaejoong’s comical expressions are just right.. while watching him onscreen, it felt as if I was discovering a new actor, a new Jaejoong.. I really loved this feeling, it gives you a lot of expectations for the future.. I want to see how far he can go and I dont doubt it will be a fascinating journey.. other than this, it was impressing to see close-up of his face on the big screen, every imperfections which make him even more attractive.. Also, Angela’s role was pretty short, but lucky her, who not only got kissed passionately by Choi Hyun, but also caressed his chest (his tattoo) while enjoying the kiss.. lolz.. and in between all the funny scenes, there was an emotional moment, where we could see Choi Hyun’s past, when he was still a young artist writing songs with his guitar, singing in pubs, and having fun and romantic moments with his girlfriend.. I loved this very cute flashback where the song “sarang sarang” (not sure its the title though) was playing.. I enjoyed “Code Name: Jackal” a lot, it’s a really entertaining and light comedy for everyone to watch.. everytime I watched it, people in the theater kept laughing.. and this very first time, I enjoyed it till the very last second, even singing “here to stay” (well, just for myself.. I dont want to ruin it for others haha).. Then I didnt know if I could watch it again later, as it seems like new movies release on thursday in Korea, but at least I could watch it once, and at this moment, it was all what mattered.. After the movie, when going down the stairs, we saw Jackal Poster, I wanted to take a picture, but there was a man who was standing just in front of it, while talking on the phone.. lolz.. so I started taking pictures, hoping he would understand and step aside.. which he did after a while.. with a big smile.. lolz (the picture of the poster is the first I posted, above)…

Anyway, after this, we had to rush to the hotel, as there was “Miss You” episode on TV.. lolz.. and on the way, just before going in the subway train, I saw this advertisement.. my sis was rushing me, worried to miss the train.. but still, I could capture it from far away before rushing in the train!!

20121128_211714“Jackal” advertisement in Jamsil Station

And we arrived in time to watch “Miss you”….


Yoochun on the TV screen

And the day after, we (I…) decided to go to Coffee Cojjee for our breakfast.. not so many stations away from our hotel, it wasnt that difficult to find.. once you get out from the subway station, you walk down the street surrounded with luxury stores..

20121201_181104The Galleria (picture taken at night 2 days later)..

And after going into few alleys, Coffee Cojjee finally proudly appears.. Elegant and beautiful..

20121129_105751Kim Jaejoong’s Coffee Cojjee

I stopped there.. took some pictures.. and walked slowly before going inside.. It’s always a strange feeling when visiting those places owned by JYJ.. I somehow feel shy.. lolz.. it’s hard to explain.. anyway, so we went inside, checked around a bit to find a table (which isnt easy, as it was almost full..), and then we ordered our drinks (I ordered hot chocolate and my sister a lemonade).. while doing so, I asked when they would start selling the mugs, showing the picture they posted on twitter (which I had saved on my phone).. and she said “tomorrow”.. then I thought I was just one day too early, but I didnt imagine it would be that difficult to get one..


How can we serve you today?
Cozy place for coffee and simple dish
The Best Hot Chocolate I drank in Seoul!!

20121129_11074320121129_113647Christmas atmosphere at Coffee Cojjee


The very cute Brownie ~♥ 

And it took me some time to capture those beautiful frames on the wall.. I didnt dare to stand up and go there to take pictures (as there was people sitting on tables there.. it was embarassing..).. but finally, I did.. and after I did, another girl did the same as me.. lolz.. I guess she was feeling shy to do it too..

And the result isnt that good, because of the light, there was reflection on the pictures.. besides, I took the pictures quickly, worried to disturb people sitting there..

20121129_11375220121129_11374620121129_113756ELLE Pictorial on Coffee Cojjee Wall

Seeing those beautiful photographies on the wall makes me wish to have the same in my bedroom.. I thought about it before, printing one of them as a poster, but I realized it’s even more beautiful to put them in frame..

Anyway, before leaving, I went to the restroom (trying to visit every possible corner of Coffee Cojjee after all.. lolz).. and I wanted to see the Rilakkuma toilet..

20121129_115331Even the toilets are cute~ *ahem.. still cant believe I took a picture of it…*

When I joined my sister, she said she saw a group of 5 boys coming in, but she didnt recognize who they were.. just when I was in the restroom, taking pictures.. oh well, as long as I didnt miss Jaejoong or JYJ, I guess it’s fine.. lolz.. anyway, before leaving, the barista (I am not sure how to call her) stopped us and asked us if we were going to come back tomorrow for the mug.. so I said yes, and she explained to us to not come at 10am (opening of Coffee Cojjee), because they wont start selling then.. she said to check twitter for updates about it.. then again, I didnt imagine it would be THAT difficult to buy a mug..

20121129_115659Besides Coffee Cojjee, ‘Kang Ho The Red Carpet’ Collection of Autograph:
Jaejoong&Jihyo’s Movieweek, Xia’s Tarentallegra, JYJ’s The Beginning, Baek Seung Heon.. and even Beast (I thought of Vivi when I saw those CD..)

Anyway, after those fangirling moments at Coffee Cojjee, we left for Myeondong.. time to do some shopping and spend some more money~ wallet keeps bleeding~ And one of the first thing I saw when I arrived there is this:



My very own Brownie ♥

I didnt buy it right away, because (even if it doesn’t show much on the pic) it’s big.. not as big as the one in Coffee Cojjee, but still big.. so before buying this one, I tried to find another one, but I couldnt (only once I bought this one, I saw a really smaller one in a store at the COEX.. lolz)..

While strolling around Myeondong, I passed by a Tony Moly store, but they didnt have the calendar yet, so I decided to wait a bit before buying stuffs there.. When I finally saw the calendar few days later, I asked how much we have to spend to get it, and when she wrote 200,000 Wons on the calculator, I ran away~~~ shocked… as much as I love JYJ, my wallet cant take to spend that much on a calendar.. I must think of 2013, JYJ tour.. maybe Jaejoong’s solo tour.. I don’t want to miss anything because of a calendar.. lolz


Tony Moly Store in Myeondong

20121129_130039Jaejoong’s Tony Moly Standee

And other than that, I also bought Dr.Jin DVD Box.. as I knew I was going to Seoul, I didnt buy it online before, so I could save on shipping fees..

IMG_0975Dr. Jin DVD Box~ My Kyuntakkie~~~~~~♥

And I could also find Movieweek with Jaejoong and Jihyo (it was totally sold out online and GMarket even cancelled my order before I left for Seoul..).. I just paid it twice more than the usual price.. but still ok..


Movieweek #554 with Jaejoong and Jihyo ♥ Jaehyo 

And when leaving Myeondong station, guess who sent me off.. Choi Hyun and Minjung.. lolz

20121201_172808“Code Name: Jackal” advertisement in Myeondong Station

20121129_173254Another one.. but I can’t remember which subway station.. I just remember my sister stopped when she saw it, and the guy who was following bumped into her because of it.. so embarassing.. loooolz

Anyway, once at the hotel, I checked twitter and saw that tweet from coffeecojjee explaining the mugs would start selling at 6pm the day after.. knowing Blue Dragon Awards Red Carpet would be around that time, I couldnt make it for that day.. seeing Jaejoong walking on the red carpet was my priority.. this event was a beautiful and unexpected surprise to make my trip even more exciting.. I couldnt miss the chance to see Jaejoong again..

Blue Dragon Awards Red Carpet

After doing some historical visits in Seooreung the morning, we left for The Sejong Center Of Performing Arts.. and while transferring in Jongno 3 station, we saw Jackal LED advertisement (bought by Jaejoongbar).. I didnt get time to record it though.. but I thought it was a good omen for the night to come.. lolz.. so once we arrived at Gwanghwamun station, we looked for the Sejong Center and the red carpet.. it was still early, yet there was already people waiting there, keeping their good spot to make sure to see well the actors later..


Red Carpet at Blue Dragon Awards~ Afternoon

It was still early then, we didnt eat any lunch yet, and it was very cold that day (even my phone was suffering.. the screen was full of grey lines………….), so we first went to eat something in a coffee shop, not so far away from the place.. and when we came back, the night was already falling.. there was that guy trying to sell tickets to my sister, screaming at her like twice or thrice.. lolz.. anyway, so we found a place just behind professional photographers.. it was already too late to find a better place.. but at least, we were against the crowd barrier.. not so bad, but a bit dangerous and suffocating when everyone is pushing behind you.. at times, I had to pull back the barrier to make sure it wouldnt fall.. and in the end of the event, the crowd besides us pushed so much their barrier that they ended up very close to the photographers.. lolz

20121130_181457Our spot.. Some time before the event, it started raining..

As if it wasnt cold enough, it started raining and we didnt have any umbrella with us.. we were freezing, waiting for the Red Carpet Event to start.. and I was praying for the rain to stop.. and thanksfully, it stopped before the beginning of the event.. and when it finally started, my fingers were totally paralyzed, I could barely move them to take pictures.. yet I tried to take pictures of everyone, to train myself with that camera before Jaejoong walk on the red carpet.. lolz.. just behind us, there were japanese fans (my sis said they were Jaejoong fans, as they kept talking about him), they were guessing who was on the red carpet, so I was listening carefully to make sure to not miss anyone.. when they said Kim Soo Hyun, my sis repeated Kim Soo Hyun, so I took pictures of some actor and actress on the red carpet.. and when I checked how the pictures came out, the REAL Kim Soo Hyun walked on the red carpet.. and I missed him.. damnit, how stupid!!! Anyway, when Jaejoong finally arrived, my fingers were so freezing, they wouldnt move anymore or click on the button to take pictures.. so much stress then.. I had to blow hot air on them.. lolz.. Jaejoong looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet, all eyes and camera on him, his aura is absolutely captivating.. and I so love him with this hairstyle.. ah he really looked the best that night.. making my heartbeat go wild *JJ, this is what you do to me~* but the moment went too fast.. I wish he could have walked over and over again in front of me.. I can never get enough of him.. never..

IMG_0579Stunning Jaejoong ♥


Walking on the red carpet~ Jaejoong shines ♥

Ah.. those pictures really dont give justice to Jaejoong’s stunning look.. I dont know what to say.. just dont expect a Jaejoong’s calendar by Jaelena in the next few years.. maybe when he’ll be a senior actor, my skills will have greatly improved *a girl can dream*.. lolz

I also took pictures of Park Sihoo and Park Boyoung, who stopped in front of me to wave at the crowd~

IMG_0640Park Sihoo~

IMG_0725Park Boyoung~

Despite the sharp cold during that event, it was really a wonderful night.. it was my very first time seeing stars walking on the red carpet, and Kim Jaejoong was one of them.. it was amazing seeing him again, such wonderful memories.. I’m living such a beautiful journey supporting Jaejoong as much as I can.. thank you so much for giving me so many beautiful memories   kamsahamnida~if I had to choose again, it would still be you, you’ll still be my number one.. now I’m waiting for our next time.. missing you.. missing you so very much.. now my heart is full of expectations for our next meeting~

Anyway, the day after was the Coffee Cojjee Mug day.. I thought I could go early in the morning to buy it, but it wasnt possible.. the sales would start after 7 pm only.. and so we spent the day shopping and visiting.. while in Myeondong Station, we saw this advertisement~

20121201_153953Junsu’s Concert Advertisement in Myeondong Subway Station

So we arrived around 6.20 pm at Coffee Cojjee, and the waiting line was already very long.. actually, there were two waiting lines.. so of course, we went to stand at the end of the one closest to Coffee Cojjee.. until we understood they cut the line in two because the first line was blocking the entry of the parking, and so we joined our true place *sigh*.. with my sis complaining we would have to wait so long in the freezing cold just for a mug, that she can never do fangirling like I do *sigh*.. it’s not just any mug, its Coffee Cojjee mug!!! lolz.. she is younger than me, but a bit old fashioned when it comes to those things.. lolz.. that night again, it was sooooo cold outside and we waited for so long.. while waiting, I kept wondering how many fans could be there before me.. were they more than 200 or less?! because everyday, they only sell 200 mugs.. so if you’re not amongst the first 200 fans, you can just go back home, you won’t get anything.. and so we waited, surrounded by Japanese Chunsas (who were in Seoul for Yuchun’s FM the day after..).. and while waiting, we were kinda blocking the traffic in the small alley.. so at times, those luxury cars had to beep the horn to make us move a bit.. but worried to lose our place, we werent moving that much.. lolz.. also suddenly, a girl appeared and started crying hard, consoled by her friend.. it was really an awkward moment, wondering what happened.. I even thought she was crying because there was no mug anymore already (I mean, she was in the middle of the street, surrounded by fans waiting to get a mug… *now I sound obsessed with a mug lolz*).. but then, the sales didnt even start.. actually, I dont know when it started exactly, but it was way after 7 pm.. And so we kept waiting, wondering when it would finally start.. and I was checking the windows, wondering if maybe Jaejoong was looking at us from there.. feeling the love, and what a fan can do for a mug coming from her/his idol’s coffee shop..


The long waiting line behind me~ At this moment, it was already started..

20121201_200514Close, but still waiting..

When being so close, I felt it was almost the end, because a guy started counting us to see how many of us could get a mug.. everyone was so silent then, stoppped breathing, as we were worried to not be in the first 200, after waiting in the cold for almost 3 hours.. it was kinda tragic I must say.. so many people tired, sad, disappointed and even angry (someone in the line scolded the guy, who had to apologize.. it wasnt his fault.. rules were set, we knew the risk of waiting for nothing).. we didnt make it………….. life as Jaejoong’s fan can be so difficult.. upsetting.. ah, but I wouldnt exchange my place for anything.. there is only one Jaejoong, my heart belongs to him..

And the day after was my last day in Seoul before leaving for Busan.. so I decided to go and watch Jackal again~.. In the same theater as the first time, as it wasnt far away from our hotel.. as it was on weekend, there was even more people going to watch movies.. so this time I realized we were supposed to get a “waiting ticket” before going to the ticket office.. and the machine for this looked really nice (I even thought it was specifically to get “Code Name: Jackal” tickets haha)..

20121202_131730Get your number in the waiting line~

And so I got a ticket and waited for my number to appear.. when it was finally my turn, I asked “a ticket for Jackal”.. so she was “eh? Jakalyi Onda?”.. “aahh.. yes this one”.. in the counter besides me, there was an old man asking a ticket for Jackal too.. wow.. and this time again, I choose almost the same seat as the last time, as I could see very well from here.. but this time, I was surrounded with many people.. two girls sitting at my left side (and fangirling during Jaejoong’s hot scenes lolz).. two others at my right side.. 4 or 5 boys teenagers just before me.. many people in the theater that day.. I was really happy to see so many people of any age and gender came to see and enjoy the movie.. throughout the movie, you could listen everyone laughing and enjoying.. a very positive reaction from the public I must say.. its a pity there were not enough screenings.. this movie could have done so much better.. And I really hope the OST will release soon.. after listening many ballad songs OST from Jaejoong, the music style of Jackal songs is very different from what he used to sing.. a must buy!!!

Anyway, at the end of the movie, after listening the last song, I captured the poster one last time.. no one standing in front of it this time.. lolz..


Jackal Poster captured during daytime

Now I wonder if I should have tried my luck and ask for the poster.. maybe they would have given it to me *a girl with big dreams*

And then it was time to leave for Busan.. so we took a taxi for Seoul Station to take our train.. At the station, I bought the new Movieweek, as Jaejoong was in it (I think they realized how quickly issue n° 554 was sold out.. they couldnt miss the chance to see their sales reaching the top once again..)..

IMG_0969Jaejoong is everywhere ♥♥♥ Movieweek #554, Movieweek #556 and AstaTV

And just before leaving to go in the train, my sis just noticed this..


Jackal at Seoul Station ♥♥♥


Busan – Haeundae Beach~

Anyway, so we left for Busan.. and just when we left, snow made its first appearence in Seoul.. we missed it (then).. but before leaving, we could feel the temperature decreased radically.. and when we arrived in Busan, it was just a bit hotter, yet the wind was really sharp.. and then again, my phone suffered a lot.. while walking on the beach, the screen suddenly became all black.. I had to remove the battery and put it back.. warranty is ending soon, and I’m worried ><

So the first day, we decided to go to Haeundae Beach and enjoy our afternoon there.. the weather was so cold, but the sun was shining beautifully.. so we just picked few shellfishes and took some pictures before going to visit the aquarium.. it was the second time I visited it, but my sister never did, so we enjoyed those moments, and of course, I bought the same penguin backpack as Jaejoong and his friends *what a fangirl do*.. lolz


In Busan Aquarium souvenirs shop with the pictures Jaejoong posted on twitter then~

IMG_0967My very own penguin backpack~

I wonder how those guys fit it.. my sis (who is very very thin) tried it, and its not that big.. lolz..

Anyway, later we left the beach, and on our way to the subway station, this motel caught my eyes..

20121204_183208JJ Motel near Haeundae Beach.. lolz

Actually, we didnt stay that long in Busan.. yet I wanted to watch “Code Name: Jackal” one last time before leaving Korea.. it was still playing at Lotte Cinema Seomyeon, but the screenings were pretty late, and the subway closing at midnight.. it was a dilemma.. I couldnt go back to the hotel walking as it was 7 subway stations away (and I didnt know how to go anyway), so I had to pray I could find a taxi after the movie.. lolz.. to be honest, those worries and uncertainties didnt stop me, and I still decided to go and watch the movie~♥.. I wasnt sure how to find the theater either, so once at Lotte Department Store, I followed a couple in the elevator… elevator going till 9th floor, while website on internet said lotte cinema was on 10th floor…………. I wasnt sure to be in the right building.. lolz.. anyway, I still followed the couple, and realized there was indeed an escalator to go to 10th floor.. wow, finally, I was there… I went right away to the ticket office and asked for “Jakalyi Onda” (finally I dared to say the whole title in Korean!!!), and he just repeated “Jakalyi Onda?”, to make sure he understood well *my inexistant korean skills suck!!!!*.. I didnt have much time left before the beginning of the movie, but I took few seconds to capture the poster..

20121205_132008“Code Name: Jackal” Poster at Lotte Cinema Seomyeon

Then I joined my seat in the theater, and regretted to have picked one so close to the screen.. the screen here was way bigger than the one in Seoul Gangdong, so it kinda hurt my eyes to be that close.. but anyway, I enjoyed every moment of the movie, knowing it would be the last time I can watch it before its release in DVD.. Watching “Code Name: Jackal” in Korea was a wonderful experience, and I dont regret one bit to have flown there to enjoy and support Jaejoong’s big screen debut.. now I cant wait for the DVD!!!

Anyway, when the movie ended, it was past midnight, so I followed others, as I really didnt know what to do and where to go.. most of them went to the parking (as they came in car), so I left the building, and saw taxis passing by.. so I just waved when I saw another one.. phew, it wasnt that difficult finally.. once in the car, he asked me if I was Japanese.. lolz.. they have a lot of Japanese tourists in Busan, so probably he could speak Japanese and wanted to discuss a bit.. but I said I was French.. and then he talked about Paris, and asked me if I knew Alain Delon.. OMG!!!!! I just enjoyed actor Kim Jaejoong on the big screen, and I was asked about Alain Delon.. he even said he is very handsome (well, Alain Delon is even way older than my mom -_-)… it was funny.. but hey, I wanted to keep my beautiful memories of Choi Hyun and Jackal.. dont ruin it with Alain Delon.. lolz

So I could finally reach my hotel, feeling so great after spending those last 2 hours with Choi Hyun.. it was the last time I could watch him on the big (huge) screen.. but I enjoyed it as much and as many times as I could, so I feel fully happy and satisfied..

IMG_0979My 3 tickets for Jackal + A4 Poster~

And we spent our last full day in Busan doing some shopping.. and when my sis saw that TonyMoly store, she decided to ask them how much for the calendar (knowing I would be disappointed if I couldnt get it).. and when the lady told her “30,000 wons”, we didnt hesitate and bought for 30,000 wons of TonyMoly products (mostly makeup).. and so we got all this ♥

IMG_0971IMG_0976JYJ poster, clearfile and calendar!!!

And we ended our journey in Busan watching “A werewolf Boy” in theater too, as my sis wanted to watch it.. and I wanted too.. lolz.. it’s a really beautiful movie.. watch it if you have the chance!!

There are still so many places I wanted to visit this time again.. but 9 days aren’t always enough to do everything.. besides, I cant always impose my fangirling to my sister.. lolz.. So I’m already really happy.. and I will keep wonderful memories of this winter journey in Korea even if the very last day was crazy and exhausting.. when we returned to Seoul, the sun was shining but snow was everywhere.. and when we were about to board in the plane for Frankfurt, it was snowing hard..


Incheon Airport ~ Waiting room ~ Before boarding

Despite the weather, we boarded.. but once inside the plane, we had to wait because they closed the airport for a little while.. the runways were full of snow.. the plane too..


The plane’s window..

And so we kept waiting until the control tower gave its agreement.. once it was ok with it, the plane wasnt ready, as there was ice on the wings.. so people started asking when we would arrive in Francfurt, as many of us had connecting flights.. after a while, we understood it would be impossible to be in time for those connecting flights.. so they explained us they would book hotel rooms in Frankfurt for us, so we could stay there before taking another flight the day after.. this was a nightmare, bringing back memories of 2010, when we were stuck in Frankfurt airport for 2 days because of snow (after attending JYJ concerts in Seoul.. lolz).. but thankfully, this time was less stressing, as we could sleep in a hotel room and had a flight booked for Lyon.. last time, we had to sleep at the airport, and we didnt even know when we would be able to go back home..

Anyway.. now I’m back home and missing those moments so much.. I’m looking forward the next time I can see Jaejoong and JYJ again.. I miss you so much.. I’m waiting for you, supporting you wholeheartedly.. I’ll always be there for you.. this love gives me wings to fly to you.. lolz.. I’m laughing because it sounds cheesy.. but really, the things I’d do for you~ you deserve them, and even more..


Credit: Jaelena @ PrinceJJ


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