[FANACCOUNT] Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Bangkok – 23 october 2012

Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Bangkok – 23 october 2012

We flew back from Nanjing to Bangkok the same day as Jaejoong.. not at the same hour though.. so we stayed for hours at the airport, waiting for him.. sleeping on the chair, eating chocolates.. lolz.. it was a unique chance to finally see Jaejoong’s airport fashion (I personally dont live in Paris.. so even if he was coming to my country, it would be difficult for me to welcome him at the airport..).

Anyway, so we waited for long at the baggages claim.. when finally his flight was announced there..

And so we waited for him to appear at the immigration.. even there, there was so many fans waiting for him already.. so we tried to get a glimpse of him while he was checking his passport.. not easy.. but then his manager appeared and he suddenly pointed out my phone, saying “no pictures, please”.. looking around me, everyone had their phone in their hands lolz.. so I thought “why me, eh?”.. but anyway, it didnt stop me from using it.. and well, the pictures came out so bad, I bet he could sue me for this.. I wouldnt blame him if he sued me for taking such bad pictures of him.. haha.. sorry Jaejoong, but I still love you~

Tada~~~ its him.. yeah yeah.. trust me, its really Jaejoong!!

He was so close to me.. maybe less than 2 meters away *__* but everything went so fast.. too fast.. I wonder how fans can really enjoy his airport fashion when they see him at the airport, because there is really no time to keep starring at him.. he walks so fast.. one fan even fell down really hard while chasing him.. she was totally knocked down on the floor.. poor girl, it was so scary.. as it was really too fast, I thought it would be better to record a video of him walking instead.. and so I followed him holding my phone high to make sure I can see him.. but then he left this side of the airport.. so I stopped, and checked what I recorded, only to realize I indeed didnt click on “record” button *facepalm*.. I felt sooooo stupid after this.. I should have enjoyed looking at him instead of trying to record anything.. everything goes too fast, you dont have time to think.. yeah.. you simply cant think right.. it was my first time experiencing this, so if there is another time, maybe I’ll know what to do.. yeah..

Anyway, so after that, we left the airport.. and the following day, we met many Jaejoong’s fans.. it was so amazing to finally see girls I’m talking to on twitter.. we even went to eat in a Thai restaurant together, eating dishes that Jaejoong would certainly adore.. It was so great to meet you all.. thank you so much for those great moments together.. we’ll certainly meet again someday.. why not in Bangkok.. lets meet again and show our love to our Jaejoong..

Day of The Fanmeeting~

Building where the venue of the fanmeeting is situed

So we went pretty early at the venue that day.. I was so impatient to immerse myself again in the fanmeeting atmosphere.. this is a great experience in itself.. the excitement and expectations for the night to come.. feeling every hearts beating with impatience.. this is also part of the event.. and I couldnt wait to grab the official goods sold in Bangkok.. they were not exactly the same as in Nanjing (well, there were more goods here than in Nanjing), so I waited in line, because I was worried that any of them would be sold out if I was too late (I still remember I couldnt get the blanket sold at Seoul concert).. I waited and discussed a bit with a Thai fan, who was also working with RockJJ, a really sweet girl, JYJ fan, Jaejoong biased.. talking about it, I find it funny that now, fans ask us if we are Jaejoong only fan, JYJ fan or OT5.. but somehow, I guess its to make sure we wont offend anyone with wrong words.. I think I can be tactful with every of them, even the last one..  just not with the “walking devil” ones *sigh*..

Anyway, so I waited in line for like 2 hours at least.. the doors were supposed to open at noon, but it indeed opened at 1pm.. and so we had time to see them preparing everything inside, as it was windows doors.. And when they finally opened the door, fans ran to the official goods stand (damnit, I was really close in the line, but I didnt want to run too much, so I lost some places in the end.. but anyway, still fast enough to get all the goods!!!)..

Official goods sold in Bangkok~ So nice!!

Really love a lot the official goods, but I wish they could sell cases for Samsung Galaxy too.. its really frustrating to see this lovely case and not be able to use it on your phone.. I bought it anyway, now I guess I need to get the iPhone to go with it.. lolz.. ok, maybe not.. so I’ll just keep my beautiful iPhone case as souvenir of this fanmeeting..

The goods I could get *happy fangirl*

Anyway, after this I had to line up to get the free poster and the card given with our ticket.. the wait was very long once again, but it was worth the wait, because the poster and card are really nice.. thanks a lot 411ent. for such a professionalism.. please keep working with Jaejoong.. if every organiser was like you, there wouldnt be much worries..

Ticket to Jaejoong’s Heaven

Beautiful poster given at the fanmeeting

Really nice card given to the owner of tickets

Stand to drop off gifts for Jaejoong

And so after doing all this, I went to eat a very small lunch, as I didnt want to miss anything, and went back right away to the venue, staying around, taking pictures of the fanclubs booths..

RockJJ Banner~

MazeJae banners~

JYJ Box banner~

Actually, JYJ box made a really nice presentation of Jaejoong and his acting career.. hmm.. should I post or not? there are 6 pictures of it.. hmm.. ok, lets post so.. it was really too nice..

Code Name: Jackal

Kim Jaejoong~

Heaven Postman~ ♥

Sunao Ni Narenakute~

Protect the Boss~


There was many more other booths, and many more banners.. should I post more? I think I cant resist this one.. so here we go..

Chang~Chang~Chang~ water.. they also have beer.. lolz

Then I stayed around till the beginning of the fanmeeting.. and sadly, I had to witness those ppl showing their irrelevant banner to the world.. they know very well this is not welcome to Jaejoong’s event, yet they have to throw it to everyone’s face.. to force it on him when he doesnt like it.. I cant tell enough how upsetting it is.. I wish they could learn to respect the person they claim to love.. but forcing something on someone when he doesnt like it, when it could ruin his public image, its not love, its selfishness.. its hatred.. now I just pray that those selfish people wont ruin his career and growth as an artist.. he doesnt deserve all this bullshit.. I needed to say this.. the announcement made by 411ent. before  the fanmeeting proves that some things are unwelcome and considered as irrelevant now.. Jaejoong is absolutely adorable with his fans, but enough is enough, and his patience is running out.. CJeS (and so Jaejoong) made new rules after Nanjing’s FM.. if those people cant understand what it really means, then I dont know anymore.. not being allowed to go onstage to play game with Jaejoong because you’re wearing a t-shirt with irrelevant ppl and name on it, should be clear enough about what he really thinks about it.. now its all about respect, if you love him, you attend his event for him and him only.. if Kim Jaejoong is not enough for you, then you stay home.. as simple as that..

Anyway.. I’m getting angry as soon as I remember about it.. so yeah, lets move on to something more exciting and happier.. lolz.. while waiting in line to enter the venue, I saw someone taking pictures of fans holding banners.. so I took out my PrinceJJ banner and asked him to take a picture too (not sure it appeared in media though..).. and after this, another reporter approached me, asking me where I was from, if I could speak a bit of english and for an interview.. no no no.. this I absolutely cant.. no interview please.. I’m just a very shy fan who was there to see Jaejoong!! I want to stay anonymous..

When it was finally time to enter the venue, security was very strict (the total opposite with Nanjing FM).. they searched in our bag, so of course, my big camera couldnt go unnoticed.. so sad about it, I regretted to not have taken my small sony one (baby, you were really missed during those days.. lolz).. I could have hidden it more easily.. but this one.. I was sent to another stand to leave the battery and memory card there during the fanmeeting.. thinking about it, I should have bought another battery and memory card.. but I guess it wouldnt have been that easy to take pictures discretly with a big camera once inside the venue.. and so I entered the venue with only my phone’s camera.. There I was lucky, seating together with Hannah, we were in section A3, with really nice seats (though we were kinda surrounded by walking devils waving their ugly fans…).. Anyway, Kim Jaejoong fanmeeting in Bangkok was full house for sure *happy fangirl*

We could find those on our seats, for the projects prepared by Thai fans ~ Green elephant was to show in the end of the video made by 3RebelAngels

The stage when Jaejoong finally appeared

The fanmeeting started a bit later than expected.. time for everyone to join their seats.. I guess it took time before, while they were searching everyone’s bag for camera or so.. but finally it started, with Jaejoong singing “Living Like A Dream”, mesmerizing the audience and stealing everyone’s heart.. Jaejoong looked so damn gorgeous that night with this hairstyle  When we have our Jaejoong singing so wonderfully, really, what more can we ask for? The amazing person we have in front of our eyes, the music that reach our ears and heart are sheer bliss.. I dont need anything else, just let me enjoy it fully~ happiness~ emotion~ love~ this is all what I need..

Jaejoong singing “Living Like A Dream”

After he finished singing, the MC and the translator joined him onstage.. asking him few questions about how he feels today.. and I was lucky, truly blessed, because our Hannah was translating for me what Jaejoong said, so I could understand well during the whole fanmeeting.. then he said he didnt expect there would be so many fans coming for him only, as he was without Yoochun and Junsu.. ah Jaejoong, dont you know how much loved you are.. cant you feel it? I really hope that seeing so many fans attending your solo event will give you more confidence for the future.. and maybe someday you’ll give us a solo album, as well as a solo tour.. never forget how much we love you.. Jaejoong’s fans are as passionate you are.. we’ll follow you, we’ll support you.. never doubt it!!… Jaejoong also said that he is happy if we’re happy, I wish we could have replied to him that his happiness is also our happiness.. MC also asked him about next JYJ album, and Jaejoong said it should release during spring 2013.. how I hope so, I’m craving for Jaejoong’s music.. and because of it, I still dare to hope he’ll sing “Code Name: Jackal” OST~

Jaejoong during the interview with MC

After this, we could see a video with fans asking questions to Jaejoong.. he had to pick on of the letter of THAILAND, and a fan would appear to ask question.. it was really well done.. Thai fans really prepared very well this fanmeeting.. ah I cant remember exactly which questions were asked.. I think one of them was about Yoochun and Junsu, what they do when they’re together.. lolz.. I think its also at this moment they asked him who is his favorite superhero and he said Ironman.. hehe.. not the one I know the most though.. but for Jaejoong, I guess I’ll try to know more about Ironman..

The screen where he had to choose one letter of the word THAILAND to get asked a question by fans~

After those questions, they brought a box onstage for a lucky draw.. it was so exciting and funny when Jaejoong was picking a paper and saying the number.. lolz.. at times, he couldnt remember how to say it, so he was asking the translator or the MC for help.. it was too cute and hilarious.. haha.. but sadly, we werent lucky enough to go onstage and play the game with him *sigh* lolz.. the game itself was really hilarious.. there was an image behind Jaejoong, and fans had to make him guess what/who it was with mimes only.. some were not easy at all.. he had to guess Junsu and Yoochun.. for Junsu it was very easy, it was a picture of him doing a sort of “angel xiah”, so the fan did the same pose, and Jaejoong guessed right away, causing excitment and screams in the venue.. lolz.. for Yoochun, it wasnt easy at all.. wow.. just tell me how to mime Yoochun.. lolz.. one also had to mime elephant.. hahaha.. Jaejoong was like, how this can be an elephant?! and there was also a cat, so we could hear fans screaming Jiji.. yet, he didnt guess this one.. ah.. this game was just too hilarious, and I bet fans onstage had a lot of fun playing it with Jaejoong.. at times, when he was seeing the fan didnt know how to mime it, he was like “pass pass”.. soooo cute..

Jaejoong picking a lucky fan

Reading the number.. calling fan onstage

Adorable Jaejoong~

Jaejoong hugging a lucky fan~

Ah really sorry for the bad quality of the pictures.. phone camera + unskilled photographer are really a bad mixture.. so upset about it, but at least, those are wonderful memories, and its all what really matter..

Anyway, after this, there was another video about Jaejoong as an actor.. his role in Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin.. the MC asked him if he was like one of his character.. and Jaejoong said he isnt much like Muwon, but he somewhat is like Kyung Tak, as he would do anything to protect people he loves, just like Kyungtak.. The MC also told him he is very handsome.. but Jaejoong said his fans dont like him because he is handsome.. and actually he doesnt think he is handsome.. he said he is unique.. and I’m very much agree with it.. Jaejoong is absolutely unique, and thats one of the reason why I love him so much.. no matter how much you’ll look around, you’ll never find anyone like him.. he is one of a kind..

Handsome Jaejoong~ no, I mean, unique Jaejoong~

Then they showed Jaejoong (Muwon) cooking in Protect the Boss.. the best introduction for the next “game” about cooking.. well, actually, it wasnt really a game.. but fans were invited onstage via another lucky draw.. there was a fanboy this time.. and when they asked him what he wants to say to Jaejoong, I think he said he likes him a lot.. lolz.. it was too cute.. Jaejoong really appreciates his fanboys, and I can understand this.. as an artist, he wants to be loved by everyone, and not just by fangirls..

Fanboy amongst fangirls onstage~ how cute indeed

And so Jaejoong was asked to prepare kimbap onstage.. he first took his vest off, and we all screamed, witnessing the “striptease”, expecting him to take off the shirt too.. but he didnt.. lolz.. and then he started cooking, while we were all looking at him with admiration.. I even tried to record a video of him cooking.. but suddenly a security came behind me and “tickled” me.. such a shock.. I didnt expect this at all.. lolz.. OMG, it was soooo embarassing.. but after this, I didnt dare to use my phone camera anymore..

Jaejoong taking off his vest~

Putting on the sexy apron~ ooooh Jaejoong ♥~

After finishing those kimbap, lucky fans had the chance to taste Jaejoong’s cooking.. he even fed them by his hand directly….. and then he also gave one to the MC, the translator and one of the cameraman (translator showed her appreciation.. totally under his spell lolz).. lucky people!!!! After this, he prepared another kind of kimbap, and once again he fed them all.. he even went down the stage to feed another cameraman.. but for a while, we thought he was going to feed a fan in the audience.. lolz.. I’m kinda picky when it comes to food, but I would have given a lot to have the chance to taste Jaejoong’s cooking.. really, lucky people!!!…

After this session, another lucky draws started to pick some more fans who would join Jaejoong onstage to play with him.. but then again, we were not lucky.. but still hilarious to see Jaejoong asking MC and translator how to say the number in Thai too.. hehe.. when the fans came onstage, they were asked too to tell something to Jaejoong.. and if I understood well what Hannah said, one said she wants him to see her as a woman.. so bold.. so daring.. haha.. he was surprised haha.. anyway, then one by one, they started spinning a wheel to pick which game they would play with Jaejoong.. at least two got the “sausage” one (I think), they had to make a sausage as fast as possible, it was strange.. hahaha… another one got to play a game where they had to push each other (she and Jaejoong) with their hands only.. it was really weird games, but still amazing to have the chance to come onstage and play with Jaejoong..

No battery anymore on my phone.. so bad picture of the spinning wheels

After this last game, came the absolutely AWESOME video made by 3RebelAngels.. there was everything in this wonderful video.. funny moment with pictures of fans taking the same poses as Jaejoong on the different selca he posted on twitter until now.. it was so hilarious, we were all laughing so much, even Jaejoong couldnt stop laughing… and then, very emotional moment when the fans told Jaejoong how much they miss him always, holding board with “I miss you” written in Thai.. And when the video ended, we held the green elephant paper given to everyone at the beginning of the FM, then Jaejoong faced the audience and said “I miss you” in Thai.. wow, it was such an emotional moment.. I must say the video was wonderfully made, so creative, hilarious and emotional.. many thanks to 3RebelAngels, you worked hard, and it was very obvious that our Jaejoong sincerely adored it.. the way he laughed while watching it, and how he came back onstage to say “Khidthung”, it shows he was really deeply touched by all this love..

Then, just like in Nanjing, he took a picture with all of us.. wow, then again, I’m on the same picture with Jaejoong.. I never imagined it would ever happen lolz.. after this, they brought carts of roses onstage.. gift from Jaejoong to his fans.. I didnt expect it, it was such a beautiful surprise.. but before we could get one, Jaejoong performed “I’ll Protect You” to end the fanmeeting so beautifully, with confettis flying all over the stage and the audience.. I didnt want the song to ever end.. I didnt want this fanmeeting to ever end.. it was absolutely wonderful.. it lasted almost 3 hours.. amazing moments I’ll never forget.. I’ll keep those memories in my heart forever.. And if Jaejoong has a solo concert someday, if JYJ has a concert there next year, I’ll definitely go to Bangkok to attend it..

PrinceJJ banner, confettis and the rose given by Jaejoong~

After we left the venue, I went to pick my rose.. though there were many fans around the cart, I really wanted to get mine.. I didnt want to miss this chance.. And I think I smiled a lot in the end, because Ces noticed how happy I was.. lolz.. indeed, he gave us so much happiness during almost 3 hours.. how to let go of those moments and leave? how to go back to my daily life till the next opportunity to see him? how I miss him now.. how too much happiness can leave you empty once its gone.. withdrawal syndrom is a serious illness, once it hits you there doesnt seem to be another medecine than tasting the forbidden fruit once again.. so when will I see you again? Please make it very soon.. I’m here, waiting for you and supporting you.. always.. Jaejoong, you’re forever my number ONE!! Saranghae 


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