[FANACCOUNT] Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Nanjing – 20 october 2012

Jaejoong Fanmeeting In Nanjing ~ 20 october 2012

I still remember how frustrated, upset and sad I was when I couldnt attend Shanghai, Turkey, Taipei and then Dr. Jin FMs.. so many opportunities I couldnt grab, so many tears I shed because of those losses.. I really couldnt miss the next one.. I wanted to experience the feelings and atmosphere of a fanmeeting with Jaejoong.. so when a fanmeeting tour was announced (rumored first.. because if we wait for official announcement, we’d be too late lolz), I knew I would attend at least one of them.. I think I would have choosen Bangkok, but then Ces and Miki convinced me to follow them in Nanjing too.. and so I was involved in a new beautiful journey to Jaejoong’s heart..

So we decided to go to Bangkok first, and leave from there to go to Nanjing (it was less expensive this way.. yeah, if we want to go far away and more often, we still need to save money.. who knows what will be Jaejoong or JYJ’s next step).. Unfortunately, I was sick when I left home, and it never got better while I was there.. so when we arrived in Nanjing, I heard something ringing.. I didnt pay attention until a security asked me to follow her.. while walking, she asked me “do you have fever?”.. and I was like “oh no, I dont”.. not even that sure.. but anyway, I had to stay for 5 minutes in that infirmary while she was checking my temperature.. and I was imagining the worst, that if I had fever, they would send me back home and I couldnt even attend any fanmeetings.. and so I was praying that I didnt have fever, but really really worried as I was really not feeling well and kept coughing.. but thanks God, I didnt have fever, and so she let me go.. phew.. to be honest, it was really scary, and I was really afraid of what could have happened.. but anyway, finally I was in Nanjing and ready to finally meet Jaejoong again, after one year..

The precious treasure~ a ticket for Jaejoong’s Heaven

So the morning, we went at the venue to buy some really cute fangoods.. I think only in China, we can see this kind of “market” with Jaejoong’s fanclubs.. yes, its really like a big market with so many stands selling fangoods..

RockJJ Banners

Mazejae banners

Oh and this stand below was the best.. lolz.. saying “Official Goods” and “CJeS Store”, with the same logo, same color, same everything.. you could almost get fooled.. but still, CJeS selling green lightsticks would be too good to be true.. haha.. anyway, this store was selling really cute stuffs.. even if not official, it was hard to resist..

And so, before the fanmeeting, I had already bought a lot of stuffs.. in the picture below, some of them.. my sister thought the mask was panties.. as if I would buy panties with Jaejoong on it.. hahahahaha.. she kept it for her though..

Fangoods from Nanjing

*I must say I really dont like how some ppl are using Jaejoong’s event to sell irrelevant stuffs.. when I was seeing irrelevant stuffs in one stand, I didnt even give it a second look.. it was a turn off*

Nanjing’s Venue for Jaejoong’s Fanmeeting

Anyway, so we spent a great part of the day there.. it was really nice to already feel and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere, its something that I love.. then we finally decided to reach the venue.. as there was some sport game in the stadium next to the FM venue, there was soooo many people everywhere, so we were careful to not lose ourselves.. and when we finally arrived in front of the venue, we realized they were selling official fangoods, and we didnt even know about it..

Official Goods in Nanjing

And so before going inside the venue, we stopped at this stand to buy some official goods with the money left.. lolz (I’ll post a picture of the goods I bought later in my Bangkok Fanaccount.. I bought them all, but only once..)…

Anyway, so we entered the venue.. I was surprised that the security only checked the tickets and not inside our bags.. not sure how to feel about it then.. happy because my camera wouldnt be banned, but how serious and professionnal is this? so anyone can bring anything inside? and God knows some people brought irrelevant stuffs *sigh*.. And so before the beginning of the Fanmeeting, the fanwar started.. one side showing off their irrelevant stuffs, making the other side very angry.. some Jaejoong’s fans got up from their seats to ask them to take their banners away.. then those people also chanted Dong Bang Shin Ki anytime they got the chance to do so, and so Jaejoong fans made sure to chant “Kim Jaejoong” louder than irrelevant names.. I believe our voice and love are the best weapons against people who tries to hurt our Jaejoong.. and God, its been 3 years now, Jaejoong mostly had solo activities this year, this fanmeeting was his solo event, a meeting with his fans, Kim Jaejoong’s fans.. those who truly love him.. it should be all about him and him only.. why such a simple thing is so difficult to understand? Well, so truly the venue was separated in two sides.. green and red.. we were on the green side, sitting with RockJJ girls, who are really really sweet and nice.. it was great to sit there with them to enjoy the event.. when they hung up their fanclub banner before the event, Jaejoong’s fans all screamed in happiness, and kept taking pictures of it (too bad we couldnt see it though, as we were sitting behind it.. lolz)..

Before the beginning of the Fanmeeting.. green ocean

And the stage

And so I waited for the beginning of the fanmeeting, just looking around, putting green lights everywhere (around my neck, on my fingers.. lolz), hoping everything would go smoothly, despite all those worries.. there is so much to say about it and how I felt at times.. but I dont want to remember them.. when I’ll remember this day, weeks, months or years later, I just want to remember when Jaejoong was onstage, because in the end of the day, this is all what matters.. he is all what matters..

Finally the lights went off, and we started hearing “Living Like A Dream” melody in the background.. everyone screamed then, knowing he would appear onstage very soon.. seeing him again, so close, so handsome, so unique, really felt like a dream.. it took me time to realize the fanmeeting really started.. not even sure I ever realized anything actually.. my eyes were on the stage, mesmerized by him and his voice..

Jaejoong singing “Living Like A dream”

I didnt record any video that night.. I was really frustrated about it.. about my very expensive new camera.. lolz.. let me give you an advice, when you buy a new camera, learn well about it before or else, no matter how good is the camera, your pictures will come out really bad.. God knows I regretted to have spent so much money on it for such a disappointing result.. God knows I regretted to not have brought my small and lovely sony camera.. at least, I could have recorded Jaejoong’s performances.. but its ok, I know well its not  the camera, but the photographer who is to blame.. I was lazy, I didnt learn and I suffered the consequences.. and during the whole fanmeeting I was annoyed because of it *sad but true*..

Anyway, so after the song, the MC started interviewing Jaejoong.. there was no english translation, so I didnt understand anything.. lolz.. but anyway, I’m sure you already read fanaccounts that give all the details about the interview.. as for me, I was starring lovingly at him, listening (without understanding) religiously what he was saying.. he looked soooo adorable that night.. well, he always looks adorable, and I was really happy to be able to stare at him for so long..

Few (bad) pictures just for my very own memories…

After the interview with the MC and translator, they showed the video made by Jaejoong’s fans.. they choose to use “For You” sung by Jaejoong as background music for this beautiful video, which made it even more emotional.. I absolutely love Jaejoong singing this song, and I couldnt resist singing along while watching the video.. wow..

Jaejoong watching the fanmade video with everyone~

After Jaejoong watched it, MC talked about it I think, and Jaejoong said “kamsahamnida”.. thanking his fans, putting his hand on his heart and I guess he explained how touched he was by it.. I really hope that he can always feel our love, this is my greatest wish.. and as long as I can travel to support him personally, then I will do it.. I just want to let him know that be it KJJ alone or KJJ from JYJ, I’ll be there for him, following the path he chooses.. I’ll be there for him.. because he is Kim Jaejoong and he deserves all the love and support he can receive and even more..

After commenting on the fanmade video, they went to the board filled with colorful notes where fans wrote questions for Jaejoong to answer (how come we didnt see this before? we didnt have the chance to ask any question.. hmm).. and so the MC picked some and asked him the questions.. but then again, I couldnt understand.. language barrier can be really frustrating.. I admire those who can speak many languages and understand what Jaejoong says.. its not me.. not now.. probably never.. but if I remember well, its during this session that he sang a bit of “No Gain”.. this is such a beautiful song, such a beautiful gift he gave to Junsu.. but I wish some ppl would stop using it wrongly to make a fool of JJ while he is granting the fans wish by singing it.. it was too loud.. so loud and so out of place.. learn some respect..

Jaejoong, the MC and the translator standing besides the board..

Going back in the center of the stage for the lucky draw

After the fans questions session, they went back to the center of the stage for a lucky draw.. lucky fans who would have the chance to play together with Jaejoong.. to be honest, I didnt realize what he was doing then.. and well, I wasnt amongst the lucky fans anyway lolz.. I’m not sure I would have understood what to do to win those games hahaha.. and right now, while writing my fanaccount, I still wonder where I was really that day.. I cant even explain this feeling.. but anyway.. so about six lucky fans could come onstage to play game with Jaejoong..

Lucky fans who can play games with Jaejoong onstage

From what I saw, I think they played the game “musical chairs”.. well, it looked like it at least.. lolz.. so I cant explain much.. it was kinda funny though.. but honestly, they didnt play many games.. and not so many fans went onstage.. just one game? hmm..

The lucky winner of the game.. and Jaejoong making such a cute face..

After this, it was time for fanclubs to go onstage and present their gifts to Jaejoong.. someone gave him some Hello Kitty thingy, and the MC had the bad idea to ask Jaejoong “Hello Kitty, you know?”.. so you can imagine what followed those words *big sigh*.. anyway, RockJJ was onstage too, and so we were all crazy with happiness when she presented the drums they gave to Jaejoong.. this is such a beautiful gift for a musician, I believe he must adore it and will have some fun playing it..

I still didnt realize it was almost the end of the fanmeeting.. he knelt down on the stage, so we could all take a picture together.. its a different way to take a picture together, not sure I can even see myself on it.. haha.. but anyway, I’m on the same picture as Jaejoong, with no photoshop or anything, I am on the same picture!!! yeah!!!!! haha..

Then he came back onstage to sing “I’ll Protect You”.. the more I listen it, the more I adore it.. this song is still my phone ringtone.. I can never get enough of it.. and when he sings it live, it feels as if the world would just stop breathing to listen Jaejoong’s soothing voice.. I really hope there will be a DVD of a concert where Jaejoong sings this song live.. because I dont have much hopes we’ll get a DVD of any fanmeeting.. though I am pretty sure many would buy it.. I would.. lolz

Jaejoong singing “I’ll Protect You” with many bubbles surrounding him

Indeed, there was too many bubbles around him while he was singing, so we could hardly see him.. lolz.. but I cant deny the effect was really beautiful though.. but then it was the end of the fanmeeting.. already.. Jaejoong leaving the stage with that lift taking him away from us.. honestly, Nanjing FM didnt last very long, and my first thought was “really its the end already? why was it so short?”.. I didnt realize when it started, and I couldnt believe when it ended.. I was overwhelmed with contradicting feelings.. mesmerized and happy because I just attended Jaejoong’s solo fanmeeting, he looked amazing and his performances were absolutely wonderful.. yet sad and confused, because it was the end already and I was hoping for more, for longer.. I wished he could have sung one more song.. deep inside, I even told myself I certainly would love a Jaejoong concert more than a fanmeeting.. lolz.. but yeah, it was indeed shorter than it should be.. after attending Jaejoong FM in Bangkok, I can say it.. Nanjing FM was really too short.. and I left the venue totally confused and hungry for more.. thanks God, I knew I would see him again in Bangkok, so I could leave Nanjing with my mind at peace~

And on my way back to Bangkok (via Guangzhou), there was Jaejoong’s fans, taking the same flight as me.. it was really cute to see this.. and actually this fan above was sitting not that far away from me in the plane.. in the same row but few seats away though..

Jaejoong’s fan leaving Nanjing in the same flight as me..

To be continued, with Bangkok Fanmeeting~


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