My Journey in Korea – June 2012

And so I travelled to Korea for the third time.. but this time was different, very different.. I didnt go there for a JYJ concert, but just because my sis wanted me to accompany her, as her birthday gift.. And God knows the bad timing of this trip upsetted me.. a lot.. we booked the plane tickets 2-3 days before they announced Jaejoong’s Fanmeeting in Taiwan.. I missed this important event because of it.. I cried because of it.. but anyway, I was there to relax and enjoy some holidays and so I did.. in this fanaccount, I will only talk about my JYJ/Jaejoong moments.. though I didnt have the chance to see any of them..

So my sister and I left Lyon on may 28th.. this time, I proudly took with my Herose passport jacket with me and I must say it attracted the attention of the security guy in Frankfort.. he looked at it with curiosity.. well, it’s really cute after all hehe..  Anyway, after more than 10 hours flying, we finally arrived at Incheon airport on may 29th.. under the same sky, breathing the same air as Jaejoong, I also want to feel his presence.. looking around for advertisement.. but I forgot, JYJ isnt endorsing Lotte Duty Free anymore.. And on the Limousine buses, you can see Jang Geun Suk, or (the one we rode) Dr. Jin’s Song Seung Hun.. no JYJ anymore.. feeling so sad already.. but it’s ok, it’s only the beginning, I’ll see something.. and on the way to the hotel, my sis spotted a bus with JYJ’s Penzal Q.. not just once, but twice.. and I missed it not just once.. but twice.. What’s happening to me >_< I finally saw it near our hotel in Itaewon.. but then it was too fast to even get time to take a picture *sigh*.. anyway, as it was pretty late for that day, we just walked around Itaewon (honestly not the best area in Seoul).. and there, in some store, there was “The Beginning” poster.. but better not stop to take a picture, because there was a girl ready to drag you inside The Faceshop store to buy some cosmetic products..

Anyway.. our journey in Seoul truly started the day after.. once you’re there, one of the first thing you need to get is a T-Money card, which you can use for subway, buses or even taxi.. in 2010, I got a truly plain one.. but after Busan, I realized you could buy really cute ones.. more expensive, but difficult to resist.. and I fell in love with the Hello Kitty one (thinking of Jaejoong), before I found one with Jaejoong on it ❤ later.. few days later.. in this tiny CD store in the underground shopping mall in Myeongdong, where they were playing “No gain”..

Anyway, so the very first day, we decided to visit Gyeongbokgung Palace.. on our way there, while waiting for the subway at Jongno 3-ga Station, just above our heads started playing Dr. Jin’s advertisement on the led board (the one bought by Jaejoong’s baidu bar if I’m not wrong).. my sis noticed first, so she told me.. and I was like “take a picture, take a picture”.. no time to think, yet she dithered for too long “eh? how?” and the CFs ended already *sigh*.. I was so frustrated that I lost motivation for the day.. but later, after the visit of Gyeongbokgung Palace and near King Sejong The Great statue, I finally spotted again a bus with Penzal Q CFs, stopped just in front of me for few seconds..

It cheered me up a bit bit after missing the Dr. Jin ad. in the subway.. but still not fully..

Yongin MBC Dramia

Anyway, the day after, on thursday.. is the day we choose to go to Yongin MBC dramia.. full of hopes and expectations, we woke up early to take the bus to Baegam..

Once you arrive to Baegam bus station, there are many taxis waiting for you.. and they know exactly where you want to go.. Dramia of course.. lolz.. and so we go.. it’s really the countryside one hour away from Seoul.. you can even smell it.. cow dung.. haha.. but its really beautiful.. when we arrived there, we went to buy our tickets.. there, the man asked us where we were from, before giving us a flyer.. so we said France, and he started saying “oh I’m sorry, we dont have..”.. well, we guessed he wouldnt have flyers in french language, so we were like “oh its ok, english will do”.. and he was like “we only have in korean”.. lolz.. well, korean will do.. we’ll look at the pictures and keep it as souvenir anyway.. lolz.. I scanned a part of it..

I must say the place is really beautiful.. and it was a sunny day.. very hot.. so we walked inside the huge “park”.. there, there was a group of children with their teachers, and they were all holding a paper with a signature.. I didnt notice at first, but my sis told me and she said she heard “Kim”.. so maybe they met Jaejoong.. they better not, because I havent met him that day.. no matter how much I walked and looked around, it was desperately empty, with few japanese tourists..

Anyway, so we first visited the kinda small “museum” with celebrities signatures on the wall and hanbok worn in different dramas before.. there you can even try the hanbok and take a picture.. well, we didnt do it though.. we didnt stay long, as I wanted to go right away to the “village” part to see if I could find the filming set.. however, walking around there is very exhausting.. there are so many steps and you keep climbing so much, you end up out of breath..

The police station

The market street

And this is how high we climbed.. having a great view on the whole village.. desperately empty village.. no filming there that day.. And I must say, we went down pretty fast too, despite the “watch your steps” warning.. its the countryside, and there are HUGE hornets.. the kind we dont have in France.. I never saw such a big flying insects.. and my sis and me are absolutely scared of bees already lolz.. so when she saw this, she screamed “OMG what’s this monster?” and we started running and laughing at the same time.. thanks God, no Jaejoong around then to see how stupid we looked.. haha..

Anyway, so we kept walking around.. hoping we would finally see Dr. Jin filming.. at this point, any actors would do, as long as we can see something.. well, not really.. I came here for Kim Jaejoong only.. yet no glimpse of him *sigh* and suddenly we heard gun shots coming from the forest.. to us, there was no doubt, it could only be him.. but then, how to get to this place, there is no normal path to get into the forest.. and so we waited here, not knowing what to do.. how frustrating.. but we stayed there, kept waiting for long.. as long as possible though we didnt have lunch.. for nothing in the end.. he never appeared in front of our eyes.. and I left the place really disappointed.. and the day after, when I saw pictures of him on twitter, filming there on friday, you cant even imagine how heartbroken I felt.. well, I cried again, while eating lunch at Holly’s Coffee.. luck, why did you leave my side?! please come back to me.. I badly needed some Jaejoong’s little things to cheer me up, and so we did some shopping around Myeongdong.. buying some stuffs I dont really needed, like those cute socks.. lolz.. but there was someone before me who also asked for JYJ socks.. haha

But later, I found this ASTA TV magazine with Kim Kyung Tak on the cover, and JYJ on the other side of the cover ^___^

And this is also during this shopping day that I found my T-Money card with Jaejoong on it (on the very first picture I posted)..

Later we also went to Coex.. and as you may already know, the station for Coex is Samseong station, where you can see JYJ advertisement for Mario Kart 7 on the pilars and walls..

And also inside Coex, there was a Nintendo stand (as well as a store)..

I didnt buy the game there though, worried a game sold in Korea wouldnt work on my Nintendo 3DS sold in France.. just like DVDs.. so yeah.. but as there is a CD store there (Evan Records), I went to buy Junsu’s album.. I didnt order it online this time, as I knew I was going to Korea.. but I didnt like much this store, full of SME idols goodies.. I even had to ask for Junsu’s album, as it was very well hidden at the checkout..

We also went back to the Coex our very last day, to buy souvenirs for the family.. and while we were there, in this store (next to Nintendo store) selling cute stuffed animals, jewelries, etc.. we listened Jaejoong’s song “Living like a dream” playing.. when the music started playing, I recognized right away.. lolz.. after it, they also played Rooftop Prince OST, by Junsu.. obviously, a JYJ friendly store.. so I bought stuffs from there lolz..

Bum’s Story

Anyway, so when the weekend came, we decided to go and eat dinner at Bum’s Story, before going back to the hotel for Dr. Jin.. So I took the little paper I printed, to follow the instructions given by Yule to find the restaurant.. It was written clearly Gangnam-su Office station, but in our mind, we read it short “Gangnam Station” (I must say, in november 2010, our hotel wasnt far away from Gangnam Station.. so yeah, we didnt imagine there was another station with almost the same name lolz).. and so we stopped at Gangnam station.. when we exited, we had to turn left, but first problem, at the left, there was just a big street and a crowd barrier to not cross there.. so we went round the exist and started walking.. then we were supposed to go down the slope, but the street was going up instead.. we still continued till we found a coffee bean at a corner lolz.. and we found one at some corner!!! hahaha.. it made us think we were on the right way, but we kept walking for long but never found Bum’s Story.. of course it couldnt be there as we exited at the wrong station.. and instead of Bum’s Story, we ate something at this Zoo Coffee (coffees there are not good at all..).. And then it was time to go back at the hotel for Dr. Jin (for Kyung Tak).. and we rushed to not be late.. we arrived just in time to watch it on a TV screen.. such a great feeling to watch Kyung Tak on the big screen!!!

Anyway, we didnt give up on Bum’s Story, and were determined to try again the day after, on sunday,.. and thankfully, while going on the banks of the Han River, we found out (totally by chance) about Gangnam-Su station.. And this time, we finally found Bum’s Story.. we arrived almost at 6pm.. but everything was closed..

So we waited a bit there, taking pictures.. but at 6pm, still no sign of a soon opening (though I read the restaurant opens at 6pm).. so we decided to go (it looked suspicious to sit there, waiting lolz.. there was some neighboors in front of it) and drink something at the coffee bean not far away.. and at 7.30pm, we went back to Bum’s Story.. but it was still closed.. a restaurant closed on sunday, it was strange *my bad luck again, I thought*.. and so we left to eat somewhere else, and make sure to not be late for my weekend boyfriend, Kyung Tak..

And so we decided to go again to Bum’s Story on monday night.. lolz.. and oh miracle, finally we found it open!!!

Pages of the menu

Delicious dishes, with Suju (first time we drank it.. we couldnt finish the bottle)

Veryyyyy spicy kimchi

The Day poster, at the 1st floor

Anyway, so we had our dinner at Bum’s Story finally, with Junsu’s album playing in the background.. I must admit, I was afraid to go and eat there, a foreign food from what I’m used to eat.. I’m someone very picky, to the point its frustrating for my mother.. so I was afraid I wouldnt like the food they serve at Bum’s Story.. but how wrong I was.. the food there is absolutely delicious.. kuddos to the chief.. the setting is really lovely and pleasant and the staffs really nice.. on the wall, you can see polaroids of fans who went there, we didnt do this though.. lolz.. while Jaejoong is the king of the selca, I absolutely hate taking pics of myself.. camera hates me.. lolz.. to be honest, I knew I wouldnt meet Jaejoong there, as he is really busy with filming lately.. I had no expectations, so no disappointment this time..

Lotte Department Store / Lotte World

And the very last day, we decided to relax a bit, going to Lotte World.. first we went to Star Avenue.. no JYJ anymore already.. without JYJ there, this place is meaningless and empty.. somehow, it felt bittersweet how everything was so different from my previous trip in Korea.. but anyway, because he is Jaejoong’s best friend, a wonderful friend for Jaejoong.. and also because I like him a lot.. lets share this picture..

Also, we were there to buy some NII clothes, and get a poster.. lolz.. at first, we had hard time to find the stores though there are actually 2 stores there.. and we first found the smallest one, upstairs.. while we were going up the elevator, my sis spotted this JYJ’s poster, so we knew we were not far away..

In this store, I bought two tee-shirts, but it turned out they didnt have any posters anymore.. the guy even called someone, but they didnt have any poster anymore *sigh*.. I was so disappointed once again.. but a bit later, we found the second store, a bit bigger (well, at least in the main alley)..

I saw they had posters in a box, so I bought some clothes again (some of those Jaejoong was wearing on the NII pictures).. and when I asked for a poster, she only had one member left.. and as I’m extremely “lucky”, this member wasnt Jaejoong *cries*.. she saw I was disappointed, and considering the clothes I bought, she guessed I wanted Jaejoong’s poster.. and so she gave me a little picture to console me.. well, its not my Jaejoong’s poster *sigh*.. babie you’re too much loved.. already in Busan last year, I had hard time to get your NII poster..

And the clothes I bought with the NII JYJ poster..

And so, after some shopping, we decided to go and dream to Lotte World.. to be honest, I imagined it bigger than this.. I also thought it was outdoor.. but not at all.. lolz..

So first thing you must buy when you’re there is those bows like Jaejoong wears in Protect the Boss.. most of people are wearing those, and you have many different kind.. but of course, I bought the same as Jaejoong..

*Poor my Hero* lolz

Then we did few rides.. some really scary, like the ship of the pirates.. but the one I absolutely wanted to try was the Plume Ride, just like Muwon and Eunseol.. where he got his shirt all wet and we could see his chest through it *drooling* lolz.. but this ride is the most in demand there, so there was a very long waiting line.. when we were finally ready to go in the ship, my sis was worried to wet her hair so she wanted to be behind me.. and the two guys riding with us decided to seat behind too.. so I was left totally at the front, ready to face the water and the wind.. but I didnt know yet, water and wind were nothing compared to the thrill.. lolz.. during the first downhill, I thought my heart would leave my body and stop beating.. and so, when the second one came, I didnt want to see anything, I hid my face into the sort of dashboard in front of me and kept screaming.. but in the end of the downhill, because of the tremor, I bumped my head onto it.. pretty hard.. it was soooo embarassing.. lolz.. and they take pictures of you during those downhill, we could see it when we left.. OMG.. lolz..

And so, our journey in Korea ended pretty much this way.. it was really nice holidays.. I enjoyed a lot those relaxing and fun moments.. but I cant deny the feeling was different than before.. Bittersweet feeling indeed.. because I feel everything was so different now.. maybe because I didnt go there for a concert and so, many less chances to see JYJ, though I saw them often on TV, Jaejoong in Dr. Jin, JYJ in CFs (Nintendo, Penzal Q, Tio, Blacksmith).. It hurt to not see them anymore on Lotte Star Avenue.. it hurt to see Jang Geun Suk in those NR Stores.. and not JYJ anymore.. and indeed, when my sis needed some make up, we went to The Faceshop.. Also, once again, I couldnt find Crebeau Jeff.. we exited at Jamsilaru station, but then we couldnt find it.. Also, I forgot to say we made a pilgrimage at Jamsil Stadium.. bringing back so many beautiful memories from november 2010.. the beginning of JYJ in Korea.. time flies.. too many things change.. but lets look forward the future.. I badly need a concert.. next time I’ll go to Korea will be for a concert.. please make it happen soon.. JYJ, Jaejoong, I’m waiting for you..

Please, I miss to see you performing onstage.. I need to see you again in concert soon…..!!!


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