JYJ European Tour in Berlin [06 november 2011]

Berlin ~ November 2011

Verliebt In Berlin.. how glad I am to have met with you.. When they first announced both european concerts, my first choice was Barcelona, as I didnt know if I could attend both.. besides, Berlin was so uncertain, it took them so long to announce it officially.. so long that many fans thought there wouldnt be any concert in Berlin.. I cant even imagine it now.. Only when the ticketting for Berlin was about to start, I decided to book a ticket.. just in case.. but my heart already knew I would fly to Berlin too.. my heart always flies naturally where my boys are.. I wish it was that easy for my body as it is for my heart.. lolz.. but when I had this SVIP ticket in my hands, there was no turning back.. I would go to Berlin for JYJ concert.. and my sister would accompany me (because of the odds of the ticketting, I had one SVIP and one VIP.. so yeah.. lolz)..

So I left for Berlin on saturday 5th november. This time again, every young woman in the plane or at the airport was a potential JYJ fan going to the concert.. lolz.. just like those two girls coming from Marseille.. but nope, in the end, it turned out they were just going to some festival in Berlin.. lolz.. ah the heart of a fangirl, I believe my boys are loved by everyone.. even those who have absolutely no clue about their existence.. Anyway, once in Berlin, we took a taxi to go to the hotel.. it was really nice, because when we arrived close to the hotel, we could already see the Tempodrom from the road.. the venue is so unique with its very strange roof, it cant be missed.. but I arrived pretty late in Berlin, too late to have the chance to attend Phoenix fanmeeting and meet with JYJ fangirls.. and fanboys.. so instead I decided to walk to the venue, to make sure I’ll know how to get there.. indeed, it was really close from my hotel so it was perfect.. at the venue, we could already see people waiting to get their tickets.. the day after at 10am only.. they only had blankets or cushions to keep them warm.. as much as I love JYJ, this is something I couldnt even imagine to do.. Berlin is very very cold in november.. its certainly dangerous to sleep outside at night.. you may die from the cold..

Fans waiting on the steps of the Tempodrom.. prepared to spend the night there to make sure to have the best seat available..

Anyway, after this, we walked till Brandenburg to take pictures there.. and later when we came back to the hotel, I saw Junsu’s tweet and realized he was there too.. was it there at the same time as me?! OMG.. I couldnt say.. but thinking he may have walked besides me and I didnt even notice him.. how stupid is this?! also, on the way, I saw the place where Jaejoong took the picture.. meeting them by chance isnt my fate.. stalking to meet them is very much unlike me.. so I guess I can only dream to see them close at the concert, and I’m already very happy with it..

Anyway, then I slept not too late, to make sure I would wake up very early in order to get a very good seat.. but once again I learnt that early birds dont necessarly get the worms, but cunning ones sure do.. how frustrating to wake up so early, yet some people arrived after you, find a way to cut the queue and in the end get a better seat than yours.. no respect whatsoever.. this is so unfair.. oh well.. so I arrived at the venue very early, around 6am and the queue was already very long.. so I made sure I was waiting in the right queue (as there was two different lines), asking fans around.. while walking to the end of the queue, my phone rang.. at first, I didnt realize, so I was thinking “oh so nice, fans are listening “I’ll Protect You”..” It took me few seconds to realize it was indeed my phone.. lolz.. anyway, so I joined the end of the queue.. before me, there were girls speaking korean, but they were Koreans living in Germany.. very nice girls (xiahpwas if I’m not wrong), who even shared their snack with us.. behind me, there were two very nice french girls from Reims *Si vous passez par mon fanaccount, salut les filles^^* .. so we could discuss together while waiting for our tickets.. and God knows the wait was long (arrived at 6am, I could only get my tickets around 2pm..).. so long, and the weather was so cold, I couldnt feel my feet anymore.. so in the meantime, some fans were dancing.. some others were walking around the venue.. killing time as well as we could.. while waiting, we got the white lightstick for In Heaven project, as well as the songtext for “Be My Boys” fanchant..

The white lightsticks.. very small, but we still could give the boys a white ocean during In Heaven~

Also RockJJ and Herobar fansites were in Berlin, so they distributed banners, flyers and green lightsticks to use during Jaejoong’s solo..

Jaejoong’s fansites RockJJ and Herobar made sure Jaejoong could feel the love.. planning two big projects during “I’ll Protect You”..

Herobar even hung a big banner at the roof of the Tempodrom.. Jaejoong’s fans presence could be felt there in Berlin.. but then we were wondering how we could raise the banners, wave the green lightstick and try to record or take pictures during Jaejoong’s solo.. lolz..

Many fans waiting for their tickets passing behind Herobar banner for Jaejoong, hung on the roof of the Tempodrom..

Anyway, also while waiting, there was a soccer game playing in front of the venue (there is a field just there).. so Korean fans besides me were commenting, pretending Junsu was playing.. lolz.. at times, fans were screaming suddenly, letting us think that maybe the boys were around *delusional*.. we could also witness the staff preparing the stand for the goods, fighting with the banners that kept falling.. lolz.. we were like “oooohhh” everytime the banner was falling.. haha.. killing time as well as possible..

Fans queueing to get their seats.. some others queueing to get their goods..

The queue was moving so slowly, at times, not moving at all for a long time (as only one person were giving out tickets, posters and tee-shirt).. Just like in Barcelona, here also we could witness a very wide age rank amongst fans, from 7 to 77 probably.. not only Asians, but also Europeans (during the concert, before me were two european women in their 50’s)… and its still so amazing to see flags from so many different countries.. France, Finland, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Japan.. even Peru.. and so many more..

Poster given to SVIP and VIP.. so beautiful with the signature on it..

The most wanted treasure: Jaejoong.. lolz.. but this time I’m also talking about the ticket for JYJ concert in Berlin

Anyway, after I finally got my ticket, poster and tee-shirt, I left the venue for some sightseeing near Berlin wall, as there was still some time left before the beginning of the concert.. but such a fright when it was time to go back.. we were pretty much lost in Berlin, at night and couldnt find our way anymore.. I was about to stop a taxi and ask him to drive us at the venue.. lolz.. Anyway, so we finally found the hotel and then the Tempodrom.. when we arrived, fans were already entering the venue..

Fans entering the venue before the concert..

So we followed and looked for our seats.. then the real mess started.. when my sis looked for her seat, someone was already sitting at her place.. so we showed her the ticket and she showed us hers.. the staff placed her in the wrong block.. but in her block, her seat number didnt exist.. the poor girl was so upset and worried, she was about to cry.. at first, I thought it was just an isolated problem.. until I looked for my very own seat.. I couldnt find it, the seat number didnt exist in my block, so I asked the staff, who made me sit in the wrong block also.. after few minutes, someone arrived telling me I was sitting on his seat.. so I went to ask the staff again who was totally clueless and didnt know what to do.. he told me to go and ask at the ticket office – as if the ticket office was still open at this time – so at this point, I got angry, scolding the staff who kept saying “this is not my fault”.. not mine either, so better not play this game with a JYJ fan’s heart, you wont like the result!! Finally, in the end they had to stick new numbers on those seats in the problematic blocks and we could sit there with relief..

While waiting for the beginning of the concert, Junsu fansite Wonderbar distributed a banner for Junsu’s solo.. my sister told me there was also a Yoochun’s fansite distributing some.. but I guess they didnt print enough, as we didnt get any.. even after the concert my sis was still upset that she couldnt get any Yoochun’s banner.. lolz.. indeed, the last remaining banner was given to the fan just before her..

Wonderbar’s banner for Junsu’s solo~

Then while waiting for the boys to come onstage, we chanted JYJ’s name and we even initiated a pretty successful ola, already so excited to see them soon.. and it all started with “In Heaven” MV.. we were already totally drawn into our JYJ’s Heaven, waving our red lightstick and singing the chorus.. and JYJ were not even onstage yet..

JYJ’s stage.. hearts beating wildly, we were holding our breath waiting for the boys~

When JYJ finally arrived onstage, it was such an incredible feeling, such a rush of adrenalin.. the stage was not very big and I was so close.. I didnt even want to look at the big screens, I wanted to see the real them onstage.. and I could see them so clearly, it was difficult to take my eyes off of my boys.. I was once again mesmerized.. the very first song, Empty, was very hot.. JYJ setting the stage on fire.. figuratively but also literally.. flames darting from the stage, I could absolutely feel the heat from my seat.. lolz.. it was impressing.. but the first lovely detail I noticed when they finally appeared onstage is Jaejoong’s hair.. showing his forehead, looking so manly onstage..

Jaejoong’s short haircut, showing forehead, looking so manly and handsome ❤

Anyway, then they continued with Pierrot and Aayy Girl.. wow I was close enough to see how sexy Jaejoong is when he dances together with the female dancer.. she must have a strong heart to keep her heart calm enough and continue dancing.. lolz.. then Be My Girl started playing, and it was time for the flashmob.. I couldnt say if it was successful or not, I was too busy trying to remember the steps and dance them.. lolz.. this time we had space enough to move (few lightsticks bumping into each other though lolz), so I didnt miss the chance, following Jaejoong’s steps.. but when turning around, I realized fans behind me werent turning around, so I was facing them, it was pretty awkward.. hahaha.. but anyway, this didnt stop me, I kept doing it..

Then it was time for the very first talk.. the boys saying (in german) they’re JYJ.. it was very adorable to listen them saying few words in german, but thanks God the translator translated in english – even though I learnt german in school for two years, I am absolutely unable to understand it.. haha – so Junsu started saying “Ich liebe dich” (I love you.. then I love you all).. his accent was very funny, so at first I didnt understand he said those words until the translator translated it in english.. hehe.. it was very adorable though.. then Jaejoong said “Berlin, wo seid ihr?” (Berlin, where are you?).. once again, he repeated it.. probably he was expecting we would scream “heeeere”!!.. we screamed, but because they were too adorable speaking german.. and then Yoochun said the now famous “Was geht?” (what’s up?) lolz.. ah, I dream that someday they’ll say few words in french.. JYJ, I’m waiting for the day you’ll come in my country for a concert.. didnt you feel our presence in Barcelona and Berlin? France loves you.. we’re waiting for you~

Yoochun during the very first talk~

Then the boys talked about Berlin, they said it was very cold, but we gave them “fever” lolz.. Yoochun showed his flirtatious side, saying german girls were tall.. tall but sexy.. then I think Jaejoong approved about the “tall” part.. lolz.. saying he’ll need heels to stand besides some of them hehe (baby come to France.. we’re shorty and petite girls here).. also they asked them about german food.. they didnt know what to say lolz.. actually, most of the time, Jaejoong was slapping Junsu’s arm to make him start talking hehe.. so Junsu answered first, but it seems the translator mistranslated and we got that Junsu loves “german bananas”.. so you can imagine we thought he was telling a joke (girls besides me were like bambayaaa lolz), and we bursted into laughters.. then Yoochun said he likes beer.. and Jaejoong added he likes beer and tequila (not sure tequila is that much german though.. haha..).. About their accent, it was also very cute how they kept saying “Danke” (thank you), without pronouncing the “e” in the end..

Another picture of Jaejoong~

After the talk, it was time for the boys solo, starting with Yoochun.. for the first time, I could watch the sexy performance from very up close.. It was hot.. very hot.. from your seat, you just want to jump onstage, push the female dancers (every of them) and take their place.. even though you know you’ll be literally frozen under Yoochun’s gaze.. ah Chunsas, I feel your pain.. I really do.. but I kinda miss Jaejoong’s sexy performance with the female dancers too.. hehe.. Anyway, then it was time for Jaejoong’s solo.. I recorded a fancam, but not good enough to be posted.. fans before me were raising RockJJ banners and waving their green lightsticks, so I couldnt see him well enough to record him onstage.. but it doesnt matter.. I’m sure Jaejoong would rather see banners to his name and green ocean than just a camera on him.. lolz.. RockJJ and Herobar’s projects were very successful.. while Jaejoong was singing, on the screen we could see a beautiful green ocean.. and I love this song.. I so love this song (I still listen it everyday.. many times in a day).. and when you sing it live, I cannot do anything else than admiring you quietly.. Jaejoong, if only you knew what you do to me.. forever my n°1  .. Then it was Junsu’s turn to sing his solo song, xiahpwa besides me raised the banners which were given earlier.. and so I did too, singing chorus together with Junsu.. I wish they could sing those solo songs again for their next tour.. but I guess they wont do it, and so Ibaraki, Barcelona and Berlin were lucky, because we were probably the only ones who had the chance to listen those wonderful songs sung in live version..

After Junsu’s solo song, Jaejoong, then Yoochun joined Junsu’s onstage.. Jaejoong jumped from the stage behind, surprising Junsu.. lolz.. OMG, the “step” was pretty high, so when I saw he was about to jump, I was scared my clumsy baby would fall.. thanks God he didnt.. lolz.. (now I’m writing it, I am not sure anymore if he did it at this moment or in the very last talk..).. I think its during this talk that Jaejoong and Yoochun said they want to give Junsu’s butt to the fans.. Jaejoong slapping Junsu’s butt.. looolz.. those boys, you would miss Junsu’s butt so much if you were to give it to us.. they pretty much played around during this talk.. it was really hilarious.. they also said this concert in Berlin was their last activities for 2011, then they’ll go back home and work on new songs.. how much we’ll miss you, but of course you now need time to write and compose new songs for the next tour..

Jaejoong looking right in my camera ❤

Jaejoong’s smile ❤

Jaejoong drinking water ❤

Junsu and Jaejoong (I had hard time capturing pics of Junsu, as he was mostly in the other side of the stage..)

Simply Jaejoong~

Then they started singing Chajatta.. the response of the fans is always so amazing.. everyone singing together with the boys.. even if the boys stopped singing, we could still listen the fans singing, and waving their lightstick from right to left.. or left to right.. lolz.. and there was a beautiful bubbles effect onstage.. I wanted to capture it in pictures.. but its too difficult with my camera..

Anyway, after this song, it was time for the videos.. and they gave us a beautiful surprise with a video of their european Tour, their journey in Barcelona, their arrival in Berlin and sightseeing.. I recorded a fancam of it.. I missed just few seconds of it I think..

Video of JYJ European Tour showed during the concert in Berlin

It was such a nice video.. it would be a pity if it’s only showed during the concert.. it needs to be included in a concert DVD.. hopefully soon, we’ll have one.. no matter the city, I just want another JYJ’s concert DVD.. a concert where they’re themselves, talking and joking spontaneously, and not some scenario they learnt by heart before.. I just want more of my boys.. the real them..

Anyway, after the video, they started singing I.D.S. .. I recorded a fancam, Jaejoong focused *bias is bias*, simply because I absolutely adore his sexy hips move during this song *mesmerized.. eyes on his hips*

JYJ – I.D.S … Jaejoong focus

They followed with Be The One and Fallen Leaves.. As always, they sang this song wonderfully, with all their heart.. however, the sound system was so bad then, the music way too loud.. we could see the boys fighting with their earphones.. during the climax of the song, we couldnt even hear Yoochun’s voice.. we could hardly hear Jaejoong and Junsu, they were struggling to sing louder.. it was certainly a very frustrating moment for the boys..

Then they showed the Come On Over teaser video.. this is temptation.. hopefully soon I’ll have it in my hands.. Christmas gift? why not.. Anyway, after it, they performed Mission.. and then they did the last talk, sexy Jaejoong taking off his jacket this time, letting show his sexy arms *yummy*.. then they talked about their solo activities, dramas and musical.. Jaejoong said its always great to have new experiences, but he still wants to concentrate on music, make music.. I recorded it a bit then..

Jaejoong’s talk near the end (short fancam)

Junsu talked about Mr Levay, saying the man was one of the reason why he wanted to visit Germany.. hehe.. Yoochun also talked about his two dramas..

Jaejoong and Yoochun during the last talk~

Junsu, also during the last talk~

Jaejoong’s arms ❤

Junsu and Jaejoong~

Then Jaejoong said they will sing a last song.. so we were all “aaww noooooo” and then “kajima”.. Jaejoong’s expression was too funny then, feeling totally sorry.. time flies when spending it with JYJ.. we didnt want it to end, we still wanted more..

So then they started singing In Heaven, drowned in a beautiful white ocean.. I dont know if the boys nearly cried as some said, but they were sweating a lot.. so yeah, they had to wipe their (handsome) faces~ hehe.. listening this song live is always such an incredible feeling.. I hope they’ll continue to sing it live, over and over again.. this song is so meaningful.. not only for the reason why it was written, but it’s also the title song of their very first korean album.. the symbol of JYJ’s voices harmony.. JYJ’s most beautiful song until now.. full of promises for their future as artists.. I’m very much looking forward their next work..

Anyway, then they left the stage.. but we knew it wasnt the end of the Berlin concert yet.. we had to convince them to come back onstage, so then the whole Tempodrom chanted “JYJ saranghae”.. and we kept chanting those words until they came back onstage for the encore.. it was such an amazing feelings.. my dearest boys, did you feel our love.. never forget how much we love you.. we’ll always be there for you.. deep inside our heart, we remember your promise of coming to Europe every year.. we’ll be waiting for your return..




So then they came back onstage for Get Out.. it was the encore, the end of the concert, we wanted to dance with the boys.. we were “on the starting blocks”, ready to stand up and dance.. it was funny to see the tension and how fans had hard time to stay still on their seats.. besides me, fans were looking around to see if anyone would stand up first.. checking around too, I saw the security staff rushing to fans who were even trying.. at least, let us stand up and dance during the encore!!! So we waited for Yoochun to give us the permission, he didnt need to tell us twice.. as soon as he asked us to stand up and jump, we were already standing up, jumping.. lolz.. thank you Yoochun, you finally set us free.. haha.. so we could dance, jump and sing like crazy on Empty… And God knows we gave our everything, because we knew it was the last song.. and after it, they would leave the stage.. they would leave Berlin and Europe.. During the song, a rain of silvery confetti was falling onstage, on the boys and the dancers.. those confettis were sticking on their sweating face.. it was so hot and sexy.. ah I picked some of those on the floor before leaving the venue, as a memento of this magical concert in Berlin..

Memento of the Rain of Confettis~

Near the end of the song, while they were dancing like crazy and jumping, I thought Junsu was about to fall.. he was still so excited, yet probably exhausted.. then the concert came to an end.. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu held hands with the dancers and bowed to the fans..

Amazing artists.. the best amongst the best~ Thank you Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu for giving us such a magical show.. Hasta luego.. Auf Wiedersehen..    A bientôt.. See you soon~

Then they left the stage.. leaving us longing for more.. leaving us hopeful… We so hoped they’d come back and so we kept calling them, chanting JYJ.. suddenly a music started playing, giving us hopes.. but it was Caruso.. Oh my.. such a great way to make us feel even more depressed.. lolz..
The french fan besides me was dumbfounded on her seat.. when everyone started leaving the venue, she didnt want to get up and leave her seat.. we all needed time to understand and accept that the concert and the European tour came to an end.. too soon.. too short.. JYJ effect is strong and doesnt spare anyone.. About 3,000 fans were victim of it that night again.. No matter how much it hurts when you leave us behind, longing for more, I am more than willing to be hit again by JYJ effect soon.. it has to be soon..

Fans staying outside the venue after the concert..

It was so amazing being so close from the stage and having such a perfect view (even my sis kept praising her VIP seat.. she was at the aisle in the middle and row 13.. not so bad indeed).. Berlin was absolutely magical, even though we didnt get to do the Be My Boy fanchant, the “oceans” projects were very successful.. as well as the “JYJ saranghae” fanchant, the temperature was very hot in the Temprodrom.. Berlin had the JYJ fever that night.. we couldnt feel anymore the chilly weather as JYJ set Berlin in fire.. European JYJ fans (as well as every JYJ fans who joined us during this European tour) were amazing, giving the boys so much love and happiness.. giving them all the reasons to come back soon on our continent.. That night, I felt so proud to be a european JYJ fan.. Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, remember the promise you made, because we’re waiting for you.. Spain and Germany are only your beginning in Europe, there is so much more to come for you, and for us, JYJ fans..

Tempodrom on monday.. so empty.. three persons are missing, my whole world seems depopulated~

I’m already missing you so badly.. it hurts.. it hurts so much when the withdrawal syndrom hit so hard.. after Barcelona, I was still ok, because I knew I would see you very soon again (it was hard to concentrate on my work though.. lolz), but now after Berlin, I’m only left with the hope I’ll see you again very soon, even if I have to come to you this time.. I’m waiting for this day to come, even though I dont know when it will be.. for now, I have to let you go.. I have to let you go and let you work on your new album, your new projects.. why does it hurt so much when I know it’s for the best, for your happiness? You live for music, you belong to the stage and the whole world is your stage.. But in the meantime, just dont stay away from us for too long.. we need to see you and know you’re doing fine.. JYJ fighting!! my heart is longing for you.. I’ll see you again in 2012.. this is my promise to you.. See you soon~ A bientôt~

Love from Lena ❤❤❤

PS: just a little anecdote before ending my fanaccount.. while visiting the Berlin tower on monday afternoon, my sis and me met JYJ fans.. they were wearing the JYJ tee-shirt.. hehe..

Credit: @Jaelenaa

Pictures and fancams: @Jaelenaa

Shared by PrinceJJ


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    love Jaejoong and the concert~
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