JYJ European Tour in Barcelona [29 October 2011]

Barcelona ~ October 2011

After going to them few times in Asia, I always said I would go and support them if they were coming to me, in Europe.. we kept sending them love calls, so when they finally accepted our invitation, I couldnt miss this magical rendez-vous.. their first concert in Europe.. At the beginning of 2011, you cant imagine how upset and heartbroken we were when they announced the world tour without any dates in Europe.. we were really losing hopes.. so Barcelona and Berlin concerts are a dream coming true for many european fans like me and we had to show them how much loved they are here too, because we felt they didnt really know.. and even now, it seems like they’re really surprised to be recognized in the streets.. lolz.. The days before the concert, it was really wonderful to witness on twitter how much fun the boys could have there in Barcelona.. indeed Barcelona is a city adored by the european youth, the nightlife is lively and amazing (probably the greatest in Europe), so its not a surprise our boys liked it so much.. so for those reasons, Barcelona was a great choice..

Anyway, so I left Lyon for Barcelona on friday 28th oct. afternoon.. already totally drawn into my JYJ world, every young woman in the same plane as me was a potential JYJ fan, travelling to Barcelona to see JYJ.. particularly those two girls who kept saying “I cant wait for saturday”.. I wonder why else they could be impatient to be saturday.. saturday 28th oct. was JYJ day in Barcelona.. so maybe they were going for JYJ, maybe not.. lolz.. anyway, when I finally landed at El Prat aiport, I tried to find a Caixa ATM to get my ticket for the Salon del Manga.. but bad luck, we couldnt get our tickets from those ATM at the airport.. so stressing already, I thought my credit card wasnt working with it.. so I took the aerobus till my hotel.. and while I was riding the bus, I checked twitter from my phone (I dont want to see the bill >.<).. my Tline was saying fans were already waiting at Poble Espanyol to get their bracelet.. oh God, I just landed and was already so late.. so I rushed to my hotel, I changed my clothes and left for Poble Espanyol right away, asking everyone on my way where it was.. I arrived at this Palau Espanyol, a beautiful ancient edifice, situed a bit before Poble Espanyol.. there was so many tourists there, I thought they were fans queueing lolz, so I climbed all the steps to realize those people were just tourists and not JYJ fans >.< and seeing no poster, I started asking people again.. but there, people were mostly tourists and as lost as me about direction.. lolz.. there was those very nice australian tourists who showed me on the map where we were and where I was supposed to go.. I was lost already.. so on the way, I asked again two spanish men who were walking their dog.. they very kindly explained me in spanish (glad I can understand a bit.. it really helps..).

Outside Poble Espanyol

Anyway, so I finally arrived at Poble Espanyol, but there, then again, there was no poster to announce the concert.. I was a bit suprised, as in Seoul, Busan or Tokyo, you can see those posters.. in Korea, you can even see them at least 500 meters around the venue.. but anyway, I saw people camping with their tents in front of the venue *first time I was seeing this*, people queueing, so I followed the queue.. I saw few asian fans and I heard spanish fans saying “foso”, then “JYJ”, so I thought “ok, I must be at the right place.. lets wait”.. not far away from me, I also heard girls speaking french.. wow, who said french fans wouldnt come to Spain?.. I heard many around me speaking french.. but I was between two groups of spanish fans.. both groups were listening songs while queueing.. some JYJ songs, but also some other kpop groups, they even talked about Music Bank in Paris.. girls, when you have JYJ in Spain, you dont even envy France and Paris!!!! if you give me JYJ, I’ll give you Music Bank anytime!!! lolz.. While queueing, I also saw Esra, her hubby and Michy.. sorry girls, I was so tired and shy, I didnt dare to approach you then.. but I was not far away.. very close.. anyway, after queueing for a whole hour I think, I finally got my bracelet.. some purple piece of paper, I expected something a bit more.. hmm.. like a bracelet.. lolz.. something made of rubbers.. anyway, after getting it, I left the venue, because it was late and I still didnt find the caixa ATM to print my ticket for the Salon del manga *and the tourism information at the airport said there was those ATM everywhere in Barcelona*.. anyway, not far from the venue, there was classical music with those fountains.. I thought maybe one of the boys was attending it, as it was very beautiful.. but I still needed to get this ticket.. so I didnt stop and then I walked around the plaza espanyola to find one.. no success.. so I decided to ask my hotel for this.. they explained me there was one not so far away finally.. lolz.. but hey, its written “caixa” almost everywhere, so at first, I stopped at one ATM.. there was a man before me, so I asked him if it was the place to get those tickets, he kinda giggled, saying it was not this one, but he showed me where to find one.. very nice.. And I finally could get the precious ticket!!!

Bracelet for JYJ concert + Entry for the Salon del Manga

Saturday 29th october : Big JYJ day in Barcelona~~

I woke up at 6am that day, as I wanted to attend JYJ “showcase” at the Salon del Manga.. On the website, I read entries were limited for 800 persons only.. so I was very worried to not be able to enter the venue.. so I left early, I didnt take time to eat any breakfast, nor take any food with me and I walked to the subway.. it was still dark outside.. anyway, while riding the subway, 4 spanish girls were sitting in the same car.. I didnt pay too much attention at first, until one of them get “In Heaven” photobook out from her bag.. I thought “Wow, they’re going too!!!”.. so I thought I should follow them as I didnt really know how to reach the venue.. I hope they didnt think I was a stalker at first.. I felt bad for following them like this, so after a little while, despite my shyness and my bad english, I asked them if they were here for JYJ (after seeing the photobook in their hands, I knew I couldnt be wrong lolz).. so they said yes, but as they were not from Barcelona, they were not sure either where to go.. but with my plan (including the address of the Poliesportiu, the venue), the GPS on their phone and asking people on the way, we could finally make it to the place.. muchas gracias chicas^^..

Outside the venue when we arrived so early.. and still dark..

When we arrived at the venue there was not so many people yet, so we were rather well placed.. but a bit later, as we were seating on the floor, some fans passed us and sat before us.. I was dumbfounded.. it was not just one or two fans.. but a bunch of them, like 6 or 7 at least.. and it kept going, despite our killer gazes.. they were european, but also asian.. seriously, I find this very impolite.. we woke up very early to get a nice spot, and those girls woke up later, yet they didnt think it was a problem to seat before us in the line.. oh well.. the wait was very long, so I tried to understand what the spanish chicas sitting together with me were talking about.. one of them had the chance to meet our Jaejoong in the streets the days before.. so later after they asked me if it was my first JYJ concert, I talked about Tokyo, Seoul, Busan and said “but you had the chance to meet them by chance in the streets of Barcelona”.. so she looked sorry saying “but it was my least favorite member”.. so I asked again who was the member, even though I listened pretty well before.. but in my heart, my baby can never be “the least favorite member”.. but its my biased heart, and I know I would feel the same as this Xiahpwa if the one I meet by chance was not my JJ.. ah life, I would give the world to meet JJ by chance.. as if I’ll ever be so lucky.. anyway, still waiting in queue, someone from Rockjj fanclub gave us little banners and cards where it was written “Kim Jaejoong we will always be there“, in Korean and english.. at first I was hesitant to take it, worried it was something related to YJ.. lolz.. but no, it was only written Kim Jaejoong.. pheeww.. I could raise the banner proudly!!!

The banner and small cards given by RockJJ

Some non Jae biased were hiding the “Kim Jaejoong” part.. we’re indeed so biased.. we dont want to be unfaithful to our very own bias.. and well, I proudly showed my colors, also wearing my JJ green towel “Go together Jaejoong” from Herose goods.. and later, once we all had a banner, the girl from rockjj took pictures of us.. hehe.. JJ’s fans rock, travelling from so far away and making this project.. wow!!! anyway, so we kept waiting and waiting, looking through the window, expecting they would open the doors very soon, and there was this staff person, who kept nodding no.. meaning not yet.. while waiting we saw Junsu’s mom.. and many other people.. some fans in the crowd even yelled Shirota (not sure he was there though haha, I havent seen nor recognized him.. and if he was there, I believe fans would have run to him).. times to times we were chanting JYJ and initiating a ola, those near the doors were knocking.. lolz.. I dont know if the boys were looking at us from somewhere, but if they did, they could see how passionate we were!!

Very long queue of JYJ fans waiting at Poliesportiu (the venue for JYJ showcase.. the entry for the Salon del Manga itself was in another venue)

The doors finally opened after 12, even though the performance was supposed to happen at 11.30am.. everyone behind us was pushing so hard, and once inside, we ran to be in front of the stage (honestly I was a bit disappointed.. I imagined we would be seating.. but here also, it was a standing area).. and the MC girl on the stage, kept saying “no corres” (dont run, we dont want accident).. but in the end, it was useless, fans kept running to the stage, and the MC girl was pretty much hopeless we would ever hear her advices lolz.. there was french fans besides me.. they arrived after me but before the performance, one of them managed to stand before me.. so when the boys arrived onstage, I fought to win back my place.. enough is enough lolz.. at this point, its good she didnt say anything, else I would have taught her some good manners.. Then the MC girls talked a bit, and was surprised to see fans coming from worldwide.. she said Japan, and even Argentina (Dani didnt forget to bring the flag!!)

JYJ poster on the stage at the Salon del Manga

Anyway, so our boys sang two songs, Empty and Get Out.. it was amazing, but the emotion to see them again hit me hard, I was trembling so much that I couldnt take any good pics of those performances.. my JJ, my camera is looking for you, but why are you always so difficult to capture?!

Few pictures of JYJ performance at the Salon del Manga (the only ok pictures I could take there)

Then they left the stage with Jaejoong saying “gracias”… soooo cute.. will you someday say “Merci” or “Je t’aime”? I’m looking forward that day… Anyway, only when they left the stage, I realized the showcase ended already.. ah so short.. but it was ok, it was only an appetizer before the night and the concert!!.. but in the end, I still waited a bit.. I dont know why.. maybe I expected they would come back or maybe we could see a glimpse of them again..

JYJ poster in Porliesportiu venue

After resting a bit at the hotel, I decided to head for the venue of the concert, so I could buy the goods there.. On the way, a white limo passed in front of us, we couldnt believe it.. and I wondered if it was the boys.. but seems it was not theirs.. lolz.. they didnt use a limo to reach the venue after all.. ah.. anyway, the queue was very impressing already and discouraging.. but when it comes to JYJ, we’re fighters!!

There was so many fans before me already, yet we couldnt see the end of the queue behind me.. and it was still early.. many fans arrived later..

But before waiting in queue, I decided to first go and buy the goods.. I wish there was uchiwa, photobook and so on.. but there was only few kind of goods.. the lightstick was like the yellow one we used for the “Fallen leaves” project in Busan *this time, the red light lit up my bedroom all night long in Barcelona haha*.. In Busan, I was helped by Kyung Yeon and a Chunsa to lit it up.. this time I had to do it by myself, and I was worried to break it.. I managed to do it, but it somehow erased the 3 letters of JYJ *cry* ..

The poster (which didnt survive the concert), the lanyard and the lightstick

The tee-shirt – front side

The tee-shirt (back side), lightstick and lanyard

The poster just before the entry of the venue

Anyway, so I joined the queue finally.. while waiting I listened music (JYJ music but on my iTouch only because sadly, I was not close enough to listen the rehearsal), two girls walking along the queue with a camera asked us who is our favorite JYJ member.. the girls besides me were two chunsas, and one Jaeharem.. I didnt listen the ones before me, as I didnt pay attention to the question at first.. but when it was my turn I proudly said “Jaejoong!!!”.. lolz.. later, while I was queueing, I saw Esra walking along with her husband, such a lovely couple ❤ .. they were fast, so time for me to react, they were already gone.. but I didnt want to miss the chance to say hi this time, so I sent her a message on the phone to tell her where I was.. so a bit later, she came back to me, and we could talk a bit.. it was a very sweet encounter.. I hope we can meet again at another JYJ concert someday.. Anyway, so the wait was once again very long.. or maybe I found it long, because it was the second time today that I was queueing.. and God knows how exhausting it is, but JYJ is worth all the pains.. anything for my boys.. they’ll be the death of me.. sweet death though.. anyway, in the queue, we could see many fangirls of course, but also many “fanboys”, or maybe they were fans’ boyfriends, husbands.. its probably not easy for them to have a girl who loves 3 other men with so much passion.. but they’re great men who accompany their girl and enjoy the concert together.. I saw really many of them.. even more than during concerts in Asia.. and during one of the ment, when JYJ (via their spanish translator) asked the fanboys to shout out, one of them just besides me shouted, raising his arm to let them know there was guys in the crowd.. many guys!!!.. YOU ROCK!!! lolz.. we could also see fans’ parents accompanying their daughters.. it was really sweet.. people passing by were asking them why so many people were queueing.. and the mom explained about the concert, saying it was only starting “a las nueves” (at 9pm).. and it was only 5pm then.. lolz.. so you can imagine people’s surprised expression.. haha.. well, it’s JYJ’s effect after all!!

When we could finally enter the venue, on the big screen placed in the middle of the stage, we could see fans with flags from so many countries.. Spain of course, but also France *not mine, I didnt bring any flag.. lolz*, Finland, Portugal, Italy, South Korea, Thailand, etc.. they also showed the “thank you” paper, in every language.. fans were supposed to print the one in their language.. and silly me, I totally forgot to do this before leaving home.. i felt like such a fail fan then.. anyway, I guess it was ok, because there were many other french fans.. so many came indeed.. it was easy to spot them, they had huge flags, probably the biggest ones lolz..).. the camera were also showing banners raised in the crowd.. and when it stopped on a Jaejoong’s banner (rock with Jaejung banners if I’m not wrong), suddenly and spontaneously fans started chanting “Jaejoong Jaejoong Jaejoong”.. but JYJ fans show their love equally in concert, so after Jaejoong, they started chanting Yoochun.. and then Junsu.. I can imagine how the boys felt when they heard the fans chanting their name.. anyway, then they started showing “In Heaven” MV.. and we all sang the chorus while the MV was playing.. but still waiting for the boys, time to time we were also chanting JYJ JYJ JYJ.. such a passionate crowd, I believe the boys could feel the warmth of our love, even though we were not as many as in Japan..

Red ocean even before the beginning of the concert

Then the music started with the green lasers all over the venue, and the video presenting the boys on the screen.. it was finally time for Empty and the boys appearing onstage for the first time.. so the crowd went crazy when Yoochun started saying “Girl I swear”.. and then singing aloud, as loud as we could “Let it go, let it go” lolz.. after the first song came the first ment where the boys introduced themselves.. in spanish.. wow.. Jae was just toooooo cute saying “Yo soy… Kim Jaejoong”.. lolz.. my baby, can he be more adorable than this?! how I wish to hear you saying this in my language someday.. but I’ll be waiting.. also, it was so funny, during one of the ment, we were so loud with our screaming, they couldnt talk, so Jaejoong was like “sshhh”, and we screamed even louder.. haha..

The pic is special itself, because the french flag is just besides JJ.. lolz

JYJ stage in Barcelona

The pic is a bit blurry, but I cant resist JJ’s smile ❤

Anyway, after that, they sang Pierrot, and I started to dance and sing again, totally forgetting my body was aching all over from the long waits today.. JYJ are magicians, when you think you have no energy anymore, they give you wings to fly again.. and once you start dancing and singing, you cant stop anymore.. this is JYJ miracle.. A JYJ concert is like no other.. nothing can compare to a JYJ concert.. this is truly addictive.. Anyway, then they continued with “Aayyy Girl”, they changed the intro of the song, so its always surprising and it takes some time to recognize it, but I really love a lot the new arrangements for it.. I love this song more and more… and “Be my girl” came, if I remember well, it started with the normal version of the song, and we continued right away with the flashmob.. but honestly, it was impossible to dance it in the middle of the standing area, we didnt have space enough to move around, so forget about dancing.. we could mostly only move our arms.. nothing more.. which is a pity, but it couldnt be helped.. it was already difficult in Seoul when there was seats, so here, it was impossible.. its really a pity.. hope we’ll do better in Berlin..

Later it was time for their solo songs.. it started with a very sexy “I love you”.. no bed onstage.. the stage itself was a bed lolz.. with a lot of grinding with the female dancers.. Park Yoochun!!! what do you to your Chunsas!!! couldnt you hear them screaming.. lolz.. sexy.. he really knows how to pull out a very sexy performance and tease all the fans around..

Yoochun and the female dancer.. oh yeah girl, I’d love my job and my life too if I was at your place

Then it was my JJ’s turn, with “I’ll Protect You”, the only fancam I recorded, because it was not easy to record fancams or take pics from where I was.. girls before me were pretty tall.. or I am the short one (lets say I wish I was taller than the rest.. lolz).. anyway, I absolutely love this song.. and “love” is not a strong word enough to describe all the feelings I have for this song and the singer (lyrics writer), and his vocals.. I fell in love with his voice like 5 years ago (2006), and since this blessed day, I cant help but falling deeper in love with it and with Kim Jaejoong.. the high note was amazing (despite a pretty bad sound system), but I wish fans could have waited till he finished it before screaming!!! duuuuh fans, cant you listen religiously when KIM JAEJOONG is singing!! This is KIM JAEJOONG!! lolz

The only fancam I recorded that night.. the quality is not good.. but please enjoy it anyway (you can click on HD for a better quality)

And Junsu finished the solo songs with his “You’re so beautiful”, with all of us singing the chorus together with him.. as always, amazing performance.. and I could manage to take a picture while he was singing the song.. hehe..

Junsu singing “You’re so beautiful”

Then there was another ment where they talked about their individual activities, and it seems like they were surprised we could watch Boss and Ripley here in Europe.. lolz.. but we screamed like crazy when they mentionned them *my Muwonie, I miss you so much*.. then they also talked about Mozart for Junsu, explaining Mozart was an Austrian composer, and so they asked if there was Austrian fans in the crowd, I think there was few, because Junsu looked on the right side of the stage (at his left) and said few words *then I wished I was Austrian haha*.. but he should ask this again in Berlin, he’ll certainly have more responses!! Austrian fans are closer from Germany after all.. hehe…

Jaejoong ❤ this is the best pic I captured that night..

During the ment, it was so moving to see how the boys really interacted with the fans, speaking few words in spanish.. and it was very very hilarious.. we were in JYJ Heaven.. Jaejoong asked Yoochun to sing “Besame mucho”.. he started singing shyly and then he ran to hide, laughing.. with Jaejoong running after him.. so then Jaejoong teased him about “besame”, laughing (I couldnt stop laughing too, as “besame” in french can have another meaning *more pervie* lolz..), and so fans chanted “besame” haha.. then it was Jaejoong’s turn to say his spanish words, so he said “Te quiero”.. he repeated it, so I thought he wanted us to say it too.. but fans were probably too mesmerized to react (just imagine Kim Jaejoong telling you “te quiero”, you wont be able to move either.. speechless.. lolz).. he had to repeat it one more time and then only all the fans started chanting “Te quiero”.. I became spanish that night.. I kept speaking spanish to the boys.. haha.. glad I learnt it a bit at school, it helps a lot!!.. lolz in the end he said “muchos te quiero”… aawww that boy.. and then JaeChun pressured Junsu to say his part in spanish.. lolz, and so he followed with “os queremos” (if I am not wrong), pointing at the fans with his finger.. just too sweet.. so we also chanted those words to them.. then Yoochun said un, dos, tres hahaha.. those boys, the thing they do to us.. this part of the ment was really too adorable and hilarious, and in the end of it, they said it was all what they could say in spanish for now, but they promised they’ll learn more for next time……………… next time.. next time.. the word still ring in my head.. lolz.. ah.. of course, I’m not sure about everything they said, because my spanish understanding is limited still.. I can understand a bit.. but not everything.. anyway, so from what they said, I am not sure there will be more concert after Berlin this year.. they said next year, they’ll prepare a new album and then they’ll come back again.. I hope they’ll come in France too, but wherever they’ll go, I’ll go too of course.. my love story with JYJ is an everlasting story..

Jaejoong during the ment


Then they started singing “Chajatta”.. and its always so wonderful when all the fans are singing “Saranghae nul saranghae” to the boys.. even though I guess about 90% of us dont understand korean at all.. but fans really adore singing this song.. After it, I think they started showing videos onscreen.. fans screamed when seeing cute moment between the boys, like this JaeSu moment.. they even showed some part of the “Come on Over” JYJ private DVD, and I was thinking “I need this DVD.. I need this DVD.. I am broke but I need this DVD” lolz.. ah boys, not only you’ll be the death of me, but also the death of my bank account..

After this break, they started singing IDS.. I was so damn high, not feeling any pain anymore.. singing and dancing like a crazy.. lolz.. Then came “Fallen Leaves” and the “thank you” project.. I was still so upset because I forgot to print and bring the paper with me.. and so I couldnt participate to this project somehow.. thanks God, other fans didnt forget theirs.. but JYJ, I’m forever thanksful to you for everything you give us.. I can never get enough.. never.. Merci.. 감사합니다.. 

Then came another video.. and after the video, they came back to sing “Mission”.. such a breathtaking performance, literally.. the boys looked super duper hot with those costumes.. In the end of Mission, they left the scene.. few minutes later, only Yoochun came back, waiting for JJ and Junsu.. lolz, were they changing clothes? or maybe Jae was feeling too hot with this costume, but when they came back onstage, running, JJ’s top was half taken off, we could see his strong and sexy arms.. so yeah, we screamed.. and spanish fans were chanting “se le quite”, asking him to take it off.. but he did the opposite.. lolz.. poor us, he couldnt understand those words.. and I guess we didnt know how to chant this in Korean.. lolz

JYJ wearing their Mission costumes

lolz.. JaeChun smiling

Then, before singing “In Heaven”, they did another ment, saying it was the end of the concert.. so you can imagine, we didnt want to let them go so easily.. so we chanted JYJ, JYJ, JYJ.. then they started singing “In Heaven”.. at the beginning of the song, we could listen a “larsen”.. but thanks God, no more than that after, and they could sing this masterpiece song, that gives me goosebumps everytime I listen it live.. those boys have such an amazing voice.. so Korean media, when you make those polls, remember that whoever appears in those poll, they can never reach the same vocal talent as Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun.. never.. but if it makes you feel better to not include them in those, then go ahead.. it wont change the reality.. JYJ are the best.. they worked for so long together and it feels.. they have so much chemistry, understand and know each other so well, they can reach the perfect harmony, and they do it totally with this song.. of course, fans were not totally silent during the song (it’s southern Europe.. we’re the passionate kind of fans lolz).. we sang with them during the chorus.. so loud.. but I am certain they were extremely happy to see how much we interacted with them.. it was really a great exchange between the artists and their fans.. and after the song, when they left the stage, fans were chanting “otras, otras, otras” and again “JYJ JYJ JYJ”..

And so, they came back onstage for the encore and started singing “Get Out”, together with the crowd.. fans learnt well the songs, no doubt about it.. we were able to sing the chorus perfectly with the boys.. lolz.. somehow, I thought we would all scream Fu** u.. but we didnt.. lolz.. but we jumped when they asked us to do so.. I dont know how we found the energy, but God knows we jumped like crazy.. we still had so much energy, yet we knew the end of the concert was coming very soon.. too soon.. how sad they didnt sing “Nine”, “Song with no name”, “Boy’s letter” and “You’re”.. we were so fucking ready to spend the whole night there, singing together with them.. But the concert ended with Empty remix.. Junsu showing up his acrobatic skills, under the admiring gaze and screams of the fans.. he was still so full of energy too.. wow.. and we started jumping again.. and during the song, they also introduced the teams of dancers, who made the show with acrobatics too.. wow.. it was hot for sure!! but God, it was already the end of the concert.. so they held hands and bowed to the fans.. they looked so happy, smiling so much then, and all along the concert.. laughing, joking around.. happiness of the ones you love is really so beautiful and heartwarming..

I couldnt capture the moment I wanted.. and finally, I could only come up with this pic of the end of the concert..

Then they left the stage, screaming “thank you Spain”.. this is the saddest moment.. because even though we kept calling them, we knew they wouldnt come back to sing more song tonight.. we knew we had to let them go.. but we didnt want to let them go.. so most of the fans stayed at the venue, witnessing staffs removing the materials on the stage.. there was fans who were crying, not believing they just saw JYJ performing a whole concert in front of them.. and we kept looking above at the windows, hoping they would appear to wave at us somehow.. and there was this fan who kept screaming like a crazy to make them appear again.. lolz.. but after some time, security had to throw us out, because we really didnt want to leave.. so they showed us the way..

So many fans still staying at the venue long after JYJ left the stage..

Once outside, I also didnt want to leave the venue.. Now the concert was over, my legs couldnt carry me anymore.. so I sat a bit with all the fans.. once again, hoping JYJ would appear somewhere, just one more time.. but then it was past midnight, so I thought I really should go back to my hotel.. totally worn out, I didnt know where I was anymore.. I gave all I had to JYJ that night, I didnt have any energy left for myself..

Its hard to describe all the emotions.. this very first concert in Europe was like a dream coming true for us, european fans.. and I am extremely thankful I could attend and witness those amazing moments.. despite everything, the anger, the stress, the frustration, because of the organiser.. JYJ make you forget every bad moment and remember only the great ones.. We could see the boys were guenuinely happy during their stay in Barcelona, during the concert also.. indeed, they kept saying they love Spain.. so I was thinking maybe Spain will become another home for them, right after Korea, Japan and Thailand.. They came to Spain “with a heart that wants to start again from the beginning“.. we could feel it, their insouciance and freedom walking up the streets of Barcelona was refreshing.. the pleasure they took interacting with the fans and teasing each other onstage was heartwarming to see.. they were not feeling any pressure, be it onstage working or outside, sightseeing and having fun.. somehow, they enjoyed those days as if they were in holidays.. Something they couldnt do for age..

JYJ, lets start again… Europe loves you.. can you feel it? can you feel all this love and our longing? many are now waiting for you in Berlin.. I’ll also be there.. because when it comes to JYJ, I can never get enough.. once we tasted how good it feels, we always want more.. one more time.. everytime, just one more time.. and now, I need this concert in Berlin so badly before the withdrawal syndrom hit me hard, to the point I wont feel any motivation in life for some time.. I know this moment will come soon, very soon.. as soon as the concert in Berlin will end and the boys will fly back to Korea.. but for now, I’m looking forward this sunday and dont want to think about the “aftermath” yet.. on monday, it will be time for tears.. and then waiting eagerly for the announcement of their next concert.. I will save, because I want to be there..

Because the story continues.. JYJ, my everlasting story..

Jaejoong, te quiero Yoochun, besame mucho Junsu, os queremos tambien 

See you in Berlin~~

Credit for fanaccount and pictures: @Jaelenaa


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