[FANACCOUNT] 25-26 January 2014 – Kim Jaejoong’s ‘WWW’ Concert and J-Party In Seoul

Ah my Dear Kim Jaejoong.. I am just one of your fan amongst others, and you will probably never realize because many of your fans do so much more.. but when I seriously think of it, I feel like I am crazy somehow (In my small world, I certainly am.. family thinks I am.. colleagues don’t need to know where I go lolz).. oh God, the things I do for you.. lolz.. I wasnt ready, my wallet was far from being ready BUT no matter what it would take, I couldnt miss your concert and birthday party in Seoul.. after my trip in Yokohama last june (for you), I was pretty broke and didn’t have any days off left for 2013, so I couldn’t attend any of your “WWW” concerts, so I waited patientely for 2014.. many people were saying that Seoul would probably be one of the last chance (if not the last one) to see you performing live before your enlistement.. how I could have missed it? how could I convince myself it was ok if I missed it? It would have never been ok.. better have remorses for doing something crazy than regrets for not doing it.. so just one last time (before the next time probably), I had to be there, I needed to be part of it.. it’s like a drug, it’s addictive, it’s dangerous.. my mysery started in Tokyo Dome 2010.. then no one told me, once you tasted it, there is no turn back.. would it have stopped me? certainly not.. I wouldn’t change a thing.. no matter how stressful, upsetting, frustrating and angering things surrounding you can get, I am here for you.. so I will close my eyes and just enjoy the ride.. such a rollercoaster.. whirlpool of emotions.. but you’re such an amazing artist.. I can stay away from many things, but not from you.. so once again, I decided to take a ticket for another ride with you.. and God knows those tickets are hard to get.. But finally I managed to get them and make sure I could start another journey leading me to you..

20140125_090233 (2)Tickets to Jaejoong’s Heaven.. as I use to call them..
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[FANACCOUNT] 25-26 June 2013 Kim Jaejoong’s Asia Tour Grand Finale In Yokohama

Japan, I have missed you.. it has been long, very long.. but finally, after 3 years, my time has come again.. I couldn’t attend JYJ’s Unforgettable Concert in Japan.. I couldn’t attend “The Return of The JYJ” in Tokyo Dome last april.. God knows I was depressed about it.. I even cried during the live updates because I couldnt be there.. but we can’t control everything in life, we need to accept it, even if it hurts.. From this moment, I was on the lookout for each and every rumor about JYJ or Jaejoong’s concerts in Japan.. I didn’t dare to plan any other holidays to make sure I wouldn’t miss the next time.. After few dashed hopes, finally came the (almost officially confirmed) rumor of Jaejoong’s concerts in Yokohama.. I can’t even express how happy and excited I was, but also relieved I stayed here waiting for the right moment.. Can you imagine? A concert in Japan for Jaejoong.. I mean, this is Jaejoong and Japan together!!! How many times did we dream for it? How long have we been waiting for it? but deep inside our heart, how many of us dared to believe it could possibly happen? Yet, quietly and with a lot of patience, he made this dream come true.. returning all the love that Japanese fans never stopped showing him, despite everything.. the last stop of his tour, the grand finale would be for his beloved Japanese fans..
As for me, I was so ready to go.. A concert in Japan is like no other..  I didn’t want to miss my chance again though I knew it would be difficult to get tickets.. those inestimable treasures, my one-way ticket to Jaejoong’s Heaven~~~ (Once you tasted Jaejoong’s Heaven, it’s like a drug, you can never get enough..) I’m sooo thankful to my friends Ning and Ayano who helped me to get the tickets and allowed me to take part of this amazing concert.. Thank you sooo much ❤ I’ll never forget.. without you, I couldn’t have been there.. it was wonderful to spend those beautiful hours together with you and your sweet friends~

20130628_1My tickets for 25th and 26th june’s concerts ❤

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[FANACCOUNT] 26-27 January 2013 – Kim Jaejoong’s Concert ‘Your, My and Mine’ In Ilsan

I’m Kim Jaejoong’s fan since 2006.. From the very moment I listened his voice singing “Insa”, he stole my heart to never give it back to me.. for every Jaejoong’s fan, the release of his solo album and his first solo concert is a long-awaited dream come true.. so for me, no matter how broke I was after attending 2 fanmeetings last october and flying to Seoul to watch Jackal last december, I couldnt miss Kim Jaejoong’s very first solo concerts in Ilsan.. I couldnt miss the moment I have been waiting on forever.. FINALLY this wonderful dream came true!!!

And so I left home one week before the so awaited event.. on sunday 20th.. to fly to Seoul.. only to be told, when I arrived at the airport, that my flight was cancelled…. ok.. sure.. It’s not the very first time I experience such a problem.. that’s why I never leave at the very last minute.. lolz.. anyway, we could catch another flight and arrived in Seoul after 8pm on monday.. I couldnt get my copies of Jaejoong’s album yet.. I had to wait one more day *sigh*.. So, on tuesday, first thing I did was going to Gangnam to find Synnara and Hottracks.. to be honest, I thought those stores would be easy to find.. but they’re not.. we looked for Synnara for hours.. sis was annoyed and annoying, becauses we were wasting our time… as we found Jaejoong’s album in that Youngpoong bookstore, she wanted me to buy it there.. but no thank you!! I didnt even know if it would count for Hanteo there!! *sis cant understand those things lolz*.. So I thought that maybe Hottracks would be easier to find.. but nope.. we even entered a bank (as we thought it was in that building), an employee there asked us what we were looking for, and he accompanied us outside to look with us for Kyobo building (it was so kind of him.. but we were so embarassed to disturb him while he was working..).. anyway, finally, we found Hottracks ~alleluia~ but they only had 3 copies of Jaejoong’s album left there (while there were two rows of albums for other artists..)..

HottracksHottracks in Gangnam – Only one left on the shelf.. before I bought it too.. Continue reading

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[28 nov-6 dec] My Winter Journey in Korea – Jackal, Coffee Cojjee, Blue Dragon Awards…

Actually, I must say this trip was planned long ago.. even before I knew about Jaejoong’s Fanmeeting Tour.. Because I thought there would be no event to attend in the end of the year, so I promised my sister we could go again to Seoul when Jackal would release.. but in the meantime, CJeS announced Jaejoong’s fanmeetings.. and after missing so many before, I promised myself I wouldnt miss the next one.. and so, I travelled to Nanjing and Bangkok to meet again with him through fanmeetings.. but as I also promised my sister we would go to Seoul, I couldnt break my promise and I couldnt miss Jaejoong’s big screen debut in “Code Name: Jackal”… I am sooooo broke now.. lolz.. Oh Jaejoong, it’s what you do to me~ so please, just wait a bit bit for your next project.. I need to do some intensive saving or grow a money tree soon.. like real soon..

Anyway, few days before leaving, I was so stressed, worried the movie wouldnt be showing anymore once I’ll be there.. I stressed my sister too.. so we both kept checking the websites to find theaters where it was still playing, ready to go anywhere in Korea, just to watch it at least once.. but finally, we found it in a Lotte Cinema in Seoul, few subway stations away from our hotel, so it was just perfect.. and when we finally reached Seoul, we didnt waste time to rest, we only changed our clothes and left for the theater right away to make sure we would find it before the next screening..

20121128_204800Big Poster inside Lotte Cinema Gangdong

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[FANACCOUNT] Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Bangkok – 23 october 2012

Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Bangkok – 23 october 2012

We flew back from Nanjing to Bangkok the same day as Jaejoong.. not at the same hour though.. so we stayed for hours at the airport, waiting for him.. sleeping on the chair, eating chocolates.. lolz.. it was a unique chance to finally see Jaejoong’s airport fashion (I personally dont live in Paris.. so even if he was coming to my country, it would be difficult for me to welcome him at the airport..).

Anyway, so we waited for long at the baggages claim.. when finally his flight was announced there.. Continue reading

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[FANACCOUNT] Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Nanjing – 20 october 2012

Jaejoong Fanmeeting In Nanjing ~ 20 october 2012

I still remember how frustrated, upset and sad I was when I couldnt attend Shanghai, Turkey, Taipei and then Dr. Jin FMs.. so many opportunities I couldnt grab, so many tears I shed because of those losses.. I really couldnt miss the next one.. I wanted to experience the feelings and atmosphere of a fanmeeting with Jaejoong.. so when a fanmeeting tour was announced (rumored first.. because if we wait for official announcement, we’d be too late lolz), I knew I would attend at least one of them.. I think I would have choosen Bangkok, but then Ces and Miki convinced me to follow them in Nanjing too.. and so I was involved in a new beautiful journey to Jaejoong’s heart..

So we decided to go to Bangkok first, and leave from there to go to Nanjing (it was less expensive this way.. yeah, if we want to go far away and more often, we still need to save money.. who knows what will be Jaejoong or JYJ’s next step).. Unfortunately, I was sick when I left home, and it never got better while I was there.. so when we arrived in Nanjing, I heard something ringing.. I didnt pay attention until a security asked me to follow her.. while walking, she asked me “do you have fever?”.. and I was like “oh no, I dont”.. not even that sure.. but anyway, I had to stay for 5 minutes in that infirmary while she was checking my temperature.. and I was imagining the worst, that if I had fever, they would send me back home and I couldnt even attend any fanmeetings.. and so I was praying that I didnt have fever, but really really worried as I was really not feeling well and kept coughing.. but thanks God, I didnt have fever, and so she let me go.. phew.. to be honest, it was really scary, and I was really afraid of what could have happened.. but anyway, finally I was in Nanjing and ready to finally meet Jaejoong again, after one year..

The precious treasure~ a ticket for Jaejoong’s Heaven

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My Journey in Korea – June 2012

And so I travelled to Korea for the third time.. but this time was different, very different.. I didnt go there for a JYJ concert, but just because my sis wanted me to accompany her, as her birthday gift.. And God knows the bad timing of this trip upsetted me.. a lot.. we booked the plane tickets 2-3 days before they announced Jaejoong’s Fanmeeting in Taiwan.. I missed this important event because of it.. I cried because of it.. but anyway, I was there to relax and enjoy some holidays and so I did.. in this fanaccount, I will only talk about my JYJ/Jaejoong moments.. though I didnt have the chance to see any of them..

So my sister and I left Lyon on may 28th.. this time, I proudly took with my Herose passport jacket with me and I must say it attracted the attention of the security guy in Frankfort.. he looked at it with curiosity.. well, it’s really cute after all hehe..  Anyway, after more than 10 hours flying, we finally arrived at Incheon airport on may 29th.. under the same sky, breathing the same air as Jaejoong, I also want to feel his presence.. looking around for advertisement.. but I forgot, JYJ isnt endorsing Lotte Duty Free anymore.. And on the Limousine buses, you can see Jang Geun Suk, or (the one we rode) Dr. Jin’s Song Seung Hun.. no JYJ anymore.. feeling so sad already.. but it’s ok, it’s only the beginning, I’ll see something.. and on the way to the hotel, my sis spotted a bus with JYJ’s Penzal Q.. not just once, but twice.. and I missed it not just once.. but twice.. What’s happening to me >_< I finally saw it near our hotel in Itaewon.. but then it was too fast to even get time to take a picture *sigh*.. anyway, as it was pretty late for that day, we just walked around Itaewon (honestly not the best area in Seoul).. and there, in some store, there was “The Beginning” poster.. but better not stop to take a picture, because there was a girl ready to drag you inside The Faceshop store to buy some cosmetic products..

Anyway.. our journey in Seoul truly started the day after.. once you’re there, one of the first thing you need to get is a T-Money card, which you can use for subway, buses or even taxi.. in 2010, I got a truly plain one.. but after Busan, I realized you could buy really cute ones.. more expensive, but difficult to resist.. and I fell in love with the Hello Kitty one (thinking of Jaejoong), before I found one with Jaejoong on it ❤ later.. few days later.. in this tiny CD store in the underground shopping mall in Myeongdong, where they were playing “No gain”..

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[TRAD] Paroles De La Chanson “No Gain” Ecrites Par Kim Jaejoong

No Gain

Chantée par Kim Junsu
Paroles et Musique de Kim Jaejoong
Arrangements de Kwon Bin Ki

잠시만 모든걸 다 잊고 멈추어
I forget everything for a moment and pause
J’oublie tout pour un instant et je fais une pause

너에게 받았던 기억을 되새겨
I look back into the memories I received from you
Je repense aux souvenirs que j’ai de toi

한동안 잊었던 내 마음의 불꽃을 (불꽃을)
너에게 들려주고파
I want to make you listen to the fireworks in my heart that I’ve forgotten for a while
Je veux te faire entendre de nouveau les feux d’artifice dans mon coeur, que j’avais oublié depuis un moment

내 가슴의 내방이 좁아져 가나 봐
I guess the visits in my heart are getting narrower
Il semble que les passages dans mon coeur deviennent plus rares

어떻게 미안해
멀어져 가나 봐
What to do? I’m sorry but I guess you’re growing farther away from me
Que faire? Je suis désolé mais je suppose que tu t’éloignes un peu plus loin de moi

소중했던 시간도 다른 사랑을 찾아
I found a different love in place of the precious memories
J’ai trouvé un amour différent à la place des précieux souvenirs

너의 향기를 지우려 애쓰고 있나 봐
I guess I’m trying to erase your scent
J’essaie d’effacer ton odeur

*Baby 다른 누가 생겨도 넌 절대 잊지 못해
Baby, even if I have someone new, I can never forget you
Baby, même si j’ai quelqu’un d’autre, jamais je ne pourrai t’oublier

Baby you know I can’t forget
Baby you know I can’t forget
Baby, tu sais que je ne peux oublier

술에 취해 네게 전화해 사랑한다 말해도 단지 듣고 있으면 돼
If I get drunk and call you and tell you that I love you, you just need to only listen
Si je t’appelle, ivre et te dis que je t’aime, tu as seulement besoin d’écouter

If you are thinking of me girl 내 이름을 불러줘
If you are thinking of me girl, call my name
Si tu penses à moi, girl, appelle mon nom

단지 그거 하나면 돼
다른 여잘 만나고 있다 해도
That’s all I need even if I’m with a different girl
C’est tout ce dont j’ai besoin, même si je suis avec une autre fille

Baby girl Baby girl Baby girl Baby girl

너무 나만 생각했나 봐
Maybe I only thought of myself too much
Peut-être que j’ai trop pensé qu’à moi

너를 위해 해준 건 단 하나도 없는데
There’s nothing that I did for you
Il n’y a rien que j’ai fait pour toi

슬퍼하기만 했던 내 자신이 그저 부끄러워 겨우 이러고만 있나 봐
But I was only sad and for that, I’m embarrassed
Mais j’étais seulement triste, et de ça, j’ai honte
Maybe that’s why I’m being like this now
Peut-être que c’est la raison pourquoi je suis comme ça maintenant

애써 다른 핑곌 대보려
I try to make some other excuse by meeting someone new
J’essaie d’inventer des excuses en rencontrant quelqu’un d’autre

다른 사람 만나 행복한 여자와 나 – 그건 아니잖아
A happy girl and me – but this isn’t it
Moi et une fille, heureux – mais ce n’est pas le cas

* Refrain

Baby girl Baby girl Baby girl Baby girl

어떤 일이 있어도 You will not cry
No matter what happens, you will not cry
Quoi qu’il arrive, tu ne pleureras pas

누굴 탓하지 않아도 괜찮아 no more
If you don’t blame anyone, it’s okay, no more
Si tu ne reproches rien à personne, c’est okay, no more (stoppe)

추억에 묻을게
너를 잊지 않을게
I will bury you in my memories, I won’t forget you
Je t’enfouirai dans mes souvenirs, je ne t’oublierai pas

너에겐 의미 없니? No gain, no gain, no gain
Does that mean nothing to you? No gain, no gain, no gain
Est-ce que çà ne représente rien pour toi? No gain, no gain, no gain (rien à gagner)

너의 생각 따윈 필요 없는데
Though I don’t really need to know what you think
Bien que je n’ai pas vraiment besoin de savoir ce que tu penses

* Refrain

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JYJ European Tour in Berlin [06 november 2011]

Berlin ~ November 2011

Verliebt In Berlin.. how glad I am to have met with you.. When they first announced both european concerts, my first choice was Barcelona, as I didnt know if I could attend both.. besides, Berlin was so uncertain, it took them so long to announce it officially.. so long that many fans thought there wouldnt be any concert in Berlin.. I cant even imagine it now.. Only when the ticketting for Berlin was about to start, I decided to book a ticket.. just in case.. but my heart already knew I would fly to Berlin too.. my heart always flies naturally where my boys are.. I wish it was that easy for my body as it is for my heart.. lolz.. but when I had this SVIP ticket in my hands, there was no turning back.. I would go to Berlin for JYJ concert.. and my sister would accompany me (because of the odds of the ticketting, I had one SVIP and one VIP.. so yeah.. lolz).. Continue reading

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JYJ European Tour in Barcelona [29 October 2011]

Barcelona ~ October 2011

After going to them few times in Asia, I always said I would go and support them if they were coming to me, in Europe.. we kept sending them love calls, so when they finally accepted our invitation, I couldnt miss this magical rendez-vous.. their first concert in Europe.. At the beginning of 2011, you cant imagine how upset and heartbroken we were when they announced the world tour without any dates in Europe.. we were really losing hopes.. so Barcelona and Berlin concerts are a dream coming true for many european fans like me and we had to show them how much loved they are here too, because we felt they didnt really know.. and even now, it seems like they’re really surprised to be recognized in the streets.. lolz.. The days before the concert, it was really wonderful to witness on twitter how much fun the boys could have there in Barcelona.. indeed Barcelona is a city adored by the european youth, the nightlife is lively and amazing (probably the greatest in Europe), so its not a surprise our boys liked it so much.. so for those reasons, Barcelona was a great choice.. Continue reading

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